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Chemistry MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- Which one is heaviest naturally occurring element of the periodic element? 

a. Iron 

b. Thorium 

c. Rhodium 

d. Uranium 

Answer- Uranium

Que- Activated Charcoal is used to remove colouring matter from pure substances by 

a. Bleaching 

b. Oxidation 

c. Adsorption 

d. Reduction 

Answer- Adsorption

Que- The molecular mass of a gas is 

a. Twice its vapour pressure 

b. Equal to its vapour pressure 

c. Half its vapour pressure 

d. Not related to its vapour pressure 

Answer- Twice its vapour pressure

Que- The value of gas constant R in Ergs deg–1 mole–1 is 

a. 8.314 × 107 

b. 8.341 × 107 

c. 8.413 × 107 

d. 4.183 × 107 

Answer- 8.314 × 107

Que- The absolute temperature of a gas is doubled and the pressure is reduced to half, the volume of the gas 

a. Remains unchanged 

b. Will be doubled 

c. Will increase four-fold 

d. Will be reduced to half 

Answer- Will increase four-fold

Que- Isobars are lines joining places having equal 

a. Rainfall 

b. Pressure 

c. Population 

d. Height above sea-level 

Answer- Pressure

Que- Which of the following could be used as fuel in propellant or rockets ? 

a. Liquid Hydrogen + Liquid Nitrogen 

b. Liquid Oxygen + Liquid Argon 

c. Liquid Nitrogen + Liquid Oxygen 

d. Liquid Hydrogen + Liquid Oxygen 

Answer- Liquid Hydrogen + Liquid Oxygen

Que- Which gas is used for converting vegetable oils into saturated fats ? 

a. H2 

b. O2 

c. Cl2 

d. SO2 

Answer- H2

Que- Which of the following gases will effuse out of football bladder most quickly ? 

a. He 

b. H2 

c. N2 

d. O2 

Answer- H2

Que- The property of hydrogen which distinguishes it from alkali metals is 

a. Its electropositive character 

b. Its affinity for non-metal 

c. Its reducing character 

d. Its non-metallic character 

Answer- Its non-metallic character

Que- Hydrogen is not found in atmosphere because 

a. It is highly inflammable 

b. It is the lightest gas 

c. It is absorbed by plants 

d. It immediately combines with oxygen to form water 

Answer- It is the lightest gas

Que- Which among the following is used as a catalyst in the production of high octane fuels? 

a. HNO3 

b. H2SO4 

c. HCl 

d. HF 

Answer- H2SO4

Que- Catalytic converters are generally made from : 

a. Alkaline metals 

b. Hydrogen 

c. Transition metals 

d. Carbon 

Answer- Transition metals

Que- Which of the following is colourless? 

a. Chlorine 

b. Oxygen 

c. Phosphorus 

d. Sulphur 

Answer- Oxygen

Que- Iodine value is used to estimate 

a. Hydroxyl groups in oil 

b. Alkali content in oil 

c. Unsaturation in oil 

d. Carboxylic groups in oil 

Answer- Unsaturation in oil

Que- The inert gas which is substituted for nitrogen in the air used by deep sea divers for breathing, is 

a. Xenon 

b. Krypton 

c. Argon 

d. Helium 

Answer- Helium

Que- Ozone layer of atmosphere absorbs:  

a. Ultraviolet rays 

b. Infra-red rays 

c. All radiations of Light 

d. Cosmic rays. 

Answer- Ultraviolet rays

Que- Air shows the property of 

a. N2 

b. O2 

c. Both A and B 

d. None of these 

Answer- Both A and B

Que- The most abundant constituent of atmospheric air is : 

a. Carbon 

b. Hydrogen 

c. Oxygen 

d. Nitrogen 

Answer- Nitrogen

Que- The percentage of oxygen in air is approximately 

a. 100% 

b. 1% 

c. 78% 

d. 21% 

Answer- 21%

Que- The major constituent of air is 

a. Nitrogen 

b. Carbon dioxide 

c. Oxygen 

d. Hydrogen 

Answer- Nitrogen

Que- Seaweeds are important source of 

a. Iron 

b. Chlorine 

c. Bromine 

d. Iodine 

Answer- Iodine

Que- Sea weeds are important source of 

a. Fluorine 

b. Chlorine 

c. Bromine 

d. Iodine 

Answer- Iodine

Que- The strongest oxidizing agent among the following is: 

