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Microprocessor MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 1. The control word register contents are used for

a. initializing the operating modes

b. selection of counters

c. choosing binary/BCD counters

d. all of the mentioned

Ans- d. all of the mentioned

2. The counter starts counting only if

a. GATE signal is low

b. GATE signal is high

c. CLK signal is low

d. CLK signal is high

Ans- b. GATE signal is high

3. If BCD=0, then the operation is

a. decimal count

b. hexadecimal count

c. binary count

d. octal count

Ans- b. hexadecimal count

4. In control word format, if RL1=1, RL0=1 then the operation performed is

a. read/load least significant byte only

b. read/load most significant byte only

c. read/load LSB first and then MSB

d. read/load MSB first and then LSB

Ans- c. read/load LSB first and then MSB

5. In control word register, if SC1=0 and SC0=1, then the counter selected is

a. counter 0

b. counter 1

c. counter 2

d. none

Ans- b. counter 1

6. The generation of a square wave is possible in the mode

a. mode 1

b. mode 2

c. mode 3

d. mode 4

Ans- c. mode 3

7. In mode 2, if N is loaded as the count value, then after (N-1) cycles, the output becomes low for

a. 1 clockcycle

b. 2 clockcycles

c. 3 clockcycles

d. 4 clockcycles

Ans- a. 1 clockcycle

8. The mode that is used to interrupt the processor by setting a suitable terminal count is

a. mode 0

b. mode 1

c. mode 2

d. mode 3

Ans- a. mode 0

9. The operation that can be performed on control word register is

a. read operation

b. write operation

c. read and write operations

d. none

Ans- b. write operation

10. The number of counters that are present in the programmable timer device 8254 is

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

Ans- c. 3

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