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English MCQ

 Que- Leave or remove from a place considered dangerous 

a. Evade 

b. Evacuate 

c. Avoid 

d. Exterminate 

Answer- Evacuate

Que- A prima facie case is such 

a. As it seems at first sight 

b. As it is made to seem at first sight 

c. As it turns out to be at the end 

d. As it seems to the court after a number of hearings 

Answer- As it seems at first sight

Que- A person pretending to be somebody he is not 

a. Magician 

b. Rogue 

c. Liar 

d. Imposter 

Answer- Imposter

Que- A person who knows many foreign languages 

a. Linguist 

b. Grammarian 

c. Polyglot 

d. Bilingual 

Answer- Linguist

Que- One who has little faith in human sincerity and goodness 

a. Egoist 

b. Fatalist 

c. Stoic 

d. Cynic 

Answer- Cynic

Que- One who possesses many talents 

a. Versatile 

b. Nubile 

c. Exceptional 

d. Gifted 

Answer- Versatile

Que- Giving undue favours to one's own kith and kin 

a. Nepotism 

b. Favouritism 

c. Wordliness 

d. Corruption 

Answer- Nepotism

Que- Hater of learning and knowledge 

a. Misologist 

b. Bibliophile 

c. Misogynist 

d. Misanthropist 

Answer- Misologist

Que- A person interested in reading books and nothing else 

a. Book-keepr 

b. Scholar 

c. Book-worm 

d. Student 

Answer- Book-worm

Que- A place where monks live as a secluded community 

a. Cathedral 

b. Diocese 

c. Convent 

d. Monastery 

Answer- Monastery

Que- Incapable of being seen through 

a. Ductile 

b. Opaque 

c. Obsolete 

d. Potable 

Answer- Opaque

Que- One who does not care for literature or art 

a. Primitive 

b. Illiterate 

c. Philistine 

d. Barbarian 

Answer- Philistine

Que- A large sleeping-room with many beds 

a. Bedroom 

b. Dormitory 

c. Hostel 

d. Basement 

Answer- Dormitory

Que- To issue a thunderous verbal attack 

a. Languish 

b. Animate 

c. Fulminate 

d. Invigorate 

Answer- Fulminate

Que- That which is perceptible by touch is 

a. Contagious 

b. Contingent 

c. Tenacious 

d. Tangible 

Answer- Tangible

Que- Very pleasing to eat 

a. Appetising 

b. Palatable 

c. Tantalising 

d. Sumptuous 

Answer- Palatable

Que- The part of government which is concerned with making of rules 

a. Court 

b. Tribunal 

c. Bar 

d. Legislature 

Answer- Legislature

Que- One who believes that all things and events in life are predetermined is a 

a. Fatalist 

b. Puritan 

c. Egoist 

d. Tyrant 

Answer- Fatalist

Que- Something that relates to everyone in the world 

a. General 

b. Common 

c. Usual 

d. Universal 

Answer- Universal

Que- To walk with slow or regular Steps is to 

a. Limp 

b. Stride 

c. Pace 

d. Advance 

