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Chemistry MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- Total number of naturally occurring elements 

a. 62 

b. 92 

c. 98 

d. 110 

Answer- 92

Que- The coloured discharge tubes for advertisement mainly contain 

a. Xenon 

b. Argon 

c. Helium 

d. Neon 

Answer- Neon

Que- Natural rubber is a polymer of 

a. Vinyl acetate 

b. Propene 

c. Isoprene 

d. Styrene 

Answer- Isoprene

Que- What is a Bakelite ? 

a. Solution 

b. Acid 

c. Base 

d. Polymer 

Answer- Polymer

Que- What happens when a drop of glycerol is added to crushed KMnO4 spread on a paper ? 

a. There is a crackling sound 

b. There is a violent explosion. 

c. There is no reaction. 

d. The paper ignites 

Answer- There is a violent explosion.

Que- Silver nitrate solution is kept in brown bottles in laboratory because 

a. It reacts with ordinary white bottles 

b. Brown bottles stops the passage of light through it 

c. Brown bottles do not react with it 

d. Brown bottles react with it 

Answer- Brown bottles stops the passage of light through it

Que- Which colour is produce by Arsenic during flame test? 

a. Green 

b. Red 

c. Crimson 

d. Blue 

Answer- Blue

Que- The natural resource, known as black gold is 

a. Coal 

b. Lead 

c. Tin 

d. Platinum 

Answer- Coal

Que- The chief constituent of natural gas is: 

a. Methane 

b. Helium 

c. Nitrogen 

d. Propane 

Answer- Methane

Que- The resources which can be used continuously, year-after-year are called 

a. Biotic 

b. Abiotic 

c. Non-renewable 

d. Renewable 

Answer- Renewable

Que- The highest volume of gases in lower atmosphere is comprised of 

a. Hydrogen 

b. Carbon dioxide 

c. Oxygen 

d. Nitrogen 

Answer- Nitrogen

Que- What is the maximum Water Vapour content in the atmosphere? 

a. 2 to 3 per cent 

b. 3 to 4 per cent 

c. 4 to 5 per cent 

d. 5 to 6 per cent 

Answer- 3 to 4 per cent

Que- Which of the process is known as nitrification? 

a. Reaction of Nitrogen Monoxide with oxygen to form nitric acid 

b. Reaction of nitrogen dioxide with water to form nitric acid 

c. Conversion of ammonia to nitrites 

d. Conversion of nitrite to nitric oxide 

Answer- Conversion of ammonia to nitrites

Que- Which is not a green house gas ? 

a. CO2 

b. CH4 

c. N2O 

d. Chlorofluorocarbons 

Answer- N2O

Que- Formation of ozone hole is maximum over 

a. Africa 

b. India 

c. Antarctica 

d. Europe 

Answer- Antarctica

Que- Ozone saves the biosphere by absorbing high energy radiations called ________ . 

a. Infra-red (IR) 

b. Gamma rays 

c. Ultraviolet rays (UV) 

d. X–rays 

Answer- Ultraviolet rays (UV)

Que- Which one of the following is not a cause for present global warming and climate change ? 

a. CFC emission 

b. Carbon dioxide emission 

c. Deforestation 

d. Methane emission 

Answer- Deforestation

Que- Which one of the following elements is least likely to be found in commercial fertilisers? 

a. Nitrogen 

b. Phosphorous 

c. Potassium 

d. Silicon 

Answer- Silicon

Que- Which of the following is caused by the higher concentration of Nitrogen and Phosphorous ? 

a. Eutrophication 

b. Hardness 

c. Alkalinity 

d. Acidity 

Answer- Eutrophication

Que- If the sewage is fully oxidized, the nitrogen is in the form of 

a. Nitrites 

b. Ammonia 

c. Nitramines 

d. Nitrates 

Answer- Nitrates

Que- If all bullets could not be removed from gun shot injury of a man, it may cause poisoning by 

a. Mercury 

b. Lead 

c. Iron 

d. Arsenic 

Answer- Lead

Que- Extensively used nitrogenous fertilizer is 

a. Ammonium nitrate 

b. Urea 

c. Ammonium sulphate 

d. Nitro-lime 

Answer- Urea

Que- What is the atomic number of mercury? 

