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English MCQ

 Que- Synonym of ARROGANT is _____________? 

a. Conceited  

b. Humble  

c. Progressive  

d. Noble 

Answer- Conceited

Que- Synonym of ALERT is _____________? 

a. Intelligent  

b. Energetic  

c. Observant  

d. Watchful 

Answer- Watchful

Que- Synonym of EMBEZZLE is _____________? 

a. Remunerate  

b. Clear  

c. Balance  

d. Misappropriate 

Answer- Misappropriate

Que- Synonym of BRIEF is _____________? 

a. Small  

b. Short  

c. Little  

d. Limited 

Answer- Short

Que- Synonym of Vituperate is _____________? 

a. Abuse  

b. Appreciate  

c. Copy  

d. Encourage 

Answer- Abuse

Que- Synonym of Incredulous is _____________? 

a. Dishonest  

b. Honest  

c. Reliable  

d. Unreliable 

Answer- Unreliable

Que- Synonym of Enigma is _____________? 

a. Question  

b. Puzzle  

c. Answer  

d. Content 

Answer- Puzzle

Que- Synonym of CIRCUITOUS is _____________? 

a. Direct  

b. Strong  

c. Cyclic  

d. Weak 

Answer- Cyclic

Que- Synonym of EMACIATED is _____________? 

a. very fat  

b. very thin  

c. very small  

d. very heavy 

Answer- very thin

Que- Synonym of LETHARGY is _____________? 

a. Serenity  

b. Laxity  

c. Active  

d. Bold 

Answer- Laxity

Que- Synonym of DELEGATE is _____________? 

a. Representative  

b. Officer  

c. Member  

d. Servant 

Answer- Representative

Que- Synonym of PRECARIOUS is _____________? 

a. Safe  

b. Brittle  

c. Perilous  

d. none of these 

Answer- Perilous

Que- Synonym of PREVARICATE is _____________? 

a. Truth  

b. Early  

c. Lie  

d. Delay 

Answer- Lie

Que- Synonym of EXUDE is _____________? 

a. Ooze  

b. Overflow  

c. Wither  

d. Evaporate 

Answer- Ooze

Que- Synonym of ZEALOT is _____________? 

a. Fanatic  

b. Apathy  

c. Liberal  

d. Impious 

Answer- Fanatic

Que- Synonym of ZEST is _____________? 

a. Passive  

b. Enthusiasm  

c. Disgust  

d. Various 

Answer- Enthusiasm

Que- Synonym of YEARN is _____________? 

a. Require  

b. Extra  

c. Unwanted  

d. Muted 

Answer- Require

Que- Synonym of YELL is _____________? 

a. Shackle  

b. Hitch  

c. Whisper  

d. Shout 

Answer- Shout

Que- Synonym of YOKE is _____________? 

a. Detach  

b. Harness  

c. Release  

d. Liberate 

Answer- Harness

Que- Synonym of VALOUR is _____________? 

a. Stable  

b. Coward  

c. Heroism  

d. Fear 

Answer- Heroism

Que- Synonym of VAGRANT is _____________? 

a. Roving  

b. Stable  

c. Honoured  

d. Stubborn 

Answer- Roving

Que- Synonym of WARY is _____________? 

a. Heedless  

b. Negligent  

c. Prudent  

d. Reckless 

Answer- Prudent

Que- Synonym of WANE _____________? 

a. Employ  

b. Decline  

c. Rise  

d. Revive 

Answer- Decline

Que- Synonym of WIELD _____________? 

a. Abstain  

b. Avoid  

c. Forgo  

d. Exert 

Answer- Exert

Que- The synonyms of Catastrophe is__________? 

a. Built  

b. Implement  

c. Destruction  

d. Fresh 

Answer- Destruction

Que- The Synonyms of Disdain is_____________? 

a. love  

b. Scorn  

c. Accept  

d. Luddite 

Answer- Scorn

Que- The Synonyms of OBSTINATE is____________? 

a. Agree  

b. Scorn  

c. Stubborn  

d. Soft 

Answer- Stubborn

Que- The Synonym of Farrago is_____________? 

a. Fear of strangers  

b. A confused mixture  

c. Free of cost  

d. Synopsis 

Answer- A confused mixture

Que- The Synonym of ‘snollygoster' is_________? 

a. Unprincipled politician  

b. Sneak  

c. Garrulous  

d. None of above 

Answer- Unprincipled politician

Que- The Synonyms of CONDONE is__________? 

a. Accept  

b. Acceptable  

c. Condomn  

d. Condemn 

Answer- Accept

Que- The Synonym of Puerile is______________? 

a. Mature  

b. Immature  

c. purity  

d. power 

Answer- Immature

Que- Synonym of ABATE is _____________? 

a. Postpone  

b. Abandon  

c. Diminish  

d. Increase 

Answer- Diminish

Que- Synonym of Cordial is _____________? 

