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HTML MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- Which symbol is used when HTTP request does not apply to the particular source? 

a. ‘&’ 

b. ‘*’ 

c. ‘#’ 

d. ‘@’ 

Answer- ‘*’

Que- Which of the following is not a request-header field? 

a. Expect 

b. Host 

c. Delete 

d. If-None-Match 

Answer- Delete

Que- What does ‘3xx’ code denote? 

a. Redirection 

b. Server Error 

c. Success 

d. Informational 

Answer- Redirection

Que- Which of the following is not a response-header field? 

a. Location 

b. Server 

c. ETag 

d. Referer 

Answer- Referer

Que- Which of the following element represents a thematic break rather than a horizontal rule, though that is the likely representation? 

a. <dd> 

b. <dt> 

c. <hr> 

d. <menu> 

Answer- <hr>

Que- Which of the following element was redefined to represent user interface menus, including context menus? 

a. <ul> 

b. <dt> 

c. <hr> 

d. <menu> 

Answer- <menu>

Que- Which of the following HTML 4 attributes is not removed in HTML5? 

a. text 

b. rules 

c. link 

d. mark 

Answer- mark

Que- Which of the following element is not removed by HTML5? 

a. vlink 

b. span 

c. marginwidth 

d. compact 

Answer- span

Que- Which of the following is not a newly added element in HTML5? 

a. article 

b. audio 

c. nav 

d. frameset 

Answer- frameset

Que- ____________ defines the accelerator key to be used for keyboard access to an element. 

a. data-X 

b. accesskey 

c. rp 

d. command 

Answer- accesskey

Que- Which of the following element represents the header of a section or the document and contains a label or other heading information for the related content? 

a. data-X 

b. header 

c. mark 

d. meter 

Answer- header

Que- Which of the following element sets is an item of metadata? 

a. itemscope 

b. itemref 

c. itemtype 

d. none of the mentioned 

Answer- itemscope

Que- _____________ defines a group of content that should be used as a figure and may be labeled by a legend element. 

a. figure 

b. details 

c. output 

d. aside 

Answer- figure

Que- Which element is used to define a discrete unit of content such as a blogpost, comment, and so on? 

a. section 

b. class 

c. article 

d. media 

Answer- article

Que- HTML5 documents may contains a ___________ element, which is used to set the header section of a document. 

a. header 

b. footer 

c. section 

d. drive 

Answer- header

Que- Which element may be used within content to represent material that is tangential? 

a. aside 

b. cite 

c. article 

d. class 

Answer- aside

Que- ____________ contains the navigation menu, or other navigation functionality for the page. 

a. section 

b. header 

c. nav 

d. aside 

Answer- nav

Que- Which of the following attribute is used to display date/time content? 

a. time 

b. datetime 

c. date 

d. year 

Answer- datetime

Que- The element ___________ simply groups items within an enclosed dd tag, though it may associate them with a caption defined by a dt tag. 

a. object 

b. figure 

c. embed 

d. collect 

Answer- object

Que- Which of the following element is used for highlighting content similarly to how a highlighter pen might be used on important text in a book? 

a. em 

b. strong 

c. mark 

d. bold 

Answer- mark

Que- To insert a video, we use a video tag and set its src attribute to a local or remote URL containing a playable movie. 

a. TRUE 


c. Nothing Can be Said 

d. None of the mentioned 

Answer- TRUE

Que- Which tag is used to encapsulate navigation and then style the elements appropriately as menu items? 

a. ul 

b. li 

c. nav 

d. both ul and li 

Answer- both ul and li

Que- __________ can be used to advise the browser to download media content in the background to improve playback. 

a. poster 

b. autobuffer 

c. buffer 

d. data-X 

Answer- autobuffer

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