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English MCQ

Que- The girl ran ___________the field when she saw her father after long time. 
a. in  
b. across  
c. on  
d. along 

Answer- across

Que- She made her stepson her _______to her large fortune. 
a. hare  
b. heir  
c. hair  
d. here 

Answer- heir

Que- I ____________a single word he says 
a. not believe  
b. don't believe  
c. am not believing  
d. will not believe 

Answer- don't believe

Que- The flight stewardess the passenger _____________. 
a. when to start travelling  
b. where to land the plane  
c. how to fasten the seat belt  
d. how to judge the altitude of the plane 

Answer- how to fasten the seat belt

Que- The colour of the walls in my room has faded _______. 
a. in  
b. with  
c. away  
d. on 

Answer- away

Que- Many people reported ___________a noise in the night. 
a. to hear  
b. having heard  
c. to have heard  
d. been hearing 

Answer- to have heard

Que- It's difficult __________reconcile such different points of view. 
a. with  
b. to  
c. in  
d. on 

Answer- to

Que- I am exhausted, let's _________a day. 
a. call it  
b. call at  
c. call off  
d. call in 

Answer- call it

Que- The agenda for the meeting is __________ the notice 
a. forwarded in  
b. subscribed to  
c. enclosed with  
d. delivered as 

Answer- enclosed with

Que- The worker used __________ to patch up the hole in the wall. 
a. sand  
b. cement  
c. soil  
d. grass 

Answer- cement

Que- Macbeth's desire _________ power brought about his downfall 
a. in  
b. for  
c. with  
d. as 

Answer- for

Que- How did these things come __________? 
a. about  
b. into  
c. at  
d. down 

Answer- about

Que- The speaker did not properly space out his speech, but went on ___________one point only. 
a. stressing  
b. avoiding  
c. devoting  
d. decrying 

Answer- stressing

Que- The news was__________good to be true. 
a. very  
b. too  
c. so  
d. as 

Answer- too

Que- He decided to __________his degree examination in order to get a higher score. 
a. redo  
b. reappear  
c. rewrite  
d. remake 

Answer- rewrite

Que- How much longer__________this book? 
a. you are needing  
b. will you be needing  
c. will you have needing  
d. have you needing 

Answer- will you be needing

Que- ____________you hear the President's speech? 
a. Have  
b. Has  
c. Had  
d. Did 

Answer- Did

Que- Army ___________troubled places as curfew remained in force. 
a. moving  
b. walking  
c. patrolling  
d. running 

Answer- patrolling

Que- I _________ to Islamabad with some friends last night. 
a. have gone  
b. went  
c. am gone  
d. am going 

Answer- went

Que- He wore multiple bracelets on __________hand. 
a. every  
b. each  
c. either  
d. neither 

Answer- each

Que- She has only ________friends. 
a. fewer  
b. less  
c. more  
d. a few 

Answer- a few

Que- The smoke went ________ the chimney. 
a. by  
b. in  
c. up  
d. on 

Answer- up

Que- In the test, we will ____________your work and then give you detailed feedback. 
a. assess  
b. judge  
c. measure  
d. check 

Answer- assess

Que- We shall go for a picnic if the weather ____________good. 
a. is  
b. was  
c. has been  
d. had been 

Answer- is

Que- A Computer is hard to repair as there may be hundreds of different ____________? 
a. parts  
b. objects  
c. components  
d. materials 

Answer- components

Que- Mr. and Mrs. Khan go for a ________ walk just before dinner. 
a. vibrant  
b. brisk  
c. vivacious  
d. slow 

Answer- brisk

Que- Water is made up of two __________ , namely oxygen and hydrogen. 
a. section  
b. aspects  
c. solutions  
d. elements 

Answer- elements

Que- ________weight gain or weight loss is not good for your body. 
a. Explosive  
b. Excessive  
c. Expressive  
d. Extensive 

Answer- Excessive

Que- Although he had no ____________injuries, doctors found that he was suffering from internal bleeding. 
a. outside  
b. external  
c. outlying  
d. exterior 

Answer- external

Que- Ali must have the________to stick to his diet, if he wants to lose weight. 
a. obstinacy  
b. determination  
c. decision  
d. obligation 

Answer- determination

Que- A speed limit is the___________legal speed that you can travel on the road. 
a. highest  
b. biggest  
c. maximum  
d. longest 

Answer- maximum

Que- I would really ____________if you could help me out. 
a. respect  
b. value  
c. appreciate  
d. regard 

Answer- appreciate

Que- There was an_________response for the marathon. 
a. overwhelming  
b. overriding  
c. excessive  
d. extreme 

Answer- overwhelming

Que- What was the main__________behind london bombings. 
a. aim  
b. motive  
c. objective  
d. purpose 