a. 32 

b. 41 

c. 63 

d. 80 

Answer- 80

Que- Which of the following molecules has a bond order of 2.5? 

a. HCL 

b. CO 

c. F2 

d. NO 

Answer- F2

Que- An element of atomic no. 29 belongs to 

a. S-block 

b. D-block 

c. P-block 

d. F-block 

Answer- D-block

Que- Which metal is the heaviest in periodic table among the following ? 

a. Os 

b. Pt 

c. Pb 

d. W 

Answer- Os

Que- Ruby and sapphire are oxides of 

a. Copper 

b. Tin 

c. Iron 

d. Aluminium 

Answer- Aluminium

Que- One carat of diamond is equal to 

a. 100 mg 

b. 150 mg 

c. 200 mg 

d. 250 mg 

Answer- 200 mg

Que- Carbon dioxide is 

a. A reducing agent 

b. An oxidising agent 

c. A dehydrating agent 

d. A bleaching agent 

Answer- A reducing agent

Que- Hardest allotrope of carbon is 

a. Diamond 

b. Graphite 

c. Coke 

d. Lamp black 

Answer- Diamond

Que- Diamond is lustrous because 

a. It is colourless 

b. It is hard 

c. It is pure 

d. Its refractive index is high 

Answer- Its refractive index is high

Que- Dry ice is 

a. Solid ammonia 

b. Solid sulphur dioxide 

c. Dry carbon dioxide gas 

d. Solid carbon dioxide 

Answer- Solid carbon dioxide

Que- Yellow Cake an item of smuggling across border is 

a. A crude from of heroin 

b. A crude from of cocaine 

c. Uranium oxide 

d. Unreformed gold 

Answer- Uranium oxide

Que- The transuranium elements are the chemical elements with atomic numbers greater than 

a. 86 

b. 89 

c. 92 

d. 96 

Answer- 92

Que- Which of the following elements is non-radioactive ? 

a. Uranium 

b. Thorium 

c. Plutonium 

d. Zirconium 

Answer- Zirconium

Que- Which of the following is used in dating archaeological findings ? 

a. 92235U 

b. 614C 

c. 13H 

d. 818O 

Answer- 614C

Que- German silver used for making utensils is an alloy of 

a. Copper, silver, nickel 

b. Copper, zinc, nickel 

c. Copper, zinc, aluminium 

d. Copper, nickel, aluminium 

Answer- Copper, zinc, nickel

Que- The coordination number of body centered atom in cubic structure is 

a. 4 

b. 6 

c. 8 

d. 10 

Answer- 8

Que- The product, 9-nitroanthracene is obtained from anthracene by the action of 

a. Nitric acid and acetic anhydride 

b. Nitric acid and ethyl alcohol 

c. Nitric acid and acetic acid 

d. Nitric acid in excess 

Answer- Nitric acid and acetic anhydride

Que- Cyanide poisoning causes death in seconds because 

a. It denatures enzymes of the heart/muscle 

b. It breaks the electron transport chain 

c. It causes Lysis of red blood cells 

d. It causes cardiac arrest 

Answer- It causes cardiac arrest

Que- Peroxyacetyl nitrate is a 

a. Acidic dye 

b. Plant hormone 

c. Vitamin 

d. Secondary pollutant 

Answer- Secondary pollutant

Que- What is used in storage batteries? 

