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Fluid Mechanics MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 1. Which of the following is used to measure the discharge ?

a) current meter

b) venturimeter

c) pitot tube

d) hotwire anemometer

Ans: b

2. Select the incorrect statement.

a) The pressure intensity at vena contracta is atmospheric.

b) Contraction is least at vena contracta.

c) Stream lines are parallel throughout the jet at vena contracta.

d) Coefficient of contraction is always less than one.

Ans: c

3. Size of a venturimeter is specified by

a) pipe diameter

b) throat diameter

c) angle of diverging section

d) both pipe diameter as well as throat diameter

Ans: a

4. Due to each end contraction, the discharge of rectangular sharp crested weir is reduced by

a) 5%

b) 10%

c) 15%

d) 20%

Ans: a

5. The discharge through a V- notch varies as

a) H1/2

b) H3’2

c) H5/2

d) H5’4 where H is head.

Ans: c

6. Which of the following is an incorrect statement ?

a) Coefficient of contraction of a venturimeter is unity.

b) Flow nozzle is cheaper than venturimeter but has higher energy loss.

c) Discharge is independent of orientation of venturimeter whether it is horizontal, vertical or inclined.

d) None of the above statement is correct.

Ans: d

7. Coefficient of velocity of venturimeter

a) is independent of Reynolds number

b) decreases with higher Reynolds number

c) is equal to the coefficient of discharge of venturimeter

d) none of the above

Ans: c

8. The pressure at the summit of a syphon is

a) equal to atmospheric

b) less than atmospheric

c) more than atmospheric

d) none of the above

Ans: b

9. Ay between two stream lines represents

a) velocity

b) discharge

c) head

d) pressure

Ans: b

10. Coefficient of velocity for Borda’s mouth piece running full is

a) 0.611

b) 0.707

c) 0.855

d) 1.00

Ans: b

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