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Mathematics MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- A retailer buys a sewing machine at a discount of 15% and sells it for Rs. 1955. Thus, he makes a profit of 15%. The discount is: 

a. Rs. 270  

b. Rs. 290  

c. Rs. 300  

d. None of these  

Answer- Rs. 300

Que- An umbrella marked at Rs. 80 is sold for Rs. 68. The rate of discount is: 

a. 0.15 

b. 0.12 

c. 0.17647058823529413 

d. 0.2 

Answer- 0.15

Que- Kabir buys an article with 25% discount on its marked price. He makes a profit of 10 % by selling it at Rs. 660. The marked price is : 

a. Rs. 600  

b. Rs. 700  

c. Rs. 800  

d. Rs. 685  

Answer- Rs. 800

Que- The ratio of the prices of three different types of cars is 4:5:7. If the difference between the costliest and the cheapest cars is Rs. 60000 the price of the car of modest price is: 

a. Rs. 80000  

b. Rs. 100000  

c. Rs. 140000  

d. Rs. 120000  

Answer- Rs. 100000

Que- A discount series of 10%, 20% and 40% is equal to a single discount of:_________? 

a. 0.5 

b. 0.568 

c. 0.6 

d. 0.7028 

Answer- 0.568

Que- At what price must kashif sell a mixture of 80 kg sugar at Rs. 6.75 per kg with 120 kg at Rs. 8 per kg to gain 20%? 

a. Rs. 7.50 per kg  

b. Rs. 8.20 per kg  

c. Rs. 8.85 per kg  

d. Rs. 9 per kg  

Answer- Rs. 9 per kg

Que- A person bought an article and sold it at a loss of 10 % if he had bought it for 20 % less and sold it for Rs. 55 more he would have had a profit of 40 %. The C.P of the article is: 

a. Rs. 200  

b. Rs. 225  

c. Rs. 250  

d. None of these  

Answer- Rs. 250

Que- The cost price of an article which on being sold at a gain of 12 % yields Rs. 6 more than when it is sold at a loss of 12 % is: 

a. Rs. 30  

b. Rs. 25  

c. Rs. 24  

d. Rs. 20 

Answer- Rs. 25

Que- A man sells a car to his friend at 10 % loss. If the friend sells it for Rs. 54000 and gains 20 %. The original C.P of the car was:_________? 

a. Rs. 25000  

b. Rs. 37500  

c. Rs. 50000  

d. Rs. 60000  

Answer- Rs. 50000

Que- If two mixers and one T.V cost Rs. 7000. While two T.V s and one mixer cost Rs. 9800. The value of one T.V is:_________? 

a. Rs. 2800  

b. Rs. 2100  

c. Rs. 4200  

d. Rs. 8400  

Answer- Rs. 4200

Que- Profit after selling a commodity for Rs. 425 is same as loss after selling it for Rs.355. The cost of the commodity is:________? 

a. Rs. 385  

b. Rs. 390  

c. Rs. 395  

d. Rs. 400  

Answer- Rs. 390

Que- A merchant sold his goods for Rs. 75 at a profit percent equal to C.P. The C.P was:________? 

a. Rs. 40  

b. Rs. 50  

c. Rs. 60  

d. Rs. 70  

Answer- Rs. 50

Que- A horse and a cow were sold for Rs. 12000 each. The horse was sold at a loss of 20 % and the cow at a gain of 20 %. The entire transaction resulted in___________? 

a. No loss or gain  

b. Loss of Rs. 1000  

c. Gain of Rs. 1000  

d. Gain of Rs. 2000  

Answer- Loss of Rs. 1000

Que- A man sold two houses for Rs. 7.8 lakhs each. On the one, he gained 5% and on the other, he lost 5%. What percent is the effect of the sale on the whole? 

a. 0.25 % loss  

b. 0.25 % gain  

c. 25% loss  

d. 25% gain  

Answer- 0.25 % loss

Que- When the Price of fans was reduced by 20 %. The number of fans sold increased by 40 %. What was the effect on the sales of rupees? 

a. 12 % Increase  

b. 12 % decrease  

c. 30 % increase  

d. 40 % increase  

Answer- 12 % Increase

Que- When the price of a toy was increased by 20 % of the number of toys sold was decreased by 15 %. What was the effect on the sales of the shop? 