a. Copper 

b. Tin 

c. Lead 

d. Zinc 

Answer- Lead

Que- Match the List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the listsList-I (Green house gas)List-II(Major source)F.Carbondioxide1.Enteric fermentation in cattleG.Methane2.Burning of fossilH.Chloroflro carbons3.Mercury compounds in waste waterJ.Nitrous oxide4.Nylon production 5.Air conditioner and refrigeration unitsCodes :FGHJA.2154B.3421C.3241D.1234 

a. A 

b. B 

c. C 

d. D 

Answer- A

Que- Acid rain is caused by 

a. SO2 and particulates 

b. NO2and particulates 

c. CO2and CFCs 

d. SO2 and NO2 

Answer- SO2 and NO2

Que- The Bhopal gas tragedy was caused by the gas 

a. Methyl chloride 

b. Methyl Isocyanide 

c. Methyl Isocyanate 

d. Methyl Cyanide 

Answer- Methyl Isocyanate

Que- The Bhopal tragedy was caused by the gas 

a. Phosgene 

b. Carbon monoxide 

c. Methyl isocyanate 

d. Chlorine 

Answer- Methyl isocyanate

Que- Which of the following caused radioactive pollution along the coast of Kerala ? 

a. Plutonium 

b. Zinc 

c. Thorium 

d. Radium 

Answer- Thorium

Que- When a spoon is to be electroplated with nickel the spoon is 

a. Dipped in a nickel sulphate solution 

b. Made anode and a pure nickel rod, the cathode 

c. Made cathode and a pure nickel red, the anode 

d. Coated with nickel sulphate and dried 

Answer- Made cathode and a pure nickel red, the anode

Que- Conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy occurs in 

a. Atomic bombs 

b. Dynamo 

c. A battery 

d. Electric heaters 

Answer- A battery

Que- The process of covering water pipes made of Iron with Zinc layer to prevent corrosion is called : 

a. Zinc plating 

b. Alloy formation 

c. Vulcanization 

d. Galvanization 

Answer- Galvanization

Que- Galvanization of iron is carried out using 

a. Zinc 

b. Tin 

c. Copper 

d. Chromium 

Answer- Zinc

Que- The working of a dry cell is based on 

a. Decomposition reaction 

b. Spontaneous oxidation-reduction reaction 

c. Combination reaction 

d. Electrolysis 

Answer- Electrolysis

Que- The addition of gypsum to portland cement helps in : 

a. Increasing the strength of cement 

b. Rapid setting of cement 

c. Preventing rapid setting of cement 

d. Reduction in the cost of cement 

Answer- Preventing rapid setting of cement

Que- Which gas is most stable at room temperature? 

a. H2 

b. N2 

c. F2 

d. O2 

Answer- N2

Que- Which of the following is used as a preservative to protect processed food? 

a. Sodium sulphate 

b. Saccharin 

c. BHT 

d. Sodium metabisulphite 

Answer- Sodium metabisulphite

Que- Chemical composition of cement is 

a. Limestone and Clay 

b. Limestone, Clay and Gypsum 

c. Limestone and Gypsum 

d. Clay and Gypsum 

Answer- Limestone, Clay and Gypsum

Que- Which one of the following elements is used in the manufacture of fertilizers ? 

a. Fluorine 

b. Potassium 

c. Lead 

d. Aluminium 

Answer- Potassium

Que- Milk is 

a. Emulsion 

b. Suspension 

c. Foam 

d. Gel 

Answer- Emulsion

Que- Milk is a natural 

a. Solution 

b. Emulsion 

c. Mixture 

d. Suspension 

Answer- Emulsion

Que- Emulsifier is an agent which 

a. Accelerates the dispersion 

b. Homogenizes the emulsion 

c. Stabilizes an emulsion 

d. Aids the flocculation of emulsion 

Answer- Stabilizes an emulsion

Que- An emulsifier is an agent which 

a. Stabilises an emulsion 

b. Aids the flocculation of an emulsion 

c. Accelerates the dispersion 

d. Homogenises an emulsion 

Answer- Stabilises an emulsion

Que- Muddy water is treated with alum in purification process, it is termed as : 

