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Chemistry MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- Which of the following can be found as pollutants in the drinking water in some parts of India? Select the correct answer using the code given below.(A) Arsenic (B) Sorbitol (C) Fluoride (D) Formaldehyde (E) Uranium 

a. B, D and E 

b. A, B, C, D and E 

c. A, C and E 

d. A and C 

Answer- A, C and E

Que- Smog is 

a. Nothing but black smoke 

b. A combination of smoke and fog 

c. A liquid particle resulting from vapour condensation 

d. A solid particle, e.g., fllyash 

Answer- A combination of smoke and fog

Que- Asbestos is formed of : 

a. Calcium and Magnesium 

b. Copper, Zinc and Manganese 

c. Lead and Iron 

d. Calcium and Zinc 

Answer- Calcium and Magnesium

Que- Bayer's reagent is 

a. Alkaline potassium permanganate 

b. Acidified potassium permanganate 

c. Hydrogen peroxide 

d. Bromine water 

Answer- Alkaline potassium permanganate

Que- Bone ash contains 

a. Calcium sulphate 

b. Phosphoric sulphate 

c. Calcium phosphate 

d. Calcium hypophosphate 

Answer- Calcium phosphate

Que- Cement is made hard with 

a. Dehydration 

b. Hydration and dissociation of water 

c. Dissociation of water 

d. Polymerisation 

Answer- Hydration and dissociation of water

Que- 'Plaster of Paris' is made by partial dehydration of 

a. Epsom salt 

b. Gypsum salt 

c. Blue vitriol 

d. Green vitriol 

Answer- Gypsum salt

Que- Chemical name of common salt is 

a. Sodium Chloride 

b. Sodium Bicarbonate 

c. Sodium 

d. Sodium Oxide 

Answer- Sodium Chloride

Que- Nitrogen forms a variety of compounds in all oxidation states ranging from 

a. –3 to +5 

b. –3 to +3 

c. –3 to +4 

d. –3 to +6 

Answer- –3 to +5

Que- What is the covalency of nitrogen in ammonia molecule 

a. 2 

b. 3 

c. 4 

d. 5 

Answer- 3

Que- What is 'milk of magnesia' chemically? 

a. Magnesium carbonate 

b. Sodium bicarbonate 

c. Calcium hydroxide 

d. Magnesium hydroxide 

Answer- Magnesium hydroxide

Que- Which one of the following is a micro-element ? 

a. Chlorine 

b. Hydrogen 

c. Nitrogen 

d. Oxygen 

Answer- Chlorine

Que- When lime juice is dropped on baking soda, brisk effervescence takes place because the gas evolved is 

a. Hydrogen 

b. Oxygen 

c. Carbon dioxide 

d. All of them 

Answer- Carbon dioxide

Que- Which of the following is used as filler in tyre of rubber ? 

a. Carbon black 

b. Coal 

c. Coke 

d. Graphite 

Answer- Carbon black

Que- The open ""Sigrees"" or coal stoves often require fanning to sustain burning because of 

a. Tendency of carbon dioxide to form a layer along with dust smoke 

b. Lack of oxygen in the surroundings of sigrees 

c. Accumulation of smoke and dust over the sigrees 

d. Interrupted release of moisture from the material 

Answer- Tendency of carbon dioxide to form a layer along with dust smoke

Que- 24 carat of diamond is equal to 

a. 200 mg 

b. 200 g 

c. 95% mg 

d. 91% gold 

Answer- 200 mg

Que- 1 carat of diamond is equal to 

a. 200 mg 

b. 200 g 

c. 100 mg 

d. 100 g 

Answer- 200 mg

Que- The metal ion present in Vitamin B12 is 

a. Nickel 

b. Cobalt 

c. Iron 

d. Zinc 

Answer- Cobalt

Que- The metal present in vitamin B12 is 

a. Fe 

b. Co 

c. Mg 

d. Mo 

Answer- Co

Que- Which of the following is not present in RNA 

a. Thymine 

b. Uracil 

c. Ribose 

d. Phosphate 

Answer- Thymine

Que- The enzyme that converts glucose to ethyl alcohol is : 