a. Chlorine 

b. Iodine 

c. Fluorine 

d. Oxygen 

Answer- Fluorine

Que- Helium is added to the oxygen supply of deep sea divers because it is 

a. Less poisonous than nitrogen 

b. Lighter than nitrogen 

c. Readily miscible with oxygen 

d. Less soluble in blood than nitrogen at high pressure 

Answer- Less soluble in blood than nitrogen at high pressure

Que- Vulcanization of rubber is carried out by adding 

a. Sulphur 

b. Carbon 

c. Ozone 

d. Phosphorus 

Answer- Sulphur

Que- Ozone consists of 

a. Oxygen only 

b. Oxygen and Nitrogen 

c. Hydrogen and Carbon 

d. Oxygen and Carbon 

Answer- Oxygen only

Que- Ozone layer is present in 

a. Troposphere 

b. Ionosphere 

c. Stratosphere 

d. Exosphere 

Answer- Stratosphere

Que- The presence of ozone in the stratosphere is responsible for 

a. Increasing the average global temperature in recent years 

b. Higher rate of photosynthesis 

c. Checking the penetration of ultraviolet rays to the earth 

d. Supplying oxygen for people travelling in jets 

Answer- Checking the penetration of ultraviolet rays to the earth

Que- The major use of sulphur is in the manufacture of 

a. H2SO4 

b. H2S 

c. SO2 

d. Fungicide 

Answer- H2SO4

Que- Percentage of lead in lead pencils is 

a. 0 

b. 31-66 

c. 40 

d. 80 

Answer- 0

Que- Mark the compound which possess ionic, covalent and coordinate bonds. 

a. NH4Cl 

b. SO3 

c. SO2 

d. H2O 

Answer- NH4Cl

Que- The most commonly used chemicals in the artificial rainmaking or cloud seeding are 

a. Silver Iodide (AgI) 

b. Sodium Chloride (NaCl) 

c. Dry Ice (Frozen CO2) 

d. All of the above 

Answer- Silver Iodide (AgI)

Que- Malathion is a/an 

a. Insecticide 

b. Fumigant 

c. Preservative 

d. Pesticide 

Answer- Insecticide

Que- The chemical name of rat poison is 

a. Zinc oxide 

b. Potassium cyanide 

c. Lead nitrate 

d. Zinc phosphide 

Answer- Zinc phosphide

Que- Which of the toxic heavy metals is found in modern tannery industries ? 

a. Nickel 

b. Zinc 

c. Chromium 

d. Lead 

Answer- Chromium

Que- The antiseptic compound present in dettol is 

a. Iodine 

b. chloroxylenol 

c. Biothional 

d. Cresol 

Answer- chloroxylenol

Que- Cement is usually a mixture of : 

a. Calcium silicate and calcium aluminate 

b. Calcium silicate and calcium ferrate 

c. Calcium aluminate and calcium ferrate 

d. Lime stone and silicon dioxide 

Answer- Calcium silicate and calcium aluminate

Que- Sodium bicarbonate is commercially known as 

a. Washing soda 

b. Baking soda 

c. Caustic soda 

d. Soda lime 

Answer- Baking soda

Que- Which of the following is the main nitrogenous waste in humans ? 

a. Ammonia 

b. Urea 

c. Uric Acid 

d. Ammonium Nitrate 

Answer- Uric Acid

Que- Quartz is a crystalline form of 

a. Alumina 

b. Glass 

c. Silica 

d. Limestone 

Answer- Silica

Que- Urea is a 

a. Sodium fertilizer 

b. Phosphatic fertilizer 

c. Nitrogenous fertilizer 

d. Potassium fertilizer 

Answer- Nitrogenous fertilizer

Que- Removal of carbon particles from air involves the principle of 

a. Precipitation 

b. Filteration 

c. Electrophoresis 

d. Sedimentation 

Answer- Electrophoresis

Que- Physico-chemical characteristics of water in water sources undergo changes due to 

a. Aquatic macrophytes 

b. Auatic fungi 

c. Effluents 

d. Evapotranspiration 

Answer- Effluents

Que- Sulphur dioxide present in the industrial chimney exhaust causes 

a. Respiratory and lung disease 

b. Reduction in plant's productivity owing to acid rain 

c. Corrosion building materials 

d. All of the above 

Answer- All of the above

Que- Coating of solid waste with impervious material is known as 

a. Encapsulation 

b. Chemical fixation 

c. Landfill 

d. Capping 

Answer- Encapsulation

Que- Taj Mahal is greatly affected due to : 

a. Tourists 

b. Acid rain 

c. Deforestation 

d. Sound pollution 

Answer- Acid rain

Que- Froth floatation process to concentrate the minerals is applicable to 

a. Calamine 

b. Chalcopyrites 

c. Bauxite 

d. Haematite 

Answer- Chalcopyrites

Que- Chemical name of Gammaxane is 

a. Toluene 

b. Chloro benzene 

c. Aniline 

d. Benzene hexachloride 

Answer- Chloro benzene

Que- Epsom salt is used 

a. As purgative 

b. In softening water 

c. In paper industry 

d. In making tooth paste 

Answer- As purgative

Que- The metal extracted from Bauxite is : 

