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English MCQ

 Que- Forcing someone to make payment for not revealing discreditable secrets is known as ______________? 

a. Blackmail  

b. Despotism  

c. Assassin  

d. Elysium 

Answer- Blackmail

Que- The offence of marrying someone while already married to another person is known as _________? 

a. Bigamy  

b. Coupe  

c. Bigot  

d. Biped 

Answer- Bigamy

Que- A large enclosure for confining birds is known as _________? 

a. Aviary  

b. Columbary  

c. Volary  

d. All of the above 

Answer- Aviary

Que- Items of business to be considered at a meeting is called __________? 

a. Agenda  

b. Bulletin  

c. Elysium  

d. Epicture 

Answer- Agenda

Que- One who criticizes popular beliefs which he/she thinks is a mistake or unwise is? 

a. philistine  

b. iconoclast  

c. imposter  

d. cannibal 

Answer- philistine

Que- Practice of employing spies in war is? 

a. esplande  

b. espadrille  

c. estrangement  

d. espionage 

Answer- espionage

Que- A broad road bordered with trees is? 

a. boudoir  

b. boulevard  

c. avenue  

d. fa├žade 

Answer- boulevard

Que- Detaining and confining someone is? 

a. interruption  

b. interrogation  

c. internment  

d. intermittent 

Answer- internment

Que- One who offers his service without charging for it is? 

a. philanderer  

b. volunteer  

c. mercenary  

d. missionary 

Answer- volunteer

Que- A place where a lot people go on holiday or vacation is? 

a. casino  

b. beach  

c. resort  

d. museum 

Answer- resort

Que- The act of giving up sovereign power is? 

a. relinquish  

b. renounce  

c. abdicate  

d. resign 

Answer- abdicate

Que- Violation of something holy or sacred is? 

a. profanity  

b. sedition  

c. sacrilege  

d. slander 

Answer- sacrilege

Que- Living at the same time is? 

a. concurrent  

b. contemporary  

c. coincident  

d. concomitant 

Answer- contemporary

Que- Branch of medicine dealing with the health and care of old people is? 

a. obstetrics  

b. pediatrics  

c. calisthenics  

d. geriatrics 

Answer- geriatrics

Que- The time when two people have a romantic relationship before they get married is? 

a. snobbery  

b. courtship  

c. estrangement  

d. polyphony 

Answer- courtship

Que- That never fails is? 

a. irrelevant  

b. infallible  

c. indelible  

d. inaudible 

Answer- infallible

Que- That which is out of place is? 

a. anachronistic  

b. obsolete  

c. incongruous  

d. archaic 

Answer- obsolete

Que- An odd, a typical or eccentric trait is? 

a. harangue  

b. hyperbole  

c. idiosyncrasy  

d. elegy 

Answer- idiosyncrasy

Que- A dogmatic person is? 

a. nomadic  

b. elite  

c. zealot  

d. swashbuckler 

Answer- zealot

Que- A cluster of house in village is? 

a. fleet  

b. hamlet  

c. monument  

d. constellation 

Answer- hamlet

Que- A noisy and bombastic speech addressed to a large assembly is? 

a. rhetoric  

b. cacophony  

c. harangue  

d. oration 

Answer- rhetoric

Que- Hard to understand is? 

a. punctilious  

b. obtuse  

c. absurd  

d. abstruse 

Answer- abstruse

Que- The study of ancient writings is? 

a. annals  

b. paleographic  

c. calligraphy  

d. archeology 

Answer- paleographic

Que- One who promotes the idea of absence of government of any kind, when every man should be a law unto himself is? 

a. agnostic  

b. Iconoc  

c. belligerent  

d. anarchist 

Answer- anarchist

Que- Responsible according to law is? 

a. eligible  

b. legitimate  

c. legalised  

d. liable 

Answer- liable

Que- Which is bound to be done is? 

a. soliloquy  

b. indispensable  

c. sinecure  

d. indelible 

Answer- indispensable

Que- Matter written by hand is? 

a. handwritten  

b. manuscript  

c. proof  

d. amnesty 

Answer- manuscript

Que- A statement that can have a double meaning is? 

a. Verbose  

b. Ambivalent  

c. Epigraph  

d. Ambiguous 

Answer- Ambiguous

Que- Money paid to a man for his labour is? 

a. sacrilege  

b. rent  

c. bunting  

d. remuneration 

Answer- remuneration

Que- A person who constantly thinks, he is sick is a? 

a. hypochondriac  

b. misogynist  

c. misanthrope  

d. hyperpitutiary 

Answer- hypochondriac

Que- Anything written in a letter after it is signed is? 

a. corrigendum  

b. Manuscript  

c. postscript  

d. unmanageable 

Answer- postscript

Que- One who has obstinate and narrow religious views is ____________? 

a. fanatic  

b. theologian  

c. bigot  

d. egotist 

Answer- bigot

Que- Specialised in nose disease is? 

a. rhinologist  

b. philologist  

c. endocrinologist  

d. gerontologist 

Answer- rhinologist

Que- Animals who lives in herds are? 

