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HTML MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- Which type attribute of input element sets the element’s value to a string representing a number? 

a. range 

b. email 

c. file 

d. date 

Answer- range

Que- Which of the following type attributes of input element defines control for entering a telephone number? 

a. mob 

b. tel 

c. mobile 

d. telephone 

Answer- tel

Que- Which element represents a control for generating a public-private key pair? 

a. ins 

b. keygen 

c. key 

d. command 

Answer- keygen

Que- The World Wide Web’s markup language has always been HTML. 

a. TRUE 


c. Nothing Can be Said 

d. None of the mentioned 

Answer- TRUE

Que- Which element represents marked or highlighted text for reference purposes? 

a. highlight 

b. mark 

c. strong 

d. blink 

Answer- mark

Que- Which element(s) represents a section of a document that links to other documents? 

a. navigation 

b. anchor tag 

c. nav 

d. option 

Answer- nav

Que- Which of the following element marks the ruby text component of a ruby annotation? 

a. r 

b. rt 

c. ruby 

d. rubytxt 

Answer- rt

Que- Subtitle tracks and caption tracks to be specified for audio and video elements can be added using which of the following element? 

a. sink 

b. track 

c. stable 

d. caption 

Answer- track

Que- Which of the following is not the property of SVG images? 

a. SVG images are scalable 

b. SVG images are zoomable 

c. SVG is an open standard 

d. SVG images are resolution dependent 

Answer- SVG images are resolution dependent

Que- _______ drawings can be dynamic and interactive. 

a. Canvas based 

b. SVG 

c. CSS3 

d. JavaScript 

Answer- SVG

Que- Which of the following is the predefined shape elements that can be used by developers? 

a. Path <path> 

b. Rectangle <rect> 

c. Circle <circle> 

d. Line <lin> 

Answer- Line <lin>

Que- Which element must reference a resource that can provide an image for the cursor graphic? 

a. hover 

b. i 

c. cursor 

d. fill 

Answer- cursor

Que- Which element serves as a container for atomic filter operations? 

a. filter 

b. feimage 

c. feblend 

d. tref 

Answer- filter

Que- The __________ element must reference either an ‘altGlyphDef’ element or a ‘glyph’ element. 

a. href 

b. src 

c. animate 

d. altGlyph 

Answer- altGlyph

Que- The ___________ element must reference a ‘linearGradient’ or ‘radialGradient’ element. 

a. script 

b. radialGradient 

c. animateTransform 

d. clip-Path 

Answer- radialGradient

Que- SVG also stands for Scalar Vector Graphics. 

a. TRUE 


c. Nothing Can be Said 

d. None of the mentioned 

Answer- FALSE

Que- Which property of SVG restricts the region to which paint can be applied? 

a. animateTransform 

b. clip-Path 

c. linearGradient 

d. radialGradient 

Answer- clip-Path

Que- Which SVG element produces the same effect as if the nodes were deeply cloned into a non-exposed DOM? 

a. tref 

b. use 

c. stroke 

d. bin 

Answer- use

Que- Which of the following MP3 player has not been written in Flash? 






Que- Which of the following is not the attribute for <audio> element? 

a. controls 

b. src 

c. preload 

d. width 

Answer- width

Que- What is the work of controls? 

a. specify the path to an audio file 

b. indicates if the player displaying controls 

c. audio starts playing automatically 

d. play again after finishing the audio 

Answer- indicates if the player displaying controls

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