a. 4 % increase  

b. 4 % decrease  

c. 2 % increase  

d. 2 % decrease  

Answer- 2 % increase

Que- A owns a house worth Rs. 10000. He sells it to B at a profit of 10% based on the worth of the house. B sells the house back to A at a loss of 10% in this transaction A gets: 

a. No profit No loss  

b. Profit of Rs. 1000  

c. Profit of Rs. 1100  

d. Profit of Rs. 2000  

Answer- Profit of Rs. 1100

Que- Ramees bought 4 dozen apples at Rs. 12 per dozen and 2 dozen apples at Rs. 16 per dozen. He sold all of them to earn 20%. At what price per dozen did he sell the apples? 

a. Rs. 14.40  

b. Rs. 16.00  

c. Rs. 16.80  

d. Rs. 19.20  

Answer- Rs. 16.00

Que- Jameel bought paper sheets for Rs. 7200 and spent Rs. 200 on transport. Paying Rs 600 he had 330 boxes made. Which he said at Rs. 28 each. What is his profit Percentage? 

a. 15.5 

b. 40.0 

c. 60.0 

d. None of these  

Answer- 15.5

Que- By selling Toffees at 20 for a rupee, a man loses 40 %. To gain 20 %, for one rupee he must sell? 

a. 16 toffees  

b. 20 toffees  

c. 25 toffees  

d. 24 toffees  

Answer- 16 toffees

Que- By selling 12 oranges for one rupee, a man loses 20%. How many for a rupee should he sell to get a gain of 20%? 

a. 5.0 

b. 8.0 

c. 10.0 

d. 15.0 

Answer- 8.0

Que- A dealer professing to sell at cost price uses a 900 gms weight for a kilogram. His gain percent is:________? 

a. 9.0 

b. 10.0 

c. 11.0 

d. 11.11111111111111 

Answer- 11.11111111111111

Que- A man sold 20 articles for Rs. 60 and gained 20%. How many articles did he buy for Rs.60? 

a. 22.0 

b. 24.0 

c. 25.0 

d. 26.0 

Answer- 24.0

Que- The C.P of an article is 40% of the S.P. The percent that the S.P is of C.P is:________? 

a. 40.0 

b. 60.0 

c. 240.0 

d. 250.0 

Answer- 250.0

Que- A man purchased a watch for Rs. 400 and sold it at a gain of 20% of the selling price. The selling price of the watch is:__________? 

a. Rs. 300  

b. Rs. 320  

c. Rs. 440  

d. Rs. 500  

Answer- Rs. 500

Que- If I purchased 11 books for Rs. 10 and sold all at the rate of 10 books for Rs. 11, the profit percent 

a. 0.1 

b. 0.11 

c. 0.21 

d. 1.0 

Answer- 0.21

Que- If books bought at prices ranging from Rs. 200 to Rs. 350 are sold at prices ranging from Rs. 300 to Rs. 425. What is the greatest possible profit that might be made in selling 8 books? 

a. Rs. 400  

b. Rs. 600  

c. Cannot be determined  

d. None of these  

Answer- None of these

Que- A man sells 320 mangoes at the cost of 400 mangoes. His gain percent is:_________? 

a. 0.1 

b. 0.15 

c. 0.2 

d. 0.25 

Answer- 0.25

Que- There would be 10% loss if rice is sold at Rs. 5.40 per kg. At what price per kg should it be sold to earn a profit of 20% 

a. Rs. 6  

b. Rs. 6.48  

c. Rs. 7.02  

d. Rs. 7.20  

Answer- Rs. 7.20

Que- There would be 10% loss if a toy is said at Rs. 10.80 per piece. At what price should it be sold to earn a profit of 20%? 

a. Rs. 12  

b. Rs. 12.96  

c. Rs. 14.40  

d. None of these  

Answer- Rs. 14.40

Que- A man buys 10 articles for Rs. 8 and Sells them at the rate of Rs. 1.25 per article. His gain is:________? 

a. 0.2 

b. 0.5 

c. 19 ½ %  

d. 56 ¼ %  

Answer- 56 ¼ %

Que- A shopkeeper sold an article offering a discount of 5% and earned a profit of 23.5%. What would have been the percentage of profit earned if no discount was offered? 

a. 24.5 

b. 28.5 

c. 30.0 

d. Data inadequate  

Answer- 30.0

Que- The cost price of an article is 64% of the marked price. Calculate the gain percent after allowing a discount of 12%? 

a. 0.375 

b. 0.48 

c. 0.505 

d. 0.52 

Answer- 0.375

Que- By selling an umbrella for Rs. 300, a shop keeper gains 20%. During a clearance sale, the shopkeeper allows a discount of 10% on the marked price. His gain percent during the sale is:________? 

