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Artificial Intelligence MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- The symbols used in describing the syntax of a programming language are 

a. 0 

b. {} 

c.  " " 

d. <>  

Ans- <>   

Que- Ambiguity may be caused by: 

a. syntactic ambiguity 

b. multiple word meanings 

c. unclear antecedents 

d. all of the mentioned  

Ans- all of the mentioned   

Que- Which company offers the LISP machine considered "the most powerful symbolic processor available"? 

a. LMI 

b. Symbolics 

c. Xerox 

d. Texas Instruments  

Ans- Symbolics  

Que- What of the following is considered a pivotal event in the history of Artificial Intelligence? 

a. 1949, Donald O, The organization of Behavior 

b. 1950, Computing Machinery and Intelligence 

c. 1956, Dartmouth University Conference Organized by John McCarthy 

d. 1961, Computer and Computer Sense  

Ans- 1956, Dartmouth University Conference Organized by John McCarthy  

Que- Natural language processing is divided into the two subfields of: 

a. symbolic and numeric 

b. time and motion 

c. algorithmic and heuristic 

d. understanding and generation  

Ans- algorithmic and heuristic  

Que- High-resolution, bit-mapped displays are useful for displaying: 

a. clearer characters 

b. graphics 

c. more characters 

d. all of the mentioned  

Ans- more characters  

Que- A bidirectional feedback loop links computer modeling with: 

a. artificial science 

b. heuristic processing 

c. human intelligence 

d. cognitive science  

Ans- human intelligence  

Que- Which of the following have people traditionally done better than computers? 

a. recognizing relative importance 

b. finding similarities 

c. resolving ambiguity 

d. all of the mentioned  

Ans- resolving ambiguity  

Que- In LISP, the function evaluates both and is 

a. set 

b. setq 

c. add 

d. eva  

Ans- set  

Que- Which type of actuator generates a good deal of power but tends to be messy? 

a. electric 

b. hydraulic 

c. pneumatic 

d. both hydraulic & pneumatic  

Ans- hydraulic  

Que- Research scientists all over the world are taking steps towards building computers with circuits patterned after the complex interconnections existing among the human brain's nerve cells. What name is given to such type of computers? 

a. Intelligent computers 

b. Supercomputers 

c. Neural network computers 

d. Smart computers  

Ans- Neural network computers  

Que- The integrated circuit was invented by Jack Kilby of: 

a. MIT 

b. Texas Instruments 

c. Xerox 

d. All of the mentioned  

Ans- Texas Instruments  

Que- People overcome natural language problems by: 

a. grouping attributes into frames 

b. understanding ideas in context 

c. identifying with familiar situations 

d. both understanding ideas in context & identifying with familiar situations  

Ans- both understanding ideas in context & identifying with familiar situations   

Que- The Cedar, BBN Butterfly, Cosmic Cube and Hypercube machine can be characterized as 

a. SISD 

b. MIMD 

c. SIMD 

d. MISD  

Ans- MIMD  

Que- A series of AI systems, developed by Pat Langley to explore the role of heuristics in scientific discovery is ________ 

a. RAMD 


c. MIT 

d. DU  

Ans- BACON  

Que- Nils Nilsson headed a team at SRI that created a mobile robot named: 

a. Robotics 

b. Dedalus 

c. Shakey 

d. Vax  

Ans- Shakey  

Que- An Artificial Intelligence technique that allows computers to understand associations and relationships between objects and events is called: 

a. heuristic processing 

b. cognitive science 

c. relative symbolism 

d. pattern matching  

Ans- relative symbolism  

Que- The new organization established to implement the Fifth Generation Project is called: 

a. ICOT (Institute for New Generation Computer Technology) 

b. MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry) 

c. MCC (Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation) 

d. SCP (Strategic Computing Program)  

Ans- ICOT (Institute for New Generation Computer Technology)  

Que- The field that investigates the mechanics of human intelligence is: 

a. history 

b. cognitive science 

c. psychology 

d. sociology  

Ans- cognitive science  

Que- What is the name of the computer program that simulates the thought processes of human beings? 

a. Human logic 

b. Expert reason 

c. Expert system 

d. Personal information  

Ans- Expert system  

Que- What is the name of the computer program that contains the distilled knowledge of an expert? 

a. Database management system 

b. Management information System 

c. Expert system 

d. Artificial intelligence  

Ans- Expert system  

Que- Claude Shannon described the operation of electronic switching circuits with a system of mathematical logic called: 

a. LISP 


c. Neural networking 

d. Boolean algebra  

Ans- Neural networking  

Que- A computer program that contains expertise in a particular domain is called an: 

a. intelligent planner 

b. automatic processor 

c. expert system 

d. operational symbolizer  

Ans- expert system  

Que- What is the term used for describing the judgmental or commonsense part of problem solving? 

a. Heuristic 

b. Critical 

c. Value based 

d. Analytical  

Ans- Heuristic  

Que- What was originally called the "imitation game" by its creator? 

a. The Turing Test 

b. LISP 

c. The Logic Theorist 

d. Cybernetics  

Ans- The Turing Test  

Que- Decision support programs are designed to help managers make: 

a. budget projections 

b. visual presentations 

c. business decisions 

d. vacation schedules  

Ans- business decisions  

Que- Programming a robot by physically moving it through the trajectory you want it to follow is called: 

a. contact sensing control 

b. continuous-path control 

c. robot vision control 

d. pick-and-place control  

Ans- continuous-path control  

Que- The primary interactive method of communication used by humans is: 

a. reading 

b. writing 

c. speaking 

d. all of the mentioned  

Ans- speaking  

Que- Elementary linguistic units which are smaller than words are: 

a. allophones 

b. phonemes 

c. syllables 

d. all of the mentioned  

Ans- all of the mentioned   

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