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English MCQ

 Que- He was accused ...... stealing his aunt's necklace. 

a. for 

b. with 

c. of 

d. on 

Answer- of

Que- He knew everything better than anybody else, and it was an affront to his ...... vanity that you should disagree with him. 

a. overstrung 

b. overweening 

c. overwhelming 

d. overwrought 

Answer- overstrung

Que- It's very kind of you to ...... to speak at the meeting. 

a. accept 

b. agree 

c. comply 

d. concur 

Answer- agree

Que- Pakistan lost a ...... wicket just when they seemed to be doing so well, and that led to their eventual defeat. 

a. critical 

b. crucial 

c. sensitive 

d. providential 

Answer- crucial

Que- Sita's heart ...... at the sight of the beautiful diamond necklace. 

a. leapt 

b. stopped 

c. slowed 

d. ran 

Answer- leapt

Que- He lives near a lovely ...... of countryside. 

a. length 

b. piece 

c. section 

d. stretch 

Answer- stretch

Que- Ambition is one of those ......which are never satisfied. 

a. ideas 

b. fancies 

c. passions 

d. feeds 

Answer- passions

Que- He is a person of sound character and ...... disposition. 

a. beneficent 

b. morous 

c. amiable 

d. amicable 

Answer- amiable

Que- If I take a state roadways bus, I'll get late, ...... ? 

a. isn't it 

b. won't I 

c. will I 

d. is it 

Answer- won't I

Que- In high school many of us never realised  the importance that grammar would ...... in later life. 

a. figure 

b. portray 

c. play 

d. exercise 

Answer- play

Que- In a changing and ...... unstructured business environment, creativity and innovation are being ...... demanded of executives. 

a. highly, extremely 

b. progressively, increasingly 

c. increasingly, moderately 

d. excessively, rapidly 

Answer- progressively, increasingly

Que- On account of the dearth of grass on the arid plains the cattle became ...... 

a. flippant 

b. jubilant 

c. agitated 

d. emaciated 

Answer- emaciated

Que- The pilot had been warned about the storm, before he ...... 

a. took away 

b. took up 

c. took over 

d. took off 

Answer- took off

Que- Hardly had he arrived ...... it started raining. 

a. before 

b. when 

c. than 

d. after 

Answer- when

Que- I ...... a car to be absolutely necessary these days. 

a. consider 

b. regard 

c. think 

d. agree 

Answer- consider

Que- Besides other provisions, that shopkeeper deals ...... cosmetics. 

a. with 

b. in 

c. at 

d. for 

Answer- in

Que- Leave a two inch ...... on each page for the teacher's remarks. 

a. border 

b. margin 

c. blank 

d. gap 

Answer- margin

Que- The team was well trained and strong, but somehow their ...... was low. 

a. feeling 

b. moral 

c. consciousness 

d. morale 

Answer- morale

Que- The lovers were meeting each other secretly, but their ...... affair was soon known to everyone. 

a. clandestine 

b. covert 

c. unknown 

d. candid 

Answer- clandestine

Que- The king ...... the rebel. 

a. excused 

b. forgave 

c. pardoned 

d. none of these 

Answer- pardoned

Que- I shall call ...... you tomorrow. 

a. at 

b. on 

c. with 

d. by 

Answer- with

Que- She ...... from the crowd because of her height and flaming red hair. 

a. stood out 

b. stood off 

c. stood up 

d. stood by 

Answer- stood out

Que- In a large cities people are cut ...... from nature. 

a. away 

b. off 

c. out 

d. down 

Answer- away

Que- The more your action and thought are allied and ...... the happier you grow. 

a. diverget 

b. unravelled 

c. integrated 

d. invincible 

Answer- integrated

Que- We had a ...... of warm weather in February. 

a. time 

b. spell 

c. length 

d. phase 

Answer- spell

Que- A sanguine outlook is associated with the ...... 

a. rationalist 

b. socialist 

c. philanthropist 

d. optimist 

Answer- optimist

Que- His conduct is bad, and his honesty is not ...... suspicion. 

a. above 

b. beyond 

c. under 

d. in 

Answer- above

Que- It is 14 years since i ...... him. 

a. have seen 

b. had seen 

c. saw 

d. see 

Answer- saw

Que- It being an ...... issue, it is not correct to introduce questions of morality in to the debate. 

a. moral 

b. immoral 

c. amoral 

d. irrelevant 

Answer- irrelevant

Que- Natwarlal ...... them all for a ride by producing false documents. 

a. took 

b. cheated 

c. kept 

d. let 

Answer- took

Que- True brevity ...... in saying only what needs to be said. 

a. consists 

b. depicts 

c. portrays 

d. resides 

Answer- consists

Que- Health is too important to be ...... 

a. discarded 

b. despised 

c. detested 

d. neglected 

Answer- neglected

Que- In hot weather I like lying in the ...... of a tree. 

a. shade 

b. shelter 

c. protection 

d. shadow 

Answer- shade

Que- It was indeed unreasonable ...... him to leave this job and start business. 

