Microprocessor MCQ (multiple Choice Question) Intel 8086 Microprocessor


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1.What is Microprocessor?

a) A multipurpose PLD that accepts binary data as input
b) A multipurpose PLD that accepts an integer as input
c) A multipurpose PLD that accepts whole numbers as input
d) A multipurpose PLD that accepts prime numbers as input

Answer: a

2. Which of the following is correct about 8086 microprocessor?

a) Intel’s first x86 processor
b) Motrola’s first x86 processor
c) STMICROELECTRONICS’s first x86 processor
d) NanoXplore x86 processor

Answer: a

3.The intel 8086 Microprocessor is  a _______ Processor

a) 64 bit
b) 8 bit
c) 16 bit
d) 32 bit

Answer: c

4. How many address lines are present in 8086 microprocessor?

a) 16
b) 20
c) 32
d) 40

Answer: b

5. 8086 microprocessor supports _______ modes of operation ?

a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

Answer: a

6. 8086 can access up to ?

a) 512 Kb 
b) 1MB
c) 2MB
d) 256 Kb

Answer: b

7. 8086 has _______ address bus?

a) 16 bit
b) 20 bit
c) 24 bit
d) 32 bit

Answer: b

8. what represent the result when the system capacity is exceed ?

a) Carry flag
b) Auxiliary flag
c) Trap flag
d) Overflow flag

Answer: d

9. Which flag is set to 1  when the result of arithmetic or logical operation is zero else it is set to 0 ?

a) Binary bit
b) Zero flag
c) Sign flag
d) Overflow Flag

Answer: b

10. A memory connected to a microprocessor has 20 address lines and 16 data lines. What will be the memory capacity?

a) 8 KB
b) 2 MB
c) 16 MB
d) 64 KB

Answer: b
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