a. Emulsification 

b. Absorption 

c. Adsorption 

d. Coagulation 

Answer- Coagulation

Que- Carborundum is another name of 

a. Silicon carbide 

b. Silicon oxide 

c. Calcium carbide 

d. Calcium oxide 

Answer- Silicon carbide

Que- German silver is an alloy of 

a. Copper, nickel and silver 

b. Silver, copper and aluminium 

c. Zinc, copper and nickel 

d. Zinc, silver and copper 

Answer- Zinc, copper and nickel

Que- Which one of the following does not contain Silver ? 

a. Ruby Silver 

b. Lunar Caustic 

c. German Silver 

d. Horn Silver 

Answer- German Silver

Que- Type metal used in printing press is an alloy of 

a. Lead and copper 

b. Lead and antimony 

c. Lead and bismuth 

d. Lead and zinc 

Answer- Lead and antimony

Que- Ultra purification of a metal is done by : 

a. Slugging 

b. Zone melting 

c. Smelting 

d. Leaching 

Answer- Zone melting

Que- Silicon is used in 

a. Solar energy devices 

b. Semiconductors 

c. Transistors 

d. All of these 

Answer- All of these

Que- Which of the inert gases can form compounds? 

a. Helium 

b. Xenon 

c. Krypton 

d. Argon 

Answer- Xenon

Que- Vulcanized rubber contains sulphur 

a. 2% 

b. 3-5% 

c. 7-9% 

d. 10-15% 

Answer- 3-5%

Que- Which of the following alloy is used in making magnet ? 

a. Duralumin 

b. Stainless steel 

c. Alnico 

d. Magnalium 

Answer- Alnico

Que- In its reaction with silver nitrate, C2H2 shows 

a. Oxidising property 

b. Reducing property 

c. Basic property 

d. Acidic property 

Answer- Acidic property

Que- Major portion of the earth’s crust is mainly constituted by 

a. Oxygen and Iron 

b. Oxygen and Silicon 

c. Silicon and Iron 

d. Silicon and Aluminium 

Answer- Oxygen and Silicon

Que- In surgery, metal pins are used for joining together broken bones. These metal pins remain uncorroded in the body. What is the material of these pins? 

a. Copper 

b. Iron 

c. Aluminium 

d. Titanium 

Answer- Titanium

Que- Name two elements that find wide application in transistor industry. 

a. Silicon and Germanium 

b. Carbon and Platinum 

c. Iridium and Germanium 

d. Tungsten and Platinum 

Answer- Silicon and Germanium

Que- Which one is the naturally occuring heaviest element? 

a. Mercury 

b. Thorium 

c. Uranium 

d. Protactinium 

Answer- Uranium

Que- Which of the following will replace hydrogen from acids to form salts ? 

a. S 

b. Na 

c. Ag 

d. P 

Answer- Na

Que- The main component of liquid bleach is: 

a. Sodium chloride 

b. Sodium hypochlorite 

c. Hydrochloric acid 

d. Sodium hypochlorate 

Answer- Sodium hypochlorite

Que- Quartz is made of 

a. Calcium Sulphate 

b. Calcium Silicate 

c. Sodium Sulphate 

d. Sodium Silicate 

Answer- Sodium Silicate

Que- What is the product formed when sodium bicarbonate is heated strongly? 

a. Sodium Carbonate 

b. Sodium Hydroxide 

c. Sodium Peroxide 

d. Sodium Monoxide 

Answer- Sodium Carbonate

Que- Cement is formed by strongly heating a mixture of 

a. Limestone and graphite 

b. Limestone and clay 

c. Chalk and graphite 

d. Clay and graphite 

Answer- Limestone and clay

Que- Persons working in cement plants and lime stone quarries are prone to disease like 

a. Cancer 

b. Asthma 

c. Silicosis 

d. Pneumoconiosis 

Answer- Silicosis

Que- Sodium vapour lamps glow with yellow colour. This is due to 

a. sublimation of sodium to emit yellow colour 

b. The emission of excess energy absorbed by sodium atoms, in the yellow region of the spectrum 

c. The low ionisation energy of sodium 

d. Its ability to absorb all other colours except yellow 

Answer- The emission of excess energy absorbed by sodium atoms, in the yellow region of the spectrum

