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Microprocessor MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 1. If 'n' denotes the number of rows that are to be refreshed in a single refresh interval, 'td' denotes the range of time it may take then, refresh time (tr) can be defined as

a. n*td

b. td/n

c. n/td

d. tdn

Ans- b. td/n

2. A timer that derives pulse for refreshing action or time for which a dynamic RAM cell can hold data charge level practically constant is

a. constant timer

b. data managing timer

c. refresh timer

d. qualitative timer

Ans- c. refresh timer

3. The number of memory chips that are enabled at a time for refresh activity is

a. 2

b. 4

c. 8

d. more than 1

Ans- d. more than 1

4. Memory refresh activity is

a. initialised by processor

b. initialised by external bus master

c. initialised by refresh mechanism

d. initialised either by processor or by external bus

Ans- c. initialised by refresh mechanism

5. The field in which dynamic RAM is more complicated than static RAM is

a. complexity

b. interfacing circuit

c. execution unit

d. cost

Ans- b. interfacing circuit

6. The process of refreshing the data in the RAM to reduce the possibility of data loss is known as

a. data cycle

b. regain cycle

c. retain cycle

d. refresh cycle

Ans- d. refresh cycle

7. To store the charge as a representation of data, the basic dynamic RAM cell uses

a. resistor

b. capacitor

c. diode

d. transistor

Ans- c. diode

8. If a typical static RAM cell requires 6 transistors then corresponding dynamic RAM requires

a. 1 transistor along with capacitance

b. 2 transistors along with resistance

c. 3 transistors along with diode

d. 2 transistors along with capacitance

Ans- a. 1 transistor along with capacitance

9. Whenever a large memory  is required in a microcomputer system, the memory subsystem is generally designed using

a. Static RAM

b. Dynamic RAM

c. Both static and dynamic RAM

d. ROM

Ans- b. Dynamic RAM

10. The advantage of dynamic RAM is

a. high packing density

b. low cost

c. less power consumption

d. all of the mentioned

Ans- d. all of the mentioned

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