a. Unpleasant  

b. Pleasant  

c. Heart  

d. Love 

Answer- Pleasant

Que- Synonym of Cajole is _____________? 

a. Flattery  

b. Embezzle  

c. Knowledge  

d. Satiate 

Answer- Flattery

Que- Synonym of Triumph is _____________? 

a. Victory  

b. Victim  

c. Violence  

d. Its Name of US President 

Answer- Victory

Que- Synonym of Hermetic is _____________? 

a. Airtight  

b. Imitate  

c. Unsettled  

d. Open 

Answer- Airtight

Que- Synonym of SHAM 

a. Fake  

b. Deplorable  

c. Purse  

d. Robust 

Answer- Fake

Que- Synonym of GINGERLY 

a. Cautiously  

b. Retrospectively  

c. Hectically  

d. Carelessly 

Answer- Cautiously

Que- Synonym of MEEK 

a. Tame  

b. Stingy  

c. Jab  

d. Frail 

Answer- Tame

Que- Synonym of GAUNT 

a. Weighty  

b. Bony  

c. Fatty  

d. Big statement 

Answer- Bony

Que- Synonyms of CAMEO 

a. Funny character  

b. Minor role  

c. Type of Fiction  

d. Sharp tool 

Answer- Minor role

Que- Synonym of TRITE_____________? 

a. Minor  

b. Sad  

c. Commonplace  

d. Swindler 

Answer- Commonplace

Que- Synonym of Scrumptious _____________? 

a. Tasty  

b. Old  

c. Filthy  

d. Bumpy 

Answer- Tasty

Que- Synonym of Bonhomie______________? 

a. Affability  

b. Big  

c. Turbulent  

d. Grope 

Answer- Affability

Que- Synonym of Wheedle ___________________? 

a. Fast  

b. Cajole  

c. Waive  

d. Slander 

Answer- Cajole

Que- Synonym of Prolix______________? 

a. To Promote  

b. To Prolong  

c. To proactive  

d. To Provide 

Answer- To Prolong

Que- Synonym of Canny_____________? 

a. Clever  

b. thin  

c. Fast  

d. Slow 

Answer- Clever

Que- Synonym of Trail_________? 

a. To chase  

b. To fix  

c. To divert  

d. To disturb 

Answer- To chase

Que- Synonym of Chastity________? 

a. To abstain from sexual relation  

b. To engulf in sexual relation  

c. To whip someone  

d. To infertile someone 

Answer- To abstain from sexual relation

Que- Synonym of Shelve_____________________? 

a. cancel  

b. discuss  

c. reconsider  

d. postpone 

Answer- postpone

Que- Synonym of "Mano a Mano" 

a. Hand to hand  

b. Street to street  

c. District to district  

d. City to city 

Answer- Hand to hand

Que- The synonym of  "Perpetual" is ________? 

a. Garrulous  

b. Sneak  

c. Everlasting  

d. Liberal 

Answer- Everlasting

Que- The synonym of "Colossal" is__________? 

a. colourful  

b. gigantic  

c. fantastic  

d. bias 

Answer- gigantic

Que- The synonym of "Panacea" is____________? 

a. Morbidity  

b. Cure-all  

c. Portray  

d. Insight 

Answer- Cure-all

Que- The synonym of " Irreverenced" is ____________ ? 

a. Honor  

b. Wrong  

c. Disrespect  

d. Appease 

Answer- Disrespect

Que- Synonym of "adipose" is _____________ ? 

a. liquid  

b. weighty  

c. major  

d. fatty  

Answer- fatty 

Que- Synonym of "cryptic" is ____________. 

a. obscure  

b. written  

c. copied  

d. dead 

Answer- obscure

Que- Synonym of " inane " is ______________. 

a. lifeless  

b. senseless  

c. hopeless  

d. faithless 

Answer- senseless

Que- The synonym of "FIASCO" is ________.? 

a. care  

b. love  

c. failure  

d. careless 

Answer- failure

Que- Synonym of "accolade" is ______________. 

a. balcony  

b. outer garment  

c. drink  

d. honor  

Answer- honor

Que- Synonym of "dormant" is _______________. 

a. animated  

b. hibernating  

c. active  

d. vigorous  

Answer- hibernating

Que- Synonym of "escarpment" is __________. 

a. warning  

b. cliff  

c. campsite  

d. tomb 

Answer- cliff

Que- Synonym of "knack" is _____________. 

a. bruise  

b. ability  

c. keepsake  

d. scoundrel 

Answer- ability

Que- Synonym of "pococurante" is ___________. 

a. native  

b. hot  

c. blase  

d. hidden 

Answer- blase

Que- Synonym of "glare" is _____________. 

a. scowl  

b. hide  

c. display  

d. summon 

Answer- scowl

Que- Synonym of "Victory" is __________. 

