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HTML MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Que- _____________ in textboxes and selections on web pages is done automatically, so you do not need to handle dragging yourself. 

a. Dragging HTML and XML 

b. Dragging Text 

c. Dragging Files 

d. Dragging Links 

Answer- Dragging Text

Que- Calling the ______________ method during both a dragenter and dragover event will indicate that a drop is allowed at that location. 

a. drop 

b. drag 

c. preventDefault 

d. dataTransfer 

Answer- preventDefault

Que- Which of the following property is used to determine which drag operation was desired? 

a. dragend 

b. getData 

c. dropEffect 

d. captureData 

Answer- dropEffect

Que- ______________ should include data of two types; the first should be the URL using the type text/uri-list, and the second is the URL using the text/plain type. 

a. Dragging HTML and XML 

b. Dragging Text 

c. Dragging Files 

d. Dragging Links 

Answer- Dragging Links

Que- A listener for the dragenter and dragover events are used to indicate valid drop targets, that is, places where dragged items may be dropped. 

a. TRUE 


c. Nothing Can be Said 

d. None of the mentioned 

Answer- TRUE

Que- _____________ and elements in a document may be dragged using the application/x-moz-node type. 

a. Dragging HTML and XML 

b. Dragging Text 

c. Dragging Nodes 

d. Dragging Links 

Answer- Dragging Nodes

Que- Which method is used to get user’s position? 

a. getCurrentPosition() 

b. getDirectPosition() 

c. post() 

d. getDirection 

Answer- getCurrentPosition()

Que- What does showPosition() returns? 

a. only latitude 

b. only longitude 

c. both latitude and longitude 

d. direction 

Answer- both latitude and longitude

Que- What does getCurrentPosition() returns? 

a. latitude 

b. longitude 

c. direction 

d. coordinates 

Answer- coordinates

Que- Which of the following technique is not for the mobile browser to identify the location of a user? 

a. GPS 

b. IP based position 

c. WIFI based position 

d. A-GPS 

Answer- IP based position

Que- Success callback function evoke only when ___________ 

a. user accepts to share location information 

b. always evoke 

c. gps is accessible 

d. only by mobile browser 

Answer- user accepts to share location information

Que- What timestamp property denotes? 

a. time at which WIFI is used 

b. the time at which data of the location is retrieved 

c. the time at which callback function is evoked 

d. current time 

Answer- the time at which data of the location is retrieved

Que- Which of the following is not the property of the ‘cords’ object? 

a. Accuracy 

b. Altitude 

c. AltitudeAccuracy 

d. enableHighAccuracy 

Answer- enableHighAccuracy

Que- Which parameter gives an accuracy of longitude and latitude? 

a. Accuracy 

b. AltitudeAccuracy 

c. enableHighAccuracy 

d. Extra accuracy 

Answer- Accuracy

Que- Which of the following property does not has always a return? 

a. coords.longitude 

b. coords.latitude 

c. coords.accuracy 

d. coords.altitude 

Answer- coords.altitude

Que- Which property is like the GPS in car? 

a. watchPosition() 

b. clearWatch() 

c. getCurrentPosition() 

d. showPosition() 

Answer- watchPosition()

Que- Which is not the case of invoking for error callback function? 

a. user denies to share the information of a location 

b. location information is unavailable 

c. request timed out 

d. when we are using WIFI 

Answer- when we are using WIFI

Que- What is the default value of timeout? 

a. infinity 

b. 100 

c. 0 

d. 1000000 

Answer- infinity

Que- maximumAge returns time in _____________ 

a. nano-seconds 

b. milliseconds 

c. hour 

d. seconds 

Answer- milliseconds

Que- Which of the following is not the benefit of cache application? 

a. browsing offline 

b. reduction of server load 

c. speed 

d. asynchronous 

Answer- asynchronous

Que- Which line is mandatory in cache manifest file? 


b. CSS stylesheet 

c. index.html 

d. image address 


Que- Which is not the section of manifest? 

a. network 

b. cache 

c. fallback 

d. cache status 

Answer- cache status

Que- Resources do not fit into _______ 

a. explicit entries 

b. master entries 

c. fallback entries 

d. idle entries 

Answer- idle entries

Que- Which entry executes and load scripts from the server? 

a. Explicit entry 

b. Network entry 

c. Fallback entry 

d. Master entry 

Answer- Network entry

Que- Which of the following is not one of the cache state? 

a. Downloading 

b. Checking 

c. Idle 

d. Fallback 

Answer- Fallback

Que- When a new version of any cache is available which even is fired? 

a. progress 

b. updateready 

c. checking 

d. obsolete 

Answer- updateready

Que- If the transparent part of the image has rounded or diagonal edges, which format is suitable? 

a. PNG 

b. Transparent GIF 

c. GIF 

d. JPG 

Answer- PNG

Que- Which of the following gives a text description of the image if it is not available? 

a. alt 

b. title 

c. src 

d. height 

Answer- alt

Que- Which of the following is not the software for editing images? 

a. Adobe Fireworks 

b. PaintShop Pro 


d. Splashup 

Answer- Splashup

Que- JPEG format is useful when ___________ 

a. there are so many colors in the picture 

b. there are not so many colors in the picture 

c. we want to show more brightness 

d. when we want to show haziness 

Answer- there are so many colors in the picture

Que- Up to what resolution image should be saved by using in the web? 

