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Fluid Mechanics MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

1. If w is the specific weight of liquid and k the depth of any point from the surface, then pressure intensity at that point will be

(a) h

(b) wh

(c) w/h

(d) h/w

(e) h/wh.

Ans: b

2. Choose the wrong statement

(a) Viscosity of a fluid is that property which determines the amount of its resistance to a shearing force

(b) Viscosity is due primarily to interaction between fluid molecules

(c) Viscosity of liquids decreases with in-crease in temperature

(d) Viscosity of liquids is appreciably affected by change in pressure

(e) Viscosity is expressed as poise, stoke, or saybolt seconds.

Ans: d

3. The units of kinematic viscosity are

(a) metres2 per sec

(b) kg sec/metre

(c) newton-sec per metre

(d) newton-sec per metre

(e) none of the above.

Ans: a

4. The ratio of absolute viscosity to mass density is known as

(a) specific viscosity

(b) viscosity index

(c) kinematic viscosity

(d) coefficient of viscosity

(e) coefficient of compressibility.

Ans: c

5. Kinematic viscosity is equal to

(a) dynamic viscosity/density

(b) dynamicviscosity x density

(c) density/dynamic viscosity

(d) 1/dynamicviscosity x density

(e) same as dynamic viscosity.

Ans: a

6. Which of the following is the unit of kinematic viscosity

(a) pascal

(b) poise

(c) stoke

(d) faraday

(e) none of the above.

Ans: c

7. A one dimensional flow is one which

(a) is uniform flow

(b) is steady uniform flow

(c) takes place in straight lines

(d) involves zero transverse component of flow

(e) takes place in one dimension.

Ans: d

8. Alcohol is used in manometers because

(a) it has low vapour pressure

(b) it is clearly visible

(c) it has low surface tension

(d) it can provide longer column due to low density

(e) is provides suitable meniscus.

Ans: d

9. A pressure of 25 m of head of water is equal to

(a) 25 kN/m2

(b) 245 kN/m2

(c) 2500 kN/m2

(d) 2.5kN/m2

(e) 12.5 kN/m2.

Ans: b

10. Specific weight of sea water is more that of pure water because it contains

(a) dissolved air

(b) dissolved salt

(c) suspended matter

(d) all of the above

(e) heavy water.

Ans: d

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