a. Invertase 

b. Maltase 

c. Zymase 

d. Diastase 

Answer- Zymase

Que- The fat of a common mussel-secretes a sticky glue that can be used to make heart implants. The unique chemical compound present in the glue is: 

a. Amino phenyl alanine 

b. Hydroxy phenyl alanine 

c. Phenyl alanine 

d. Dihydroxy phenyl alanine 

Answer- Dihydroxy phenyl alanine

Que- Freon used as refrigerant is chemically 

a. Chlorinated hydrocarbon 

b. Fluorinated hydrocarbon 

c. Chlorofluoro hydrocarbon 

d. Fluorinated aromatic compound 

Answer- Chlorofluoro hydrocarbon

Que- The gas used for artificial fruit ripening of green fruit is 

a. Ethylene 

b. Acetylene 

c. Ethane 

d. Methane 

Answer- Ethylene

Que- Which one of the following vegetable oils is used in the manufacture of paints? 

a. Palm oil 

b. Sunflower oil 

c. Linseed oil 

d. Cottonseed oil 

Answer- Linseed oil

Que- KMnO4 can be used as 

a. Insecticide 

b. Fertilizer 

c. Pesticide 

d. Disinfectant 

Answer- Disinfectant

Que- A detergent is a 

a. Cleansing agent 

b. Drug 

c. Catalyst 

d. Soap 

Answer- Cleansing agent

Que- Oxygen has (+) oxidation number only in 

a. OF2 

b. C12O 

c. H2O (2) 

d. N2O 

Answer- OF2

Que- The oxidation number of nickel in K4[Ni(CN)4] is 

a. Zero 

b. +4 

c. –4 

d. +8 

Answer- Zero

Que- How many neutrons are there in 92U238 atom ? 

a. 92 

b. 238 

c. 146 

d. 330 

Answer- 146

Que- The number of neutrons present in an element having mass number 226 and atomic number 88 is : 

a. 88 

b. 138 

c. 314 

d. 50 

Answer- 138

Que- Who modified Bohr's theory by introducing elliptical orbits for electron path? 

a. Hund 

b. Thomson 

c. Rutherford 

d. Sommerfeld 

Answer- Sommerfeld

Que- Which of the following is the petroleum wax ? 

a. Bees wax 

b. Carnauba wax 

c. Paraffin wax 

d. Jojoba wax 

Answer- Paraffin wax

Que- The hottest part of the gas flame is known as 

a. Blue zone 

b. Non-luminous zone 

c. Luminous zone 

d. Dark zone 

Answer- Luminous zone

Que- Water is not effective in extinguishing a fire caused by petrol because 

a. The flame is too hot for water to cool it down 

b. Water and petrol react chemically 

c. Water and petrol are miscible with each other 

d. Water and petrol are immiscible with each other and petrol which forms the upper layer continues to burn 

Answer- Water and petrol are immiscible with each other and petrol which forms the upper layer continues to burn

Que- The temperature of oxy-acetylene flame is around 

a. 2800°C 

b. 3200°C 

c. 3600°C 

d. 4000°C 

Answer- 4000°C

Que- Helium gas is used in gas balloons instead of hydrogen gas because it is 

a. Lighter than hydrogen 

b. More abundant than hydrogen 

c. Non-combustible 

d. More stable 

Answer- Non-combustible

Que- Which acid is used in Lead storage battery? 

