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Microprocessor MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 1. In PUSH instruction, after each execution of the instruction, the stack pointer is

a. incremented by 1

b. decremented by 1

c. incremented by 2

d. decremented by 2

Ans- d. decremented by 2

2. Which of the following instruction is not valid?


b. MOV DS, 5000H

c. MOV AX, 5000H


Ans- b. MOV DS, 5000H

3. The instructions that involve various string manipulation operations are

a. branch instructions

b. flag manipulation instructions

c. shift and rotate instructions

d. string instructions

Ans- d. string instructions

4. Which of the following is not a data copy/transfer instruction?

a. MOV


c. DAS

d. POP

Ans- c. DAS

5. The instruction that is used to transfer the data from source operand to destination operand is

a. data copy/transfer instruction

b. branch instruction

c. arithmetic/logical instruction

d. string instruction

Ans- a. data copy/transfer instruction

6. The ROR instruction rotates the contents of the destination operand to

a. left

b. right

c. left and then right

d. right and then left

Ans- b. right

7. The instruction that is used to convert the result of the addition of two packed BCD numbers to a valid BCD number is

a. DAA

b. DAS

c. AAA

d. AAS

Ans- a. DAA

8. The expansion of DAA is

a. decimal adjust after addition

b. decimal adjust before addition

c. decimal adjust accumulator

d. decimal adjust auxiliary

Ans- c. decimal adjust accumulator

9. The instruction in which adjustment is made before performing the operation is

a. AAA

b. AAS

c. AAM

d. AAD

Ans- d. AAD

10. Which of the following is a mnemonic?

a. ADD

b. ADC

c. AAA

d. ADD & ADC

Ans- c. AAA

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