Answer- motive

Que- Some animals have unique___________that allow them to survive in extreme weather conditions. 
a. characteristics  
b. problems  
c. feelings  
d. conditions 

Answer- characteristics

Que- Health__________labels have adorned cigarette packages since 1966 in USA. 
a. information  
b. note  
c. message  
d. warning 

Answer- warning

Que- Did the boys turn _________for football practice? 
a. up  
b. on  
c. back  
d. in 

Answer- up

Que- A system is __________if it is easy for citizens to access and understand. 
a. transparent  
b. lucid  
c. clear  
d. translucent 

Answer- transparent

Que- The fireman managed to put ____________the fire. 
a. away  
b. down  
c. out  
d. off 

Answer- out

Que- The teacher found many mistakes in my composition, when she went__________it. 
a. into  
b. about  
c. for  
d. through 

Answer- through

Que- The powers of the party are_____________in several places in the Constitution. 
a. numbered  
b. named  
c. enumerated  
d. counted 

Answer- enumerated

Que- The sparrows took no _________the bread. 
a. notice of  
b. notice about  
c. notice from  
d. notice to 

Answer- notice of

Que- He shows great ability ________Mathematics. 
a. at  
b. for  
c. about  
d. in 

Answer- in

Que- Please ___________two colour passport photographs to the application form. 
a. fix  
b. link  
c. hook up  
d. attach 

Answer- attach

Que- If everything goes according to __________, work will be complete in December. 
a. timing  
b. time  
c. schedule  
d. lineup 

Answer- schedule

Que- There ___________any message from my teacher since she moved to London. 
a. isn't  
b. wasn't  
c. hasn't been  
d. hadn't been 

Answer- hasn't been

Que- May I give you_________advice? 
a. an  
b. some  
c. little  
d. one 

Answer- some

Que- Four independent__________testified to seeing him at the scene of the crime. 
a. person  
b. witnesses  
c. spectator  
d. attestant 

Answer- witnesses

Que- Could I have a ______-of chocolate? 
a. block  
b. bar  
c. slice  
d. piece 

Answer- bar

Que- There is something wonderful ___________him. 
a. of  
b. about  
c. for  
d. inside 

Answer- about

Que- She has been supporting her family ________her husband's death. 
a. on  
b. at  
c. from  
d. since 

Answer- since

Que- The department head insisted that he _________absolute authority to regulate office work. 
a. gives  
b. is given  
c. would give  
d. would be given 

Answer- would be given

Que- My husband asked him if he'd ever been convicted ___________a crime. 
a. with  
b. of  
c. by  
d. on 

Answer- of

Que- She lived ___________juice for ten days to slim down for the fashion show. 
a. with  
b. by  
c. in  
d. off 

Answer- off

Que- Javed, two of___________brothers attend primary school, wishes to be a school teacher after his graduation from the University. 
a. whom  
b. them  
c. whose  
d. which 

Answer- whose

Que- The deadline was nearby, so Mrs. Jamal had her students'________their essays. 
a. complete  
b. to complete  
c. completing  
d. completed 

Answer- completed

Que- Can you help ________up the mess? 
a. clear  
b. with clear  
c. to clearing  
d. me clearing 

Answer- me clearing

Que- It's about time you ___________exercising regularly. 
a. start  
b. started  
c. should start  
d. will start 

Answer- started

Que- Make only a few rules for students that emphasize ____________behaviour. 
a. correct  
b. fitting  
c. appropriate  
d. useful 

Answer- appropriate

Que- I usually have bread and butter for breakfast, but yesterday I _________ pasta. 
a. have been  
b. had been  
c. have  
d. had 

Answer- had

Que- The situation in the factory _________)no signs of improvement, as the ongoing strike entered second day. 
a. displayed  
b. exposed  
c. showed  
d. view 

Answer- showed

Que- He give a lecture in which he pointed ________ an error in the book. 
a. by  
b. with  
c. out  
d. in 

Answer- out

Que- Have you met Fatima? She is a friend of ____________. 
a. my  
b. my mother  
c. my mother's  
d. me 

Answer- my mother

Que- The confusion __________ the discovery of the body made everybody lose track of time. 
a. had caused  
b. was caused by  
c. had been caused by  
d. caused by 

Answer- caused by

Que- The boy I was about to meet _________ play a very important role in my life. 
a. is going to  
b. might have  
c. would get to  
d. has had to 

Answer- would get to

Que- When I asked him ______ the keys , Bilal said he had no idea where they were. 
a. if did he see  
b. if he had seen  
c. could he see  
d. that he had seen 

Answer- if he had seen

Que- __________ me to your mother when you are in London. 
a. Tell  
b. Remind  
c. Remember  
d. Greet 

Answer- Remember

Que- Our new digital photo-print machine, the manual ________is lost awaits to be set up properly. 
a. of what  
b. where  
c. by whom  
d. of which 