a. Sulphuric acid 

b. Nitric acid 

c. Hydrochloric acid 

d. Acetic acid 

Answer- Sulphuric acid

Que- The acid used in lead storage cells is 

a. Phosphoric acid 

b. Hydrochloric acid 

c. Nitric acid 

d. Sulphuric acid 

Answer- Sulphuric acid

Que- The acid used in lead storage cells is 

a. Phosphoric acid 

b. Hydrochloric acid 

c. Nitric acid 

d. Sulphuric acid 

Answer- Sulphuric acid

Que- Milk tastes sour when it is left in open for some time. This happens due to the formation of 

a. Lactic acid 

b. Citric acid 

c. Acetic acid 

d. Carbonic acid 

Answer- Lactic acid

Que- The compound used in prickly heat powder to prevent excessive sweating is 

a. Boric acid 

b. Phosphoric acid 

c. Carbonic acid 

d. Sulphuric acid 

Answer- Boric acid

Que- The constituents of automobile exhaust that can cause cancer is/are : 

a. Oxides of nitrogen 

b. Carbon monoxide 

c. Polycyclic hydrocarbons 

d. Lead 

Answer- Lead

Que- The acid rain destroys vegetations because it contains 

a. Nitric acid 

b. Ozone 

c. Carbon monoxide 

d. Sulphuric acid 

Answer- Sulphuric acid

Que- Of the following, which one pollutes the air of a big city ? 

a. Copper 

b. Chromium 

c. Lead 

d. Cadmium 

Answer- Lead

Que- Of the following which one pollutes the air of a big city ? 

a. Copper 

b. Chromium 

c. Lead 

d. Calcium 

Answer- Lead

Que- Which of the following is usually not an air-pollutant? 

a. Hydrocarbons 

b. Sulphur dioxide 

c. Carbon dioxide 

d. Nitrous oxide 

Answer- Nitrous oxide

Que- The function of skimming tank in sewage treatment is to remove 

a. Oil and fatty substances 

b. Suspended solids 

c. Gritty substances 

d. Inorganic substances 

Answer- Oil and fatty substances

Que- Acid rain is caused due to emission of which of the following into the atmosphere ? 

a. Oxides of nitrogen and sulphur 

b. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide 

c. Ozone and carbon dioxide 

d. Carbon monoxide and nitrogen 

Answer- Oxides of nitrogen and sulphur

Que- The depletion of Ozone layer is mainly due to 

a. Volcanic eruptions 

b. Aviation fuels 

c. Radioactive rays 

d. Chlorofluorocarbons 

Answer- Chlorofluorocarbons

Que- Chemical name of vinegar is 

a. Acetone 

b. Acetic acid 

c. Formaldehyde 

d. Ethanol 

Answer- Acetic acid

Que- Which one of the following organic compounds has fruity smell? 

a. Alcohol 

b. Aldehyde 

c. Ester 

d. Ether 

Answer- Ester

Que- The Latin word formica means ant. The name formic acid is derived from this Latin word because 

a. this acid, in ancient times, was used to eliminate ant-hills 

b. this corrosive acid is secreted by ants to drive away their enemies 

c. this acid was first obtained by the distillation of ants 

d. ants are attracted by the odour of this acid 

Answer- this acid was first obtained by the distillation of ants

Que- The ore which is found in abundance in India is 

a. monazite 

b. fluorspar 

c. bauxite 

d. magnetite 

Answer- monazite

Que- The inherited traits of an organism are controlled by 

a. RNA molecules 

b. nucleotides 

c. DNA molecules 

d. enzymes 

Answer- DNA molecules

Que- The heat energy produced when the human body metabolises 1 gram of fat is 

a. 30 KJ 

b. 1 KJ 

c. 39 KJ 

d. 29 KJ 

Answer- 39 KJ

Que- What are the number of moles of CO2 which contains 16 g of oxygen? 

a. 0.5 mole 

b. 0.2 mole 

c. 0.4 mole 

d. 0.25 mole 

Answer- 0.5 mole

Que- Which type of fire extinguisher is used for petroleum fire ? 

a. Foam type 

b. Soda acid type 

c. Powder type 

d. None of these 

Answer- Foam type

Que- Man dies in the atmosphere of CO, because it 

a. Dries up the blood 

b. Combines with O2 present in the body 

c. Reduces the organic matter of tissues 

d. Combines with the haemoglobin of blood, thereby making the later incapable of absorbing O2 