a. 23 ppi 

b. 34 ppi 

c. 72 ppi 

d. 100 ppi 

Answer- 72 ppi

Que- Images are usually printed at a resolution of ___________ 

a. 200 dpi 

b. 100 dpi 

c. 50 dpi 

d. 300 dpi 

Answer- 300 dpi

Que- Vector images are created in ___________ 

a. Adobe Illustrator 

b. Adobe Photoshop 

c. Adobe Fireworks 

d. Splashup 

Answer- Adobe Illustrator

Que- What is the new format to display vector images? 

a. SVG 

b. GIF 

c. JPG 

d. PNG 

Answer- SVG

Que- Which format can create a transparent image? 

a. PNG 

b. GIF 

c. JPG 

d. SVG 

Answer- PNG

Que- For caption of the image we use ____________ 

a. <figure> 

b. <src> 

c. <alt> 

d. <title> 

Answer- <figure>

Que- What is Modernizr? 

a. CSS style sheet 

b. JavaScript Library 

c. The source code of a web page 

d. PHP file 

Answer- JavaScript Library

Que- What is the JavaScript check for the HTML5 video feature? 



c. Modernizr.rgba 

d. Modernizr.rgba 


Que- Modernizr.csstransformss detects _________ 

a. CSS 2D transforms 

b. CSS 3D transforms 

c. Input Types 

d. Input Attributes 

Answer- CSS 2D transforms

Que- Which latest browser is able to detect CSS Grids? 

a. Modernizr 3.5.0 

b. Modernizr 3.4.0 

c. Modernizr 3.2.0 

d. Modernizr 3.1.0 

Answer- Modernizr 3.5.0

Que- classPrefix is used when _____________ 

a. it is mandatory prefix before all the classes 

b. class name clashes 

c. when there is no any class in the code 

d. not mandatory it depends on user 

Answer- class name clashes

Que- Which of the following can be helpful in creating your own feature detect? 

a. Modernizr.addTest 

b. Modenizer.on 

c. Modernizr._domPrefixes 

d. Modernizr.atRule 

Answer- Modernizr.addTest

Que- Which of the following is used to determine browser support? 

a. Modernizr.addTest 

b. Modernizr.hasEvent 

c. Modernizr.atRule 

d. Modernizr.prefixed 

Answer- Modernizr.hasEvent

Que- For checking programmatically we use _________ 


b. Modernizr.prefixed 

c. Modernizr._prefixes 

d. Modernizr.testAllProps 


Que- The features that can’t be detected by checking idle are checked by ____________ 

a. Modernizr.prefixedCSS 

b. Modernizr.testAllProps 

c. Modernizr.testStyles 

d. Modernizr.testProp 

Answer- Modernizr.testStyles

Que- For testing prefixed CSS properties we use _____________ 

a. Modernizr.prefixed 

b. Modernizr.prefixedCSS 

c. Modernizr._prefixes 

d. Modernizr.prefixedCSS value 

Answer- Modernizr.prefixedCSS value

Que- Which of the following is internal list of prefixes? 

a. Modernizr._prefixes 

b. Modernizr.prefixedCSS value 

c. Modernizr.prefixedCSS 

d. Modernizr.prefixed 

Answer- Modernizr._prefixes

Que- Which of the following detects support for basic Worker API? 

a. web workers 

b. shared workers 

c. data workers 

d. blob workers 

Answer- web workers

Que- Which of the following detects support for the method of the form? 

a. input formtarget 

b. input formmethod 

c. input formenctype 

d. input formaction 

Answer- input formmethod

Que- Which of the following check support for non-alpha, lossy webp? 

a. Webp 

b. Webp Lossless 

c. Webp Animation 

d. Webp Alpha 

Answer- Webp Lossless

Que- Which of the following detects for the support of size attribute of an image? 

a. JPEG 2000 


c. Image crossOrigin 

d. Sizes 

Answer- Sizes

Que- URL is ___________ 

a. web address 

b. source code 

c. user’s address 

d. an attribute 

Answer- web address

Que- What is the correct syntax of web address? 

a. path://prefix.port:domain/filename/scheme 

b. scheme://prefix.domain:port/path/filename 

c. prefix://scheme.port:domain/filename/path 

d. port://domain.filenmae:path/scheme/prefix 

Answer- scheme://prefix.domain:port/path/filename

Que- Which scheme is used for secure HyperText Transfer Protocol? 

a. ftp 

b. http 

c. https 

d. file 

Answer- https

Que- ASCII is _____________ 

a. 6-bit character set 

b. 7-bit character set 

c. 9-bit character set 

d. 3-bit character set 

Answer- 7-bit character set

Que- In URL encoding replaces non-ASCII characters with ________ 

a. "*" 

b. "&" 

c. "%" 

d. "+" 

Answer- "%"

Que- Which function is used in JavaScript for URL encoding? 

a. encodeURI() 

b. Server.URLEncode() 

c. rawurlencode() 

d. UREncoding 

Answer- encodeURI()

Que- What is URL encode of ‘&’? 

a. 24% 

b. %2c 

c. %3d 

d. 26% 

Answer- 26%


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