Answer- of which

Que- He ___________ as a teacher before he became a lecturer 
a. have worked  
b. had worked  
c. was worked  
d. have been worked 

Answer- had worked

Que- When the doorbell rang, I was __________ my bath. 
a. in  
b. have  
c. having  
d. with 

Answer- having

Que- I never miss a football match.I __________ fond of it since my childhood. 
a. Am  
b. Have been  
c. Has been  
d. Will be 

Answer- Have been

Que- Although he was a hardened criminal, his one__________feature was his love of children 
a. Saving  
b. Recovering  
c. Redeeming  
d. Acquiring 

Answer- Redeeming

Que- The Master was annoyed_________the servant. 
a. To  
b. With  
c. On  
d. Upon 

Answer- With

Que- She deprived her husband__________all he had. 
a. With  
b. To  
c. Of  
d. from 

Answer- Of

Que- I am not concerned________his affairs. 
a. To  
b. With  
c. At  
d. on 

Answer- With

Que- i think we are agreed on the main points. Does anyone want to bring ________ anything further. 
a. Around  
b. Down  
c. About  
d. Up 

Answer- Up

Que- South Africa brushed ___________ the threat of tougher economic sanctions. 
a. of  
b. off  
c. down  
d. about 

Answer- off

Que- Jameel, who has been nervous and jumpy lately, suddenly burst ________ tears. 
a. into  
b. in  
c. on  
d. with 

Answer- into

Que- My Uncle has ______to spain and returned back. 
a. gone  
b. went  
c. been   
d. being 

Answer- been 

Que- Drugs addicts in Pakistan are_________ in special centers set up by the Government. 
a. Consolidated  
b. Consulted   
c. Inhabited  
d. Indoctrinated 

Answer- Consulted 

Que- I am just____________out my new mobile. 
a. Trying  
b. Probing  
c. Testing  
d. Finding 

Answer- Trying

Que- Oh yes. Are you_________Away? 
a. Distant  
b. Long  
c. Far  
d. Quite 

Answer- Far

Que- Not really. I'm quite____________? 
a. Nearer  
b. Near  
c. Next  
d. Nearly 

Answer- Near

Que- You_________very clear. 
a. Sound  
b. Ring  
c. Hear  
d. Noise 

Answer- Sound

Que- Well, I did__________a lot of money on it. 
a. Dispense  
b. Pass  
c. Spend  
d. Dispose 

Answer- Spend

Que- Tell me, where are you at the____________? 
a. Time  
b. Second  
c. Hour  
d. Moment 

Answer- Moment

Que- I've already told you I'm in the____________? 
a. Place  
b. Area  
c. Spot  
d. Location 

Answer- Area

Que- Well, this is very interesting but I am very___________. 
a. Busy  
b. Occupied  
c. Hurried  
d. Active 

Answer- Busy

Que- Don't__________ – I'll see you very soon. 
a. Concern  
b. Care  
c. Worry  
d. Mind 

Answer- Worry

Que- Oh there goes the front door bell – oh it's you! I might have___________. 
a. Thought  
b. Believed  
c. Considered  
d. Guessed 

Answer- Guessed

Que- He was abstained _______ salted food by the doctor. 
a. From  
b. For  
c. In  
d. To 

Answer- From

Que- The players agreed to abide _____ the referee's decision. 
a. With  
b. By  
c. In  
d. Into 

Answer- By

Que- Modern industry abounds _____ opportunities for young people with good scientific qualifications. 
a. In  
b. For  
c. Into  
d. With 

Answer- With

Que- The boxing match proved to be a "big draw". 
a. a keen contest  
b. a huge attraction  
c. a lovely spectacle  
d. a game without any result 

Answer- a huge attraction

Que- This matter has been "hanging fire" for the last many days. It should be sorted out. 
a. going on slowly  
b. hotly debated  
c. stuck up  
d. ignored 

Answer- going on slowly

Que- He was undecided. He "let the grass grow under his feet". 
a. loitered around  
b. stayed out  
c. sat unmoving  
d. moved away 

Answer- loitered around

Que- He is using "backstairs influence" to sort out his matter. 
a. Political influence  
b. Backing influence  
c. Deserving and proper influence  
d. Secret and unfair influence 

Answer- Secret and unfair influence

Que- Play to the gallery means___________? 
a. advertise  
b. cater to the public taste  
c. attempt to appeal to popular taste  
d. depend upon the public for approval 

Answer- attempt to appeal to popular taste

Que- Stew in ones own juice means_________________? 
a. To fight with his mind  
b. To destroy his memory  
c. Suffer in his own juice  
d. Suffer for his own act 

Answer- Suffer for his own act

Que- The decision did not appear to "hold out" bright prospects. 
a. highlight  
b. show  
c. offer  
d. promise 

Answer- offer

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