Answer- Combines with the haemoglobin of blood, thereby making the later incapable of absorbing O2

Que- It is dangerous to leave the car engine running in a closed garage, because it may cause serious pollution due to poisoning by emission of 

a. CO2 

b. CO 

c. Unburnt petrol 

d. SO2 

Answer- CO

Que- Which gas is used as fire extinguisher ? 

a. Carbon dioxide 

b. Carbon monoxide 

c. Carbon suboxide 

d. Sulphur dioxide 

Answer- Carbon dioxide

Que- The process which does not evolve CO2 in air is 

a. Burning 

b. Breathing 

c. Organic delay 

d. Photosynthesis 

Answer- Photosynthesis

Que- Galvanization is the : 

a. Deposition of zinc on iron 

b. Deposition of tin on iron 

c. Deposition of copper on iron 

d. Deposition of aluminium on iron 

Answer- Deposition of zinc on iron

Que- Which one of the following metals is used to galvanise iron ? 

a. Copper 

b. Lead 

c. Zinc 

d. Mercury 

Answer- Zinc

Que- A non-electronic conductor is 

a. Iron 

b. Gas Carbon 

c. Copper Sulphate 

d. None of these 

Answer- None of these

Que- The anode of a dry cell is made up of 

a. Iron 

b. Cadmium 

c. Zinc 

d. Lead 

Answer- Zinc

Que- The coating of a thin layer of zinc on steel or iron objects is known as 

a. Hot dipping 

b. Tinning 

c. Galvanising 

d. Electroplating 

Answer- Galvanising

Que- Element 106 was discovered by 

a. Rutherford 

b. Seaborg 

c. Lawrence 

d. Kurchatove 

Answer- Seaborg

Que- The gas used for filling weather balloons is 

a. Helium 

b. Hydrogen 

c. Air 

d. Nitrogen 

Answer- Helium

Que- The most abundant element is 

a. Calcium 

b. Silicon 

c. Oxygen 

d. Nitrogen 

Answer- Oxygen

Que- A balloon filled with helium rises in air because 

a. Air exerts an upward force on the balloon 

b. The balloon is weightless 

c. Helium is less dense than air 

d. Helium pushes down on the air below the balloon 

Answer- Helium is less dense than air

Que- Which one of the following is also known as solution ? 

a. A compound 

b. A homogeneous mixture 

c. A heterogeneous mixture 

d. A suspension 

Answer- A homogeneous mixture

Que- A powerful eye irritant present in smog is 

a. Nitric oxide 

b. Sulphur dioxide 

c. Peroxyacetyl nitrate 

d. Carbon dioxide 

Answer- Peroxyacetyl nitrate

Que- Which of the following is not a natural source of air pollution ? 

a. Volcanic eruptions and lightening discharge 

b. Biological decay of vegetable matter 

c. Photochemical oxidation of organic number 

d. None of the above 

Answer- None of the above

Que- CNG used in automobiles to check pollution, mainly consists of 

a. CH4 

b. CO2 

c. N2 

d. H2 

Answer- CH4

Que- What are the major pollutants of cigarette smoke? 

a. Carbon monoxide and dioxin 

b. Carbon monoxide and nicotine 

c. Carbon monoxide and benzene 

d. Dioxin and benzene 

Answer- Carbon monoxide and nicotine

Que- Which of the following metals is not a pollutant ? 

a. Mercury 

b. Arsenic 

c. Lead 

d. Aluminium 

Answer- Aluminium

Que- The first metal used by a man was 

a. Copper 

b. Silver 

c. Bronze 

d. Brass 

Answer- Copper

Que- White phosphorus is generally kept under 

a. Alcohol 

b. Water 

c. Glycerine 

d. Kerosene oil 

Answer- Water

Que- Which metal is extracted from sea water? 