a. in 

b. with 

c. upon 

d. of 

Answer- of

Que- One major ...... between the Election Commission and the Union Government related to the powers of the former in respect of the deployment of central police forces at places where are elections is held. 

a. irritant 

b. conflict 

c. pain 

d. culprit 

Answer- conflict

Que- We shall not to be able to use your ability in court unless we can find someone to ...... to statements. 

a. corroborate 

b. avouch 

c. verify 

d. approve 

Answer- corroborate

Que- He is too dull ...... this problem. 

a. solving 

b. to solving 

c. to solve 

d. solves 

Answer- to solve

Que- He is the person who is ...... to blame. 

a. mostly 

b. sure 

c. most 

d. bound 

Answer- most

Que- I was astounded at his ...... lack of knowledge about the Continent of Africa. 

a. abundant 

b. colossal 

c. huge 

d. great 

Answer- colossal

Que- Ayesha always ...... the permission of her father before going for movies. 

a. seeking 

b. seeks 

c. sought 

d. seeker 

Answer- seeks

Que- He felt no ...... as he plunged the knife into her back. 

a. qualms 

b. scruple 

c. conscience 

d. morals 

Answer- qualms

Que- You haven't had your lunch yet, ...... you? 

a. are 

b. aren't 

c. have 

d. haven't 

Answer- have

Que- The manner in which bombs exploded in five trains with in a short span of time suggests that it is a part of a ...... 

a. game 

b. conspiracy 

c. villainy 

d. sabotage 

Answer- conspiracy

Que- Wheat ...... carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, and dietary fibre in our daily diet. 

a. has 

b. gives 

c. yields 

d. provides 

Answer- provides

Que- The waiter hasn't brought the coffee ...... I've been here an hour already. 

a. till 

b. up 

c. yet 

d. still 

Answer- yet

Que- In our zeal for progress we should not ...... executive with more power. 

a. avoid 

b. give 

c. enhance 

d. arm 

Answer- arm

Que- You've only three months to complete the course, Don't give ...... now. 

a. out 

b. away 

c. up 

d. off 

Answer- up

Que- The traveler slept under the ...... shade of banyan tree. 

a. cold 

b. cool 

c. cooling 

d. dark 

Answer- cool

Que- She has an aversion ...... taking even onion and garlic. 

a. with 

b. at 

c. against 

d. to 

Answer- to

Que- The river overflowed its ...... and flooded the area. 

a. edges 

b. fronts 

c. limits 

d. banks 

Answer- banks

Que- ...... The arrival of the police, nobody went near the victim. 

a. Unless 

b. Although 

c. Even 

d. Till 

Answer- Till

Que- A woman came in with a baby who, she said, ...... a safety pin. 

a. was just swallowing 

b. swallowed 

c. had just swallowed 

d. just swallowed 

Answer- had just swallowed

Que- The Hubble Space Telescope will search for planets around the stars, a key to the ...... extraterrestrial life, and examine interstellar dust and gases out of which stars are born. 

a. perception 

b. discovery 

c. enquiry 

d. quest 

Answer- quest

Que- She ...... Rs 80 out of the bank every Friday. 

a. obtains 

b. draws 

c. pulls 

d. extracts 

Answer- draws

Que- The American ...... presented his credentials to the President of India. 

a. adviser 

b. ambassador 

c. delegate 

d. representative 

Answer- ambassador

Que- Once he has signed the agreement, he won't be able to ...... 

a. back up 

b. back in 

c. back at 

d. back out 

Answer- back out

Que- It was difficult to remove my feet as it had got stuck ...... in the mud. 

a. fairly 

b. greatly 

c. widely 

d. firmly 

Answer- firmly

Que- He is a very careful person, he never takes side but remains ...... 

a. impartial 

b. unbiased 

c. neutral 

d. prejudiced 

Answer- impartial

Que- West Bengal ...... plentiful rainfall and is consequently a very green part of the country. 

a. misses 

b. receives 

c. expects 

d. regrets 

Answer- receives

Que- this brand of TV is quite inferior ...... that one. 

a. than 

b. to 

c. with 

d. over 

Answer- to

Que- It is not what you say that ...... but what you do 

a. matches 

b. implies 

c. matters 

d. moves 

Answer- matters

Que- 'Please' and 'Thank you' are the little courtesies by which we keep the ...... of life oiled and running smoothly. 

a. path 

b. machine 

c. garden 

d. river 

Answer- machine

Que- I put ...... the light and slept. 

a. up 

b. down 

c. in 

d. out 

Answer- out

Que- ...... all intents and purposes, the manager is the master of the firm. 

a. in 

b. upon 

c. with 

d. to 

Answer- to

Que- When I was a child, I ......to school everyday instead going by cycle. 

a. had walked 

b. walked 

c. have walked 

d. have been walking 

Answer- walked

Que- Farida sings very well and ...... does salim. 

a. even 

b. too 

c. also 

d. so 

Answer- so

Que- The old Nature versus ...... debate regarding crime continues even today. 