a. Silver 

b. Copper 

c. Manganese 

d. Aluminium 

Answer- Aluminium

Que- Among the following iron ores, the highest percentage of iron content is found in– 

a. Haemetite 

b. Magnetite 

c. Limnonite 

d. None of these 

Answer- Haemetite

Que- Natural rubber is the polymer of : 

a. Isoprene 

b. Styrene 

c. Butadiene 

d. Ethylene 

Answer- Isoprene

Que- The basic chemical building block of natural rubber obtained from trees is 

a. Isoprene 

b. Vinyl Chloride 

c. Acetylene 

d. Neoprene 

Answer- Isoprene

Que- The name of plastic polymer from which combs, toys, bowls etc., can be made, is 

a. Polyurethane 

b. Polystyrene 

c. Metallic polysulphides 

d. Teflon 

Answer- Polystyrene

Que- A polymeric substance used to make parachute is 

a. Rayon 

b. Viscose 

c. Cotton 

d. Terylene 

Answer- Viscose

Que- PVC is obtained by the polymerisation of 

a. Propane 

b. Vinyl chloride 

c. Styrene 

d. Acetylene 

Answer- Vinyl chloride

Que- Water cycle refers to 

a. An integrated attempt to recycle water in relatively arid regions 

b. Constant movement of water from ocean to land and back to ocean once again 

c. Scientific management of water in areas excessively plagued with water-logging 

d. Water distribution in relatively dry areas 

Answer- Constant movement of water from ocean to land and back to ocean once again

Que- Permanent hardness of water may be removed by addition of 

a. Alum 

b. Sodium carbonate 

c. Lime 

d. Potassium Permangante 

Answer- Sodium carbonate

Que- Acid rain is caused due to pollution of atmosphere by 

a. Oxides of carbon and nitrogen 

b. Oxides of nitrogen and sulphur 

c. Oxides of nitrogen and phosphorous 

d. None of these 

Answer- Oxides of nitrogen and sulphur

Que- What are the components responsible for acid rain? 

a. Nitrogen monoxide (NO) and Carbon monoxide (CO) 

b. Sulphur dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen oxides (NOx) 

c. Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Carbon monoxide (CO) 

d. Oxides of carbon (COx) and Oxides of nitrogen (NOx) 

Answer- Sulphur dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen oxides (NOx)

Que- Which gas emitted by power stations causes acid rain? 

a. Carbon dioxide 

b. Sulphur dioxide 

c. Helium 

d. Nitrogen 

Answer- Sulphur dioxide

Que- Which of the following is very reactive and kept in kerosene? 

a. Sodium 

b. Potassium 

c. Iodine 

d. Bromine 

Answer- Sodium

Que- Which metal does not undergo corrosion due to the formation of oxide layer? 

a. Copper 

b. Iron 

c. Aluminium 

d. Zinc 

Answer- Aluminium

Que- The wire of flash bulb is made of: 

a. Copper 

b. Barium 

c. Magnesium 

d. Silver 

Answer- Magnesium

Que- Identify the metal which is non toxic in nature. 

a. Chromium 

b. Gold 

c. Cadmium 

d. Cobalt 

Answer- Gold

Que- Iron rusts quickly in 

a. Rain water 

b. Sea water 

c. Distilled water 

d. River water 

Answer- Sea water

Que- Which substance is used to retard the setting action of cement? 

a. CaO 

b. Al2O3 

c. CaSO4.2H2O 

d. Na2O + K2O 

Answer- CaSO4.2H2O

Que- Stalactites and Stalagmites form due to the precipitation of : 

a. CaCO3 

b. CaCl2 

c. MgCl2 

d. MgCO3 

Answer- CaCO3

Que- Which of the following is not a precious/semi-precious stone? 

a. Sapphire 

b. Ruby 

c. Pearl 

d. Emerald 

Answer- Pearl

Que- The chemical substance present in bones and teeth is 

a. Calcium phosphate 

b. Calcium chloride 

c. Calcium sulphate 

d. Calcium borate 

Answer- Calcium phosphate

Que- The chemical substance present in bones and teeth is 

a. Calcium phosphate 

b. Calcium chloride 

c. Calcium sulphate 

d. Calcium borate 

Answer- Calcium phosphate

Que- In sugar solution, 

a. Sugar is solute, water is solvent 

b. Sugar is solvent, water is solute 

c. Both are solutes 

d. Both are solvents 

Answer- Sugar is solute, water is solvent

Que- The metallic constituents of hard water are : 