a. Potassium 

b. Magnesium 

c. Aluminium 

d. Beryllium 

Answer- Magnesium

Que- The rusting of iron is a/an 

a. Physical change 

b. Electrochemical change 

c. Electrical change 

d. None of the above 

Answer- Electrochemical change

Que- When iron rusts, its weight 

a. Decreases 

b. Increases 

c. Remains the same 

d. First increases and then decreases 

Answer- Increases

Que- Highly toxic gas which causes headache, visual difficulty, paralysis and even death is 

a. CO2 

b. O3 

c. CO 

d. All of these 

Answer- CO

Que- Water gas is the combination of 

a. CO and H2 

b. CO2and H2 

c. CO and H2O 

d. CO2 and CO 

Answer- CO and H2

Que- The gas that causes suffocation and death when coal or coke is burnt in a closed room is 

a. Methane 

b. Ethane 

c. Carbon monoxide 

d. Carbon dioxide 

Answer- Carbon monoxide

Que- Which one is not a pure form of carbon? 

a. Coal 

b. Graphite 

c. Diamond 

d. Gold 

Answer- Gold

Que- Which one is the purest form of carbon? 

a. Coal 

b. Graphite 

c. Diamond 

d. Iron 

Answer- Diamond

Que- For a spontaneous chemical process, the free energy change is 

a. Positive 

b. Negative 

c. Zero 

d. Depends on whether the reaction is exothermic or endothermic 

Answer- Negative

Que- When a bond is formed between two atoms, the energy of the system will 

a. Increase 

b. Decrease 

c. Remain the same 

d. May increase or decrease 

Answer- Remain the same

Que- The minimum energy required for an effective collision is 

a. Threshold energy 

b. Activation energy 

c. Free energy 

d. Internal energy 

Answer- Activation energy

Que- Which of the following produces highest amount of energy upon oxidation? 

a. Protein 

b. Fat 

c. Glucose 

d. An alkane 

Answer- Fat

Que- Which of the following has least negative electron gain enthalpy? 

a. P 

b. S 

c. Cl 

d. F 

Answer- P

Que- The increasing abundance of green house gases in atmosphere has led to the following effect except 

a. Global warming 

b. Depletion of ozone layer in the stratosphere 

c. Oxygen fertilization effect 

d. Carbon dioxide ferilization effect 

Answer- Oxygen fertilization effect

Que- The source of energy that causes the least global warming is 

a. Coal 

b. Geothermal energy 

c. Natural Gas 

d. Petroleum 

Answer- Geothermal energy

Que- Which of the following fuels causes minimum environmental pollution? 

a. Diesel 

b. Kerosene 

c. Hydrogen 

d. Coal 

Answer- Hydrogen

Que- Biofertilizers convert nitrogen to ________ . 

a. Nitrates 

b. Ammonia 

c. Nitrogenase 

d. Amino acids 

Answer- Ammonia

Que- The elements in the modern Periodic table are arranged according to their 

a. Mass number 

b. Neutron number 

c. Atomic number 

d. Atomic Weight 

Answer- Atomic number

Que- The chemical name of quartz is 

a. Calcium oxide 

b. Calcium phosphate 

c. Sodium phosphate 

d. Sodium silicate 

Answer- Sodium silicate

Que- What is the most common salt in sea water ? 

a. Calcium carbonate 

b. Potassium chloride 

c. Sodium chloride 

d. Magnesium sulphate 

Answer- Sodium chloride

Que- Fertiliser having high nitrogen content is : 

a. Urea 

b. Ammonium sulphate 

c. Ammonium nitrate 

d. Calcium citrate 

Answer- Ammonium nitrate

Que- Which one of the following is found in kidney stones? 

a. Sodium oxalate 

b. Calcium oxalate 

c. Sodium chloride 

d. Calcium acetate 

Answer- Calcium oxalate

Que- Which one of the following is not present in cement ? 

a. Clay 

b. Alumina 

c. Alum 

d. Gypsum 

Answer- Alum

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