a. progress  

b. success  

c. defeat  

d. fortune  

Answer- success

Que- Synonym of "encroach" is ________________. 

a. infest  

b. spread out  

c. weaken  

d. trespass 

Answer- trespass

Que- Synonym of "calumny" is ____________. 

a. compliment  

b. cleverness  

c. slander  

d. hardship 

Answer- slander

Que- Synonym of "largesse" is ___________. 

a. greatness  

b. generosity  

c. anger  

d. clumsiness 

Answer- generosity

Que- Synonym of "civil" is __________. 

a. unkind  

b. trite  

c. public  

d. questionable 

Answer- public

Que- Synonym of "peer" is __________. 

a. foe  

b. connote  

c. fellow  

d. recluse 

Answer- fellow

Que- Synonym of "sundry" is __________. 

a. aged  

b. supply  

c. various  

d. tremendous 

Answer- various

Que- Synonym of "castigate" is __________. 

a. neuter  

b. punish  

c. banish  

d. celebrate 

Answer- punish

Que- Synonym of "prevalent" is _________. 

a. wind  

b. servile  

c. widespread  

d. rare 

Answer- widespread

Que- Synonym of "drizzle" is ___________. 

a. curly  

b. sprinkle  

c. sear  

d. drench 

Answer- sprinkle

Que- Synonym of "Crucifixion" is _________. 

a. contentment  

b. happiness  

c. execution  

d. gassing 

Answer- execution

Que- Synonym of "pall" is __________. 

a. light  

b. satiate  

c. carry  

d. horror 

Answer- satiate

Que- Synonym of "plethora" is _________. 

a. trouble  

b. foolish  

c. wealth  

d. love 

Answer- wealth

Que- Synonym of "tremulous" is ___________. 

a. domineering  

b. frantic  

c. inadequate  

d. trembling 

Answer- trembling

Que- Synonym of "copse" is _______. 

a. thicket  

b. box  

c. stone hut  

d. cloud 

Answer- thicket

Que- Synonym of "expunge" is ________. 

a. drain  

b. lie  

c. distort  

d. obliterate 

Answer- obliterate

Que- Synonym of "impregnable" is ___________. 

a. vulnerable  

b. full  

c. unconquerable  

d. stern 

Answer- unconquerable

Que- Synonym of "fecund" is _________. 

a. fruitful  

b. changeable  

c. decayed  

d. strong 

Answer- fruitful

Que- Synonym of "sacrosanct" is __________. 

a. prayer  

b. sanctuary  

c. pious  

d. sacred 

Answer- sacred

Que- Synonym of "asperity" is _________? 

a. roughness  

b. dream  

c. ambition  

d. smoothness  

Answer- roughness

Que- Synonym of "altercation" is ________? 

a. adjustment  

b. repair  

c. quarrel  

d. split personality  

Answer- quarrel

Que- Synonym of "deprecate" is _________? 

a. plead earnestly against  

b. denounce  

c. belittle  

d. devaluate  

Answer- denounce

Que- Synonym of "savanna" is _________? 

a. grassland  

b. harbour  

c. garment  

d. mat 

Answer- grassland

Que- Synonym of "facade" is ________? 

a. embankment  

b. cosmetic  

c. building front  

d. long arcade 

Answer- building front

Que- Synonym of "foretaste" is _________? 

a. bitterness  

b. anticipation  

c. strength  

d. sweetness 

Answer- anticipation

Que- Synonym of "centrifugal" is _________? 

a. the exact center  

b. rapid  

c. moving away from the centre  

d. consolidated 

Answer- moving away from the centre

Que- Synonym of "garrulous" is _________? 

a. affable  

b. noisy  

c. quarrelsome  

d. talkative 

Answer- talkative

Que- Synonym of "astute" is _________? 

a. untruthful  

b. diligent  

c. greedy  

d. shrewd 

Answer- shrewd

Que- Synonym of "forthwith" is _________? 

a. by chance  

b. straightforward  

c. with excess vigour  

d. immediately 

Answer- immediately

Que- Synonym of "sporadic" is _________? 

a. irregular  

b. instinctive  

c. accidental  

d. not genuine 

Answer- irregular

Que- Synonym of "homage" is _________? 

a. patriotic sentiment  

b. show of respect  

c. moralizing speech  

d. disbelief 

Answer- show of respect

Que- Synonym of "obligatory" is _________? 

a. agreeable  

b. required  

c. useful  

d. stubborn 

Answer- required

Que- Synonym of "emolument" is _________? 

a. anything that softens  

b. praise  

c. profit  

d. expression of approval 

Answer- profit

Que- Synonym of "contemplative" is _________? 

a. robust  

b. helpful  

c. thoughtful  

d. devious 

Answer- thoughtful

Que- Synonym of "surmise" is _________? 

a. a guess  

b. summary  

c. authoritative statement  

d. prediction 

Answer- a guess

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