a. Man 

b. Universe 

c. Culture 

d. Nurture 

Answer- Man

Que- The Sun ...... at six this morning. 

a. raised 

b. rose 

c. arose 

d. aroused 

Answer- rose

Que- That rule is applicable ...... every one. 

a. to 

b. for 

c. about 

d. with 

Answer- to

Que- Her parents will never give their ...... to so much an unsuitable match. 

a. acquiescence 

b. consent 

c. agreement 

d. willingness 

Answer- consent

Que- He tried to ...... himself against a horde of ruffians. 

a. collect 

b. save 

c. support 

d. defend 

Answer- defend

Que- According to corporate circles data is pushing through the merger to create financially ...... company in the processed foods business, the group's thrust area for the 1990's 

a. acceptable 

b. powerful 

c. leading 

d. straight 

Answer- powerful

Que- Indeed, all over the world, more and more people are ...... coffee. 

a. wanting 

b. drinking 

c. liking 

d. partaking 

Answer- drinking

Que- Like any other country India has its ...... share of superstitions. 

a. proper 

b. abundant 

c. fair 

d. peculiar 

Answer- fair

Que- The new education policy provides a useful ...... for the planners to remove illiteracy. 

a. breakup 

b. breakthrough 

c. breakaway 

d. break-in 

Answer- breakthrough

Que- People who ...... on horses usually lose in the end. 

a. gamble 

b. play 

c. risk 

d. place 

Answer- gamble

Que- About twenty clerks were made ...... when the banks introduced computers. 

a. dispensable 

b. redundant 

c. expandable 

d. obsolete 

Answer- redundant

Que- He became enamored ...... her grace when he first saw her dance. 

a. with 

b. of 

c. by 

d. in 

Answer- of

Que- Rama was so badly injured that he needed ...... care in the hospital. 

a. extensive 

b. little 

c. deep 

d. intensive 

Answer- intensive

Que- You cannot devise a method which ...... all possibility of errors. 

a. excludes 

b. includes 

c. avoids 

d. ignores 

Answer- excludes

Que- Many areas of the city were ...... into darkness for several hours. 

a. spread 

b. plunged 

c. merged 

d. deep 

Answer- plunged

Que- Find the ...... that accompany these cartoons. 

a. topics 

b. titles 

c. captions 

d. headings 

Answer- captions

Que- I don't really know how to ...... the problem. 

a. tackle 

b. cope 

c. draw 

d. erase 

Answer- tackle

Que- The English schemed to continue their rule in India by playing off one community ...... the other. 

a. before 

b. upon 

c. against 

d. with 

Answer- against

Que- The passengers were afraid, but the captain ...... them that there was no danger. 

a. promised 

b. assured 

c. advised 

d. counselled 

Answer- assured

Que- The family gave father a gold watch on the ...... of his fiftieth birthday. 

a. time 

b. event 

c. occasion 

d. celebration 

Answer- occasion

Que- The park ...... as far as the river. 

a. extends 

b. advances 

c. enlarges 

d. emerges 

Answer- extends

Que- Many of the advances of civilisation have been conceived by young people just on the ...... of adulthood 

a. boundary 

b. threshold 

c. peak 

d. horizon 

Answer- threshold

Que- Arti pulled a long ...... when she was told that she could not go to Agra. 

a. mouth 

b. skirt 

c. face 

d. hand 

Answer- face

Que- Brothers must live in harmony. They must never fall ...... 

a. off 

b. out 

c. apart 

d. away 

Answer- out

Que- The car in which the minister was traveling ...... with an accident. 

a. hit 

b. drove 

c. crashed 

d. met 

Answer- met

Que- The non cooperative attitude of the members can only ...... the image of the society. 

a. spoil 

b. improve 

c. degrade 

d. defame 

Answer- spoil

Que- Sonika is quite intelligent but rather ...... 

a. idealistic 

b. generous 

c. lazy 

d. optimistic 

Answer- lazy

Que- In a little-publicised deal, Pepsi, Cola has ...... the entire soft drink market in Afghanistan. 

a. occupied 

b. conquered 

c. swallowed 

d. captured 

Answer- captured

Que- He ...... in wearing the old fashioned coat in spite of his wife's disapproval. 

a. insists 

b. persists 

c. desists 

d. resists 

Answer- persists

Que- She ...... a brief appearance at the end of party. 

a. put on 

b. put in 

c. put across 

d. put up 

Answer- put in

Que- Life is to death as pleasure is to ...... 

a. poverty 

b. suffering 

c. anguish 

d. pain 

Answer- pain

Que- This, partly, explains how the Mehta family has been able to ...... its lavish lifestyle in recent times, despite the fact that all its assets have been ...... 

a. keep, removed 

b. afford, attached 

c. develop, liquidated 

d. keep up, destroyed 

Answer- keep up, destroyed

Que- The machine is difficult to build ...... easy to maintain. 

a. but 

b. and 

c. for 

d. if 

Answer- but

Que- If you work beyond your capacity, you will naturally feel ...... 

a. drowsy 

b. tired 

c. confident 

d. giddy 

Answer- tired

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