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General Intelligence and Reasoning

 Que- Banana is related to Fruit in same way as Chrysanthemum is related to : 

a. Fruit 

b. Stem 

c. Flower 

d. Root 

Answer- Flower 

Explanation- Banana is Fruit in same way, Chrysanthemum is Flower. 

Que- HOSPITAL is related to TREATMENT in the same way SCHOOL is related to : 

a. Education 

b. Student 

c. Teacher 

d. Books 

Answer- Education 

Explanation- HOSPITAL is related to TREATMENT in the same way SCHOOL is related to EDUCATION. Hospitals provides treatment to Patient in same way Schools give education to Students.                  

Que- Each of the following five are alike in certain way so form a group. Which of the following does not belong to that group? 

a. Cloth 

b. Trouser 

c. Jacket 

d. Shirt 

Answer- Cloth 

Explanation- Trouser, Jacket, shirt and T-shirt are the individual cloth but Cloth is collection of these all.                  

Que- Gravity is related to pull in the same way as Magnetism is related to : 

a. Repulsion 

b. Separation 

c. Attraction 

d. Push 

Answer- Attraction 

Explanation- Gravity is related to pull in same way Magnetism is related to Attraction. 

Que- Plant : Tree :: House : ? 

a. Skyscraper 

b. Building 

c. Home 

d. Residence 

Answer- Building 

Explanation- Tree is a bigger form of Plant in same way Building is a bigger form of House. 

Que- Tall : Short :: Treachery : ? 

a. Respect 

b. Honour 

c. Disgrace 

d. Loyalty 

Answer- Loyalty 

Explanation- Short is opposite of Tall similarly Loyalty is opposite of Treachery. 

Que- Stone : Hard :: Feather : ? 

a. Soft 

b. White 

c. Bird 

d. Fly 

Answer- Soft 

Explanation- Stone is Hard similarly Feather is Soft. 

Que- Home : Shelter :: School : ? 

a. Principal 

b. Student 

c. Class 

d. Education 

Answer- Education 

Explanation- Home provides Shelter and School provides Education. 

Que- ABC : ZYX :: CBA : ? 

a. XYZ 

b. BCA 

c. YZX 

d. ZXY 

Answer- XYZ 

Explanation- CBA is reverse of ABC and XYZ is reverse of ZYX. 

Que- Light : Sun :: Heat : ? 

a. Electricity 

b. Moon 

c. Fire 

d. Stars 

Answer- Fire 

Explanation- Sun  gives us Light in same way Fire gives us Heat. 

Que- Oil : Lamp :: Wax : ? 

a. Bulb 

b. Candle 

c. Light 

d. Dark 

Answer- Candle 

Explanation- Lamp contains Oil in same way Candle contains Wax.                  

Que- Parrot : Cage :: Man : ? 

a. Home 

b. Life 

c. House 

d. Prison 

Answer- Prison 

Explanation- Parrot is captured in Cage in same way Man is captured in Prison. 

Que- Mango : Fruit :: Potato : ? 

a. Root 

b. Stem 

c. Flower 

d. Fruit 

Answer- Stem 

Explanation- Mango is Fruit in same way Potato is modified Stem. 

Que- Dog : Bark :: Goat : ? 

a. Grunt 

b. Bray 

c. Howl 

d. Bleat 

Answer- Bleat 

Explanation- Dog makes noise known as Bark and Goat makes noise known as Bleat. 

Que- Moon : Satellite :: Earth : ? 

a. Sun 

b. Solar System 

c. Planet 

d. Asteroid 

Answer- Planet 

Explanation- Moon is Satellite and Earth is Planet. 

Que- Laugh : Joy :: Weep : ? 

a. Grief 

b. Remorse 

c. Baby 

d. Punishment 

Answer- Grief 

Explanation- Laugh is symbol of Joy and Weep is the symbol of Grief. 

Que- Typist : Typewriter :: Writer : ? 

a. Book 

b. Paper 

c. Script 

d. Pen 

Answer- Pen 

Explanation- Typewriter is the device used by the Typist and Pen is the device used by the Writer. 

Que- Rupee : India :: Yen : ? 

a. Turkey 

b. Bangladesh 

c. Japan 

d. Pakistan 

Answer- Japan 

Explanation- Rupee is currency of India and Yen is the currency of Japan. 

Que- Dog : Rabies :: Mosquito : ? 

a. Malaria 

b. Sting 

c. Death 

d. Plague 

Answer- Malaria 

Explanation- Rabies is caused by Dog Malaria is caused by Mosquito. 

Que- Each of the following five are alike in certain way so form a group. Which of the following does not belong to that group? 

a. Mustard 

b. Ginger 

c. Rapeseed 

d. Sesame 

Answer- Ginger 

Explanation- Except Ginger, all other are oil seeds. 

Que- MONSOON is related to SEASON in the same way APRIL is related to : 

a. Spring 

b. Autumn 

c. Winter 

d. Month 

Answer- Month 

Explanation- Monsoon is one of the Seasons as April is one of the Months. 

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