a. sociable  

b. gregarious  

c. carnivorous  

d. social 

Answer- gregarious

Que- An unexpected piece of good fortune is? 

a. windfall  

b. philanthrophy  

c. benevolence  

d. turnstile 

Answer- windfall

Que- An emolument over and above fixed income or salary is? 

a. honorarium  

b. sinecure  

c. prerogative  

d. perquisite 

Answer- perquisite

Que- The doctor known as an eye-specialist is? 

a. orthodontist  

b. orthopedist  

c. ophthalmologist  

d. obstetrician 

Answer- ophthalmologist

Que- The practice of pretending to have feelings that one does not really have is? 

a. treachery  

b. villainy  

c. hypocrisy  

d. inundate 

Answer- hypocrisy

Que- To run away with a lover is? 

a. deceive  

b. cheat  

c. escape  

d. elope 

Answer- elope

Que- A system of government controlled by persons of high intellectual ability is? 

a. oligarchy  

b. democracy  

c. meritocracy  

d. theocracy 

Answer- meritocracy

Que- Young one of horse is? 

a. piglet  

b. lamb  

c. calf  

d. colt 

Answer- colt

Que- One who does not follow the usual rules of social life is called ___________? 

a. egoist  

b. frank  

c. bohemian  

d. reveille 

Answer- bohemian

Que- One who walks on ropes is called ______. 

a. Aviator  

b. Acrobat  

c. Funambulist  

d. Upholsterer 

Answer- Funambulist

Que- A person who wastes his money on luxury is__________? 

a. Luxuriant  

b. Luxurious  

c. Extravagant  

d. Stingy 

Answer- Extravagant

Que- A doctor who treats children is called __________. 

a. Pedophile  

b. Fatalist  

c. Pediatrician  

d. Pedagogue 

Answer- Pediatrician

Que- A person who is unable to pay his debts is called ___________. 

a. Borrower  

b. Insolvent  

c. Lender  

d. Allen 

Answer- Insolvent

Que- Fear of heights is________? 

a. Highphobia  

b. Altophobia  

c. Heliophobia  

d. Acrophobia 

Answer- Acrophobia

Que- An act of speaking one's thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially by a character in a play: 

a. Sinecure  

b. Soliloquy  

c. Pessimist  

d. Philanthropist 

Answer- Soliloquy

Que- One who collects coins as hobby: 

a. Philatelist  

b. Ornithologist  

c. Statistician  

d. Numismatist 

Answer- Numismatist

Que- To examine one's own thoughts and feelings: 

a. Meditation  

b. Retrospection  

c. Reflection  

d. Introspection 

Answer- Introspection

Que- Use of force or threats to get someone to agree to something: 

a. Coercion  

b. Conviction  

c. Confession  

d. Cajolement 

Answer- Coercion

Que- A disease that spreads over a large area: 

a. Academic  

b. Epidemic  

c. Incorrigible  

d. Invincible 

Answer- Epidemic

Que- That which can never be believed: 

a. Irrevocable  

b. Inevitable  

c. Incredible  

d. Irritable 

Answer- Incredible

Que- One who able to use the right and left hands equally well: 

a. Sinister  

b. Ambidextrous  

c. Ambivalent  

d. Amateur 

Answer- Ambidextrous

Que- Government by rich: 

a. Oligarchy  

b. Aristocracy  

c. Pantisocracy  

d. Plutocracy 

Answer- Plutocracy

Que- An independent person or body officially appointed to settle a dispute: 

a. Arbiter  

b. Mediator  

c. Agent provocateur  

d. Arbitrator 

Answer- Arbitrator

Que- One who has good taste for food: 

a. Gourmet  

b. Curator  

c. Parasite  

d. Stoic 

Answer- Gourmet

Que- An unmarried woman, typically an older woman beyond the usual age for marriage: 

a. Spinster  

b. Artist  

c. Bachelor  

d. Misanthrope 

Answer- Spinster

Que- A person who pretends to have more knowledge or skill than he really has: 

a. Crook  

b. Apotheosis  

c. Renegade  

d. Charlatan 

Answer- Charlatan

Que- A pioneer of a reform movement: 

a. Apostle  

b. Apothecary  

c. Apotheosis  

d. Renegade 

Answer- Apostle

Que- Custom of having many wives: 

a. Misogamy  

b. Bigamy  

c. Polygamy  

d. Monogamy 

Answer- Polygamy

Que- International destruction of racial groups: 

a. Matricide  

b. Regicide  

c. Genocide  

d. Homicide 

Answer- Genocide

Que- A remedy for all diseases: 

a. Narcotics  

b. Antiseptic  

c. Panacea  

d. Lyric 

Answer- Panacea

Que- A man who rarely speaks the truth: 

a. Crook  

b. Liar  

c. Scoundrel  

d. Hypocrite 

Answer- Hypocrite

Que- A disease which spreads by contact: 

a. Incurable  

b. Infectious  

c. Contagious  

d. Fatal 

Answer- Contagious

Que- A person who is indifferent to pains and pleasure of life: 

a. Stoic  

b. Sadist  

c. Psychiatrist  

d. Aristocrat 

Answer- Sadist

Que- The murder of Brother: 

