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 A crime managed or supervised in  which a computer  was particularly, directly and indirectly involved comes under Cybercrime. 



What is Cybercrime?

"Cybercrime" Means any criminal conduct that attacks the security or safety of computer system's and the data processed by them and the attack is run by any electronic operation is called Cybercrime. 

The phrase cybercrime apart from "computer crime" has various names called "E-Crime, High-tech Crime, Internet crime, computer related crime " and so on. 

Classification of Cybercrime

  The classification of cybercrime is as follows-

  1.  Cybercrime in a narrow sense - The contribution of computers is as an object. The purpose of the offence is either information stored in a computer or computer alone. 
  2. Cybercrime in a broad sense - The contribution of computers is as the medium or subject. In this crime a non-substantial part is played by the computer or information stored in the computer.

Other classification of Cybercrime 

  1. Cybercrime against individual
  2. Cybercrime against property
  3. Cybercrime against organization
  4. Cybercrime against society


1.Cybercrime against individual

In this cybercrime we're going to discuss about the crime in which only one individual  person is targeted by various method of cybercrime

  1. E-mail spoofing - The general kind of spoofing that you are probably going to meet is IP spoofing used particularly to spoof  the source address of an e-mail . In this instance an e-mail message appears like it arrives from one specific address, but it comes from somewhere else instead. The target is to mislead the user into thinking the e-mail comes from a trusted origin, so that the user will open the e-mail and react to it in some manner. The main objective of e-mail spoofing is to deliver a malware payload, viruses, and phishing message. 
  2.  Online frauds - The online fraud is one of the most common cybercrime . Online fraudsters make use of the internet and could contain hiding of information or giving wrong information for the motive of cheating victims out of money, property or for other benefits. 
  3.  Password sniffing - It is a hacking technique that uses a special software tool that give permission to a hacker to steal the username and password of the victim. Password sniffing is simply done by noticing and recording network traffic. Password sniffing often occurs on public Wi-Fi networks. Public Wi-Fi is relatively safe and very easy to spy on encrypted traffic . 
  4. Spamming - The process of producing an e-mail with other content without the user's awareness, is known as spamming, and these types of mails are known as spam. These types of mails are supposed as  a case of assault. 

 Ways to avoid spamming - We should avoid if any online forms or website require e-mail addresses. Other way to tackle spamming is use of multiple e-mail addresses for instance we should use one e-mail address for our personal work and other e-mail address for business or for other work. 

 2.Cybercrime against property

We're going to discuss cybercrime against property. 

  1. Credit card frauds - As we know that credit cards are less secure than debit cards. Credit card fraud usually happens when a person  get permission to use your information and uses it to make purchases from your lost or stolen credit card. 
  2. Intellectual property Crimes - intellectual property Crimes is performed when someone  sells, manufactures  copied or pirated goods for commercial gain. Theft of material which is copyrighted for commercial gain. For example, stealing someone's trademark, industrial design and so on. 
  3.  Internet time theft - When an unauthorized person steals the internet hours of another person who has genuinely paid for it, then it's called internet time theft. The unauthorized person gets access by hacking and illegal  means without  the genuine person's awareness. The internet time theft crime is a crime associated with the crime supervised through "identity theft".

3.Cybercrime against organization

The cybercrime in which an organization or an enterprise is targeted by the hacker's or cybercrime against group of people is known as cybercrime against organization

  1. Virus attacks - virus is  basically  a type of computer program, virus has capabilities to replicate itself and modify other computer programs and inserts its own program at that place. 
  2. Software piracy - Software piracy means stealing someone's work without their knowledge. Which is illegally copying, distributing, modifying and selling the software that is legally protected and belongs to legal person or organization. Copywriter law's were introduced to stop stealing someone's work, such as people who develop software, program, writer's  work, graphic artists and so on. 
  3. Salami attacks -Salami attacks are also known as salami techniques. A dishonest Activity by making changes to system's for executive financial crime. These changes are so minor that nobody will notice this. The changes in the systems  can be done by either modification or insertion of malicious programs and the main objective of hackers is financial profit. 

4.Crime against society

 Crime against society means in this crime the hacker will target one specific community or society . 

  1. Forgery - In this the hacker uses advanced computers, printers and scanners. They can forge currency notes, revenue stamps. 
  2. Web jacking -The term hijacking is derived from hijacking. Web jacking is mostly used in social media where hackers take full control of a website illegally. It can execute by either changing the actual content of the original site or even redirect the  user's of the website to another same looking website which is controlled by a hacker. The owner of the website has no control and hackers can use the site as per their gain and selfish financial profit. 

Categories of Cybercrime

Categorization of Cybercrimes are as follow-

  1. Crime Targeted Against Individuals - These type of crime included financial frauds, child abuse, Harassment  and copywrite violation are done by culprit because of greed and for financial profit. 
  2. Crime Targeted Against Property - This kind of crime includes stealing someone's laptop, phones and other personal digital gadgets and transfer harmful programs that can disturb functions of the system and wipe out data from the devices are examples of this type of crime. 
  3.  Crime Targeted Against Organization -The crime which is done against organization or government include cyberterrorism. By using computers and the internet to terrorize the citizens of a country by hacking or stealing the private information and also to damage the actual programs. 
  4. Cybercrime as a Single Event - This kind of crime is done only in a single attack on the victim's system. This crime includes hacking or fraud 
  5. Cybercrime as a Series of  Events - This crime includes a series of attacks done by hackers on a victim's system. 

Challenges of Cybercrime

There are so many drawbacks of cybercrime in India or in the world as well. Cybercrime prevented from being conveyed in India. Because of these drawbacks most of the people of India do not report or be vocal about cybercrimes .

To overcome these drawbacks of cybercrime seminars and conferences should be organized all over our country. Some small advertisement clips and messages should be displayed on television ,social media or any other platform that is popular on cybercrime and it's frauds. 


These days the use of the internet has become a necessity for everyone. We talked about the details of Cybercrime. Basic knowledge of cybercrime prevents you from hackers. And this knowledge always assists you  not to fill up the personal details on every website

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