Que- Which amidst the following is not a gem stone ? 

a. Cat's-eye 

b. Topaz 

c. Opal 

d. Pearl 

Answer- Cat's-eye

Que- Calcium salts used as fertilizer is : 

a. Calcium Carbide 

b. Calcium Carbonate 

c. Calcium Cyanide 

d. Calcium Sulphate 

Answer- Calcium Sulphate

Que- Aluminium salt commonly used to stop bleeding is 

a. Aluminium nitrate 

b. Aluminium sulphate 

c. Aluminium Chloride 

d. Potash alum 

Answer- Aluminium sulphate

Que- In silvery paints, the main constituent present is 

a. Aluminium powder 

b. Silver powder 

c. Lead powder 

d. White lead 

Answer- Aluminium powder

Que- Which of the following appeared to be with a significant potential for accumulation through food chains ?  

a. DDT 

b. Parathion 

c. Lindane 

d. Carbaryl 

Answer- DDT

Que- Higher concentration of nitrogen dioxide in atmosphere air causes 

a. Cancer 

b. Bronchitis 

c. Asphyxiation 

d. Corrosion 

Answer- Bronchitis

Que- Which of the following in automobile exhaust can cause cancer? 

a. Oxides of nitrogen 

b. Carbon monoxide 

c. Lead 

d. Polyclinic hydrocarbons 

Answer- Polyclinic hydrocarbons

Que- White lung cancer is caused by 

a. Asbestos 

b. Silica 

c. Textiles 

d. Paper 

Answer- Textiles

Que- Which of the following is a man-made source of air pollution ? 

a. Automobile exhaust 

b. Forest fire 

c. Bacterial action in soil and swamp areas 

d. All of the above 

Answer- Automobile exhaust

Que- Which of the following pollutants is main product of automobile exhaust ? 

a. CO 

b. CO2 

c. NO 

d. Hydrocarbons 

Answer- NO

Que- The smog is essentially caused by the presence of 

a. O3 and N2 

b. O2 and N2 

c. Oxides of N and S 

d. O2 and O3 

Answer- Oxides of N and S

Que- The depletion in Ozone layer is caused by ________ . 

a. Nitrous oxide 

b. Carbon dioxide 

c. Chlorofluorocarbons 

d. Methane 

Answer- Chlorofluorocarbons

Que- Which of the following is the maximum number of electrons that can be present in M-shell? 

a. 2 

b. 8 

c. 18 

d. 32 

Answer- 18

Que- Atoms of different elements have 

a. Same atomic number and same electronic configuration 

b. Different atomic number and same eletronic configu-ration 

c. Different atomic number and different number of valence electrons 

d. Same number of electrons and neutrons 

Answer- Different atomic number and different number of valence electrons

Que- A potato tuber has been cut into two halves. A few drops of iodine solution are placed on the cut surface of one of the halves. What colour change will be noticed? 

a. From brown to blue-black 

b. From brown to orange-red 

c. From blue to pink 

d. From pink to blue-green 

Answer- From brown to blue-black

Que- An electrochemical cell which is used as a source of direct electrical current at constant voltage under standard conditions is called a : 

a. Power transmittor 

b. Battery 

c. Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) 

d. Generator 

Answer- Battery

Que- The metals commonly used for electroplating are 

a. Gold, Sodium and Chromium 

b. Chromium, Copper and Nickel 

c. Nickel, Lead and Chromium 

d. Gold, Sodium and Potassium 

Answer- Chromium, Copper and Nickel

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