a. Homicide  

b. Regicide  

c. Fratricide  

d. Suicide 

Answer- Fratricide

Que- One who cannot easily pleased: 

a. Cosmopolitan  

b. Frightening  

c. Fastidious  

d. Feminist 

Answer- Fastidious

Que- A person who loves everybody: 

a. Cosmopolitan  

b. Fratricide  

c. Altruist  

d. Aristocrat 

Answer- Altruist

Que- One who believes in the power of fate: 

a. Fatalist  

b. Optimist  

c. Pessimist  

d. Parsimonious 

Answer- Fatalist

Que- A sad song: 

a. Ditty  

b. Knell  

c. Dirge  

d. Lay 

Answer- Dirge

Que- Story of old time gods or heroes is: 

a. Lyric  

b. Epic  

c. Legend  

d. Romance 

Answer- Legend

Que- A lady's umbrella is: 

a. Parasol  

b. Granary  

c. Epitaph  

d. Aviary 

Answer- Parasol

Que- Person who does not believe in the existence of God: 

a. Theist  

b. Heretic  

c. Atheist  

d. Fanatic 

Answer- Atheist

Que- Commencement of words with the same letter: 

a. Pun  

b. Alliteration  

c. Transferred epithet  

d. Oxymoron 

Answer- Alliteration

Que- A hater of knowledge and learning: 

a. Bibliophile  

b. Philologist  

c. Misogynist  

d. Misologist 

Answer- Misologist

Que- One who abandons his religious faith: 

a. Apostate  

b. Prostate  

c. Profane  

d. Agnostic 

Answer- Apostate

Que- A person who renounces the world and practices self-discipline in order to attain salvation: 

a. Sceptic  

b. Ascetic  

c. Devotee  

d. Antiquarian 

Answer- Ascetic

Que- One who is honourably discharged from service 

a. Retired 

b. Emeritus 

c. Relieved 

d. Emancipated 

Answer- Emeritus

Que- Present opposing arguments or evidence 

a. Criticise 

b. Rebuff 

c. Reprimand 

d. Rebut 

Answer- Rebut

Que- The policy of extending a country's empire and influence 

a. Communism 

b. Internationalism 

c. Capitalism 

d. Imperialism 

Answer- Imperialism

Que- Of outstanding significance 

a. Monumental 

b. Rational 

c. Ominous 

d. Evident 

Answer- Monumental

Que- Code of diplomatic etiquette and precedence 

a. Statesmanship 

b. Formalism 

c. Hierarchy 

d. Protocol 

Answer- Protocol

Que- A fixed orbit in space in relation to earth 

a. Geological 

b. Geo-synchronous 

c. Geo-centric 

d. Geo-stationary 

Answer- Geo-stationary

Que- That which cannot be believed 

a. Incredible 

b. Incredulous 

c. Implausible 

d. Unreliable 

Answer- Incredible

Que- One who dabbles in fine arts for the love of it and not for monetary gains 

a. Connoisseur 

b. Amateur 

c. Professional 

d. Dilettante 

Answer- Amateur

Que- A school boy who cuts classes frequently is a 

a. Defeatist 

b. Sycophant 

c. Truant 

d. Martinet 

Answer- Truant

Que- Ready to believe 

a. Credulous 

b. Credible 

c. Creditable 

d. Incredible 

Answer- Credulous

Que- Medical study of skin and its diseases 

a. Dermatology 

b. Endocrinology 

c. Gynealogy 

d. Orthopaedics 

Answer- Dermatology

Que- A person who tries to deceive people by claiming to be able to do wonderful things 

a. Trickster 

b. Imposter 

c. Magician 

d. Mountebank 

Answer- Trickster

Que- A dramatic performance 

a. Mask 

b. Mosque 

c. Masque 

d. Mascot 

Answer- Masque

Que- One who does not marry, especially as a religious obligation 

a. Bachelor 

b. Celibate 

c. Vigin 

d. Recluse 

Answer- Celibate

Que- The act of violating the sanctity of the church is 

a. Blashphemy 

b. Heresy 

c. Sacrilege 

d. Desecration 

Answer- Sacrilege

Que- Something that can be heard 

a. Auditory 

b. Audio-visual 

c. Audible 

d. Audition 

Answer- Audible

Que- A name adopted by an author in his writings 

a. Nickname 

b. Pseudonym 

c. Nomenclature 

d. Title 

Answer- Pseudonym

Que- Study of birds 

a. Orology 

b. Optology 

c. Ophthalmology 

d. Ornithology 

Answer- Ornithology

Que- A place that provides refuge 

a. Asylum 

b. Sanatorium 

c. Shelter 

d. Orphanage 

Answer- Asylum

Que- A child born after death of his father 

a. Posthumous 

b. Orphan 

c. Bastard 

d. Progenitor 

Answer- Posthumous

Que- The absence of law and order 

a. Rebellion 

b. Anarchy 

c. Mutiny 

d. Revolt 

Answer- Anarchy

Que- List of the business or subjects to be considered at a meeting 

a. Schedule 

b. Timetable 

c. Agenda 

d. Plan 

Answer- Agenda

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