a. 7.0 

b. 7.5 

c. 8.0 

d. 9.0 

Answer- 8.0

Que- The price of a VCR is marked at Rs. 12,000. If successive discounts of 15%, 10% and 5% be allowed, then at what price does a customer buy it? 

a. Rs. 8400  

b. Rs. 8721  

c. Rs. 8856  

d. None of these  

Answer- Rs. 8721

Que- Aleem buys 4 horses and 9 cows for Rs. 13,400. If he sells the horses at 10% profit and the cows at 20% profit, then he earns a total profit of Rs. 1880. The cost of a horse is:_________? 

a. Rs. 1000  

b. Rs. 2000  

c. Rs. 2500  

d. Rs. 3000  

Answer- Rs. 2000

Que- A person purchases 90 clocks and sells 40 clocks at a gain of 10% and 50 clocks at a gain of 20%. If he sold all of them at a uniform profit of 15%, then he would have got Rs. 40 less. The cost price of each clock is:_________? 

a. Rs.50  

b. Rs.60  

c. Rs.80  

d. Rs.90  

Answer- Rs.80

Que- The cash difference between the selling prices of an article at a profit of 4% and 6% is Rs. 3. The ratio of the two selling prices is:__________? 

a. 02-Jan-1900 

b. 02-Jan-1900 

c. 02-Jan-1900 

d. 02-Jan-1900 

Answer- 02-Jan-1900

Que- If 5% more is gained by selling an article for Rs. 350 than by selling it for Rs. 340, the cost of the article is:________? 

a. Rs. 50  

b. Rs. 160  

c. Rs. 200  

d. Rs. 225  

Answer- Rs. 200

Que- A man buys an article for 10% less than its value and sells it for 10% more than its value. His gain or loss percent is:________? 

a. no profit, no loss  

b. 20% profit  

c. less than 20% profit  

d. more than 20% profit  

Answer- more than 20% profit

Que- A manufacturer sells a pair of glasses to a wholesale dealer at a profit of 18%. The wholesaler sells the same to retailer at a profit of 20%. The retailer in turn sells them to a customer for Rs. 30.09, there by earning a profit of 25%. The cost price for the manufacturer is:________? 

a. Rs. 15  

b. Rs. 16  

c. Rs. 17  

d. Rs. 18  

Answer- Rs. 17

Que- A sells a bicycle to B at a profit of 20%. B sells it to C at a profit of 25%. If C pays Rs. 225 for it, the cost price of the bicycle for A is:________? 

a. Rs. 110  

b. Rs. 120  

c. Rs. 125  

d. Rs. 150  

Answer- Rs. 150

Que- A fair price shopkeeper takes 10% profit on his goods. He lost 20% goods during theft. His loss percent is:________? 

a. 8.0 

b. 10.0 

c. 11.0 

d. 12.0 

Answer- 12.0

Que- By mixing two brands of tea and selling the mixture at the rate of Rs. 177 per kg. a shopkeeper makes a profit of 18%. If to every 2 kg of one brand costing Rs. 200 per kg, 3 kg of the other brand is added, then how much per kg does the other brand cost? 

a. Rs. 110  

b. Rs. 120  

c. Rs. 140  

d. None of these  

Answer- None of these

Que- Haroon purchased 30 kg of wheat at the rate of Rs. 11.50 per kg and 20 kg of wheat at the rate of 14.25 per kg. He mixed the two and sold the mixture. Approximately what price per kg should be sell the mixture to make 30% profit? 

a. Rs. 14.80  

b. Rs. 15.40  

c. Rs. 15.60  

d. Rs. 16.30  

Answer- Rs. 16.30

Que- By selling 12 toffees for a rupee, a man loses 20%. How many for a rupee should be sell to get a gain of 20%? 

a. 5.0 

b. 8.0 

c. 10.0 

d. 15.0 

Answer- 8.0

Que- A vendor bought toffees at 6 for a rupee. How many for a rupee must he sell to gain 20%? 

a. 3.0 

b. 4.0 

c. 5.0 

d. 6.0 

Answer- 5.0

Que- On an order of 5 dozen boxes of a consumer product, a retailer receives an extra dozen free. This is equivalent to allowing him a discount of:________? 

a. 0.15 

b. 0.16166666666666668 

c. 0.16666666666666666 

d. 0.2 

Answer- 0.16666666666666666

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