a. Magnesium, calcium and tin 

b. Iron, tin and calcium 

c. Calcium, magnesium and iron 

d. Magnesium, tin and iron 

Answer- Calcium, magnesium and iron

Que- Potassium Permanganate is used for purifying drinking water, because________ 

a. It is a reducing agent 

b. It is an oxidising agent 

c. It is a sterilising agent 

d. It dissolves the impurities of water 

Answer- It is an oxidising agent

Que- Lead in water can cause 

a. Eye disease 

b. Arthritis 

c. Kidney damage 

d. Hair falling 

Answer- Kidney damage

Que- Hardness of the water is commonly measured in terms of 

a. Calcium carbonate equivalents 

b. Calcium sulphate equivalents 

c. Magnesium carbonate equivalents 

d. Magnesium sulphate equivalents 

Answer- Calcium carbonate equivalents

Que- The chief source of naphthalene is 

a. Coal-tar 

b. Diesel 

c. Charcoal 

d. Camphor 

Answer- Coal-tar

Que- The gas that usually causes explosions in coal mines is 

a. Hydrogen 

b. Carbon monoxide 

c. Air 

d. Methane 

Answer- Methane

Que- Submarines move under water. They have engines that run on 

a. Petrol and oxygen 

b. Diesel 

c. Batteries 

d. Steam 

Answer- Diesel

Que- Which is the highest quality of hard coal? 

a. Anthracite 

b. Bituminous 

c. Lignite 

d. Peat 

Answer- Anthracite

Que- The main source of Naphthalene is 

a. Charcoal 

b. Camphor 

c. Coal-tar 

d. Diesel 

Answer- Coal-tar

Que- In arc welding, Argon is used because of its 

a. Low reactivity with metal 

b. Ability to lower the melting point of the metal 

c. High flammability 

d. High calorific value 

Answer- Low reactivity with metal

Que- An inert gas mixed with oxygen given to patients suffering from restricted breathing is 

a. Helium 

b. Krypton 

c. Radon 

d. Argon 

Answer- Helium

Que- Which of the following elements is obtained from seaweeds ? 

a. Iodine 

b. Vanadium 

c. Argon 

d. Sulphur 

Answer- Iodine

Que- Silica gel is a 

a. Moisturizer 

b. Flavouring agent 

c. Drying agent 

d. Delicious food 

Answer- Drying agent

Que- Silicon is a 

a. Semiconductor 

b. Insulator 

c. Non-conductor 

d. Conductor 

Answer- Semiconductor

Que- The degree of dissociation of an electrolyte depends on 

a. Dilution 

b. Impurities 

c. Atmospheric pressure 

d. Method of dissolution 

Answer- Dilution

Que- In the electroplating of gold, the electrolyte used is 

a. Gold chloride 

b. Gold nitrate 

c. Gold sulphate 

d. Potassium aurocyanide 

Answer- Gold sulphate

Que- The deterioration of a metal by an electrochemical process is commonly termed as 

a. Erosion 

b. Corrosion 

c. Passivation 

d. Abrasion 

Answer- Corrosion

Que- Aqueous solution of which of the following is a good conductor of electricity 

a. Ammonium acetate 

b. Glucose 

c. Ammonia 

d. Acetic acid 

Answer- Ammonium acetate

Que- The cathode of a lead storage battery is made up of 

a. Zinc 

b. Lead 

c. Lead oxide 

d. Manganese dioxide 

Answer- Lead

Que- Oxide of sulphur present in the atmosphere are washed down by rains to cause : 

a. Depletion of fossil fuel reserves 

b. Eutrophication in lakes 

c. Lowering of pH of soil 

d. Industrial smog formation 

Answer- Depletion of fossil fuel reserves

Que- Supersonic jet causes pollution by thinning of 

a. O3 layer 

b. O4 layer 

c. SO2 layer 

d. CO2 layer 

Answer- O3 layer

Que- The pollutant responsible for ozone holes is ________ 

a. CO2 

b. SO2 

c. CO 

d. CFC 

Answer- CFC

Que- Major gaseous pollutant of the thermal power station is 

a. H2 S 

b. NH3 

c. NO2 

d. SO2 

Answer- SO2

Que- The gas causing acid rain in an industrial area is 

a. Carbon dioxide 

b. Carbon monoxide 

c. Sulphur dioxide 

d. Methane 

Answer- Sulphur dioxide

Que- Sea water can be purified by the process of 

a. Distillation 

b. Evaporation 

c. Filtration 

d. Fractional distillation 

Answer- Distillation

Que- A mixture of water and alcohol can be separated by 

a. Filtration 

b. Evaporation 

c. Decantation 

d. Distillation 

Answer- Distillation

Que- Which one is a naturally occuring noble gas? 

a. Sodium 

b. Potassium 

c. Argon 

d. Boron 

Answer- Argon

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