Answer- Pace

Que- A style full of words 

a. Verbose 

b. Pedantic 

c. Rhetorical 

d. Abundant 

Answer- Verbose

Que- Murder of a brother 

a. Patricide 

b. Regicide 

c. Homicide 

d. Fratricide 

Answer- Fratricide

Que- Having superior or intellectual interests and tastes 

a. Elite 

b. Highbrow 

c. Sophisticated 

d. Fastidious 

Answer- Highbrow

Que- To cause troops, etc. to spread out in readiness for battle 

a. Disperse 

b. Deploy 

c. Collocate 

d. Align 

Answer- Deploy

Que- A voice loud enough to be heard 

a. Audible 

b. Applaudable 

c. Laudable 

d. Oral 

Answer- Audible

Que- A light sailing boat built specially for racing 

a. Canoe 

b. Yacht 

c. Frigate 

d. Dinghy 

Answer- Yacht

Que- One who is in charge of museum 

a. Curator 

b. Supervisor 

c. Caretaker 

d. Warden 

Answer- Curator

Que- A government by the nobles 

a. Aristocracy 

b. Democracy 

c. Autocracy 

d. Bureaucracy 

Answer- Aristocracy

Que- That which cannot be seen 

a. Insensible 

b. Intangible 

c. Invisible 

d. Unseen 

Answer- Invisible

Que- To slap with a flat object 

a. Chop 

b. Hew 

c. Gnaw 

d. Swat 

Answer- Swat

Que- Habitually silent or talking little 

a. Servile 

b. Unequivocal 

c. Taciturn 

d. Synoptic 

Answer- Taciturn

Que- One who cannot be corrected 

a. Incurable 

b. Incorrigible 

c. Hardened 

d. Invulnerable 

Answer- Incorrigible

Que- Be the embodiment or perfect example of 

a. Characterise 

b. Idol 

c. Personify 

d. Signify 

Answer- Personify

Que- A person not sure of the existence of god 

a. Cynic 

b. Agnostic 

c. Atheist 

d. Theist 

Answer- Agnostic

Que- A paper written by hand 

a. Handicraft 

b. Manuscript 

c. Handiwork 

d. Thesis 

Answer- Manuscript

Que- A disease of mind causing an uncontrollable desire to steal 

a. Schizophrenia 

b. Claustrophobia 

c. Kleptomania 

d. Magolomania 

Answer- Kleptomania

Que- One who sacrifices his life for a cause 

a. Patriot 

b. Martyr 

c. Revolutionary 

d. Soldier 

Answer- Martyr

Que- A person who brings goods illegally into the country 

a. Importer 

b. Exporter 

c. Fraud 

d. Smuggler 

Answer- Smuggler

Que- To take secretly in small quantities 

a. Robbery 

b. Pilferage 

c. Theft 

d. Defalcation 

Answer- Pilferage

Que- To accustom oneself to a foreign climate 

a. Adapt 

b. Adopt 

c. Accustom 

d. Acclimatise 

Answer- Acclimatise

Que- One who knows everything 

a. Literate 

b. Scholar 

c. Omnipotent 

d. Omniscient 

Answer- Omniscient

Que- Detailed plan of journey 

a. Travelogue 

b. Travelkit 

c. Schedule 

d. Itinerary 

Answer- Itinerary

Que- Continuing fight between parties, families, clans, etc. 

a. Enmity 

b. Feud 

c. Quarrel 

d. Skirmish 

Answer- Feud

Que- A building for storing threshed grain 

a. Hangar 

b. Dockyard 

c. Store 

d. Granary 

Answer- Granary

Que- Policeman riding on motorcycles as guards to a VIP 

a. Outriders 

b. Servants 

c. Commandos 

d. Attendants 

Answer- Outriders

Que- One who is determined to exact full vengeance for wrongs done to him 

a. Virulent 

b. Vindictive 

c. Usurer 

d. Vindicator 

Answer- Vindictive

Que- Murder of a king 

a. Infanticide 

b. Matricide 

c. Genocide 

d. Regicide 

Answer- Regicide

Que- An expression of mild disapproval 

a. Warning 

b. Denigration 

c. Impertinence 

d. Reproof 

Answer- Reproof

Que- One absorbed in his own thoughts and feelings rather than in things outside 

a. Scholar 

b. Recluse 

c. Introvert 

d. Intellectual 

Answer- Introvert

Que- The raison d'etre of a controversy is 

a. The enthusiasm with which it is kept alive 

b. The fitness with which participants handle it 

c. The reason or justification of its existence 

d. The unending hostility the parties concerned have towards each other 

Answer- The reason or justification of its existence

Que- A place where bees are kept in called 

a. An apiary 

b. A mole 

c. A hive 

d. A sanctury 

Answer- An apiary

Que- A religious discourse 

a. Preach 

b. Stanza 

c. Sanctorum 

d. Sermon 

Answer- Sermon

Que- Parts of a country behind the coast or a river's banks 

a. Isthmus 

b. Archipelago 

c. Hinterland 

d. Swamps 

Answer- Hinterland

Que- Study of the evolution of man as an animal 

a. Archaeology 

b. Anthropology 

c. Chronology 

d. Ethnology 

Answer- Anthropology

Que- A person who speaks many languages 

a. Linguist 

b. Monolingual 

c. Polyglot 

d. Bilingual 

Answer- Polyglot

Que- One who does not believe in existence of god 

a. Egoist 

b. Atheist 

c. Stoic 

d. Naive 

Answer- Atheist

Que- A drawing on transparent paper 

a. Red print 

b. Blue print 

c. Negative 

d. Transparency 

Answer- Transparency

Que- One who is not easily pleased by anything 

a. Maiden 

b. Mediaeval 

c. Precarious 

d. Fastidious 

Answer- Fastidious

Que- A remedy for all diseases 

a. Stoic 

b. Marvel 

c. Panacea 

d. Recompense 

Answer- Panacea

Que- One who is fond of fighting 

a. Bellicose 

b. Aggressive 

c. Belligerent 

d. Militant 

Answer- Bellicose

Que- A small shop that sells fashionable clothes, cosmetics, etc. 

a. Store 

b. Stall 

c. Boutique 

d. Booth 

Answer- Boutique

Que- That which cannot be read 

a. Negligible 

b. Illegible 

c. Ineligible 

d. Incorrigible 

Answer- Illegible

Que- In a state of tension or anxiety or suspense 

a. Off balance 

b. Depressed 

c. Diffused 

d. On tenterhooks 

Answer- On tenterhooks

Que- Words inscribed on tomb 

a. Epitome 

b. Epistle 

c. Epilogue 

d. Epitaph 

Answer- Epitaph

Que- One who eats everything 

a. Omnivorous 

b. Omniscient 

c. Irrestible 

d. Insolvent 

Answer- Omnivorous

Que- Malafide case is one 

a. Which is undertaken in a good faith 

b. Which is undertaken in a bad faith 

c. Which is undertaken after a long delay 

d. Which is not undertaken at all 

Answer- Which is undertaken in a bad faith

Que- The custom or practice of having more than one husband at same time 

a. Polygyny 

b. Polyphony 

c. Polyandry 

d. Polychromy 

Answer- Polyandry

Que- Tending to move away from the centre or axis 

a. Centrifugal 

b. Centripetal 

c. Axiomatic 

d. Awry 

Answer- Centrifugal

Que- Teetotaller means 

a. One who abstains from theft 

b. One who abstains from meat 

c. One who abstains from taking wine 

d. One who abstains from malice 

Answer- One who abstains from taking wine

Que- A person interested in collecting, studying and selling of old things 

a. Antiquarian 

b. Junk-dealer 

c. Crank 

d. Archealogist 

Answer- Antiquarian

Que- The idiomatic phrase "Spick and Span" means? 

a. Wisdome and foresight  

b. Watch the weather  

c. spotlessly clean  

d. Deceive somebody 

Answer- spotlessly clean

Que- What do you mean by Novel ___________ ? 

a. Short prose  

b. A long fictional prose with many characters   

c. A short narrative prose  

d. A literary work on the stage 

Answer- A long fictional prose with many characters 

Que- What the term Short Story stands for: 

a. A long prose fiction  

b. A story of figurative language  

c. A story of many characters  

d. A short prose fiction 

Answer- A short prose fiction

Que- To"Jazz Up" means to___________? 

a. Go faster  

b. Make something more exciting  

c. Make a lot of noise  

d. Be Strong 

Answer- Make something more exciting

Que- There were no opposition to the new policy by the ‘rank and file' of the Government. 

a. The ordinary members   

b. The official machinery  

c. The majority  

d. The cabinet ministers 

Answer- The ordinary members 

Que- Meaning of the idiom ‘Swan song"? 

a. Last work   

b. First work  

c. Middle work  

d. Early work 

Answer- Last work 

Que- Clique means____________? 

a. A group of animals  

b. A group of birds  

c. A group of people  

d. None of above 

Answer- A group of people

Que- Prosaic means__________? 

a. Good  

b. Dull  

c. Beautiful  

d. None 

Answer- Dull

Que- What is the meaning of Banton? 

a. Afresh  

b. Good manners  

c. Farewell  

d. Authority 

Answer- Good manners

Que- He is busy with his work ______________? 

a. inns and out  

b. up to neck  

c. up to the hilt  

d. kith and kin 

Answer- up to the hilt

Que- All Hours means___________? 

a. At Regular Times  

b. At Irregular Times  

c. Every Hour  

d. None of these 

Answer- At Irregular Times

Que- Idiom "A slap on the wrist" means? 

a. Hard Punishment  

b. Beating Someone  

c. Warning or Small Punishment  

d. Make someone sad 

Answer- Warning or Small Punishment

Que- Idiom "To cut long story short" means? 

a. Tell the story briefly  

b. Come to the point  

c. Miss the main points  

d. None of above 

Answer- Come to the point

Que- De novo means___________? 

a. Calm in arm  

b. New  

c. Prominent  

d. To any extent 

Answer- New

Que- Inter alia means___________? 

a. In between  

b. By the fact  

c. Under concentration  

d. At the end 

Answer- In between

Que- En-route means_________? 

a. oneway direction  

b. On the way  

c. Long distance  

d. None of these 

Answer- On the way

Que- Idiom " To make amend for" means___________? 

a. Make possible effort  

b. To compensate for damage  

c. To bring chance in something  

d. None of these 

Answer- To compensate for damage

Que- Brain Drain means__________? 

a. Mad Person  

b. Migration Of Skilled Person To Other Country  

c. Emigration Of Intellectuals  

d. None 

Answer- Migration Of Skilled Person To Other Country

Que- The idiom "To burry the hatchet" mean? 

a. To make peace  

b. To make a foolish choice  

c. To make a wrong decision  

d. To lose something 

Answer- To make peace

Que- Complete the idiom "Hell hath no fury like a___________? 

a. A women scorned  

b. A burnned women  

c. A women forgotten  

d. A devil's advocate 

Answer- A women scorned

Que- Foreign phrase " De Jure" means? 

a. By law  

b. Successful  

c. Illegal  

d. Compromising 

Answer- By law

Que- Idiom "Tie the knot" means? 

a. Friendship  

b. Getting married  

c. Enmity  

d. Criticism 

Answer- Getting married

Que- The Government ruled by Women is called? 

a. Petticoat government  

b. Corporatocracy  

c. Patriarchy  

d. None of these 

Answer- Petticoat government

Que- One-Trick Pony means: 

a. A person having one special feature, talent, or area of experti  

b. Doing work dishonesty  

c. Unlawful paropaganda  

d. Clever planning for enemy 

Answer- A person having one special feature, talent, or area of experti

Que- His office is always in apple-pie order. What does the idiom/phrase "apple-pie order" means? 

a. Neat & tidy  

b. Disordered  

c. Mismanaged  

d. Ornamental 

Answer- Neat & tidy

Que- Hold one's horse means__________? 

a. Keep one's expectations  

b. Keep one's gift  

c. Have patience  

d. High on energy 

Answer- Have patience

Que- Give cold shoulder means__________? 

a. To support  

b. Cold meat  

c. To ignore  

d. Shiver 

Answer- To ignore

Que- To catch a tartar means: 

a. To meet with disaster  

b. To catch a dangerous person  

c. To deal with a person who is more than one's match  

d. None of above 

Answer- To catch a dangerous person

Que- To make clean breast of means 

a. To gain prominence  

b. To praise oneself  

c. To destroy before it blooms  

d. To confess without of reserves 

Answer- To confess without of reserves

Que- She turned heads wherever she went. What does the idiom/phrase "turn heads" mean? 

a. too pleased  

b. get angry  

c. attract a lot of attention  

d. not knowing what to say  

Answer- attract a lot of attention

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