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Mathematics MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- Sides of a rectangular park are in the ratio 3: 2 and its area is 3750 sq m, the cost of fencing it at 50 ps per meter is_______? 

a. Rs.150  

b. Rs.100  

c. Rs.125  

d. Rs.175 

Answer- Rs.125

Que- A man walked 20 m to cross a rectangular field diagonally. If the length of the field is 16 cm. Find the breadth of the field is________? 

a. 11 m  

b. 12 m  

c. 13 m  

d. 14 m 

Answer- 12 m

Que- One side of a rectangular field is 4 m and its length along diagonal is 5 m. What is the area of the field? 

a. 12 sq m  

b. 4√14 sq m  

c. 20 sq m  

d. 15 sq m 

Answer- 12 sq m

Que- A rectangular field has area equal to 150 sq m and perimeter 50 m. Its length and breadth must be________? 

a. 12 m, 10 m  

b. 13 m, 12 m  

c. 14 m, 11 m  

d. 15 m, 10 m 

Answer- 15 m, 10 m

Que- If the perimeter of a rectangular garden is 600 m, its length when its breadth is 100 m is________? 

a. 650 m  

b. 600 m  

c. 200 m  

d. 300 m 

Answer- 200 m

Que- The perimeter of one square is 48 cm and that of another is 20 cm. Find the perimeter and the diagonal of a square which is equal in area to these two combined? 

a. 15√2 cm  

b. 13√2 cm  

c. 16√2 cm  

d. 17√2 cm 

Answer- 13√2 cm

Que- The ratio of the area of a square to that of the square drawn on its diagonal is? 

a. 31-Dec-1899 

b. 31-Dec-1899 

c. 31-Dec-1899 

d. 31-Dec-1899 

Answer- 31-Dec-1899

Que- The ratio of the area of a square to that of the square drawn on its diagonal is_________? 

a. 31-Dec-1899 

b. 31-Dec-1899 

c. 31-Dec-1899 

d. 31-Dec-1899 

Answer- 31-Dec-1899

Que- What is the perimeter of a square field whose diagonal is 8√2? 

a. 64 m  

b. 32 m  

c. 30 m  

d. 16 m 

Answer- 32 m

Que- What is the area of a square field whose diagonal of length 20 m? 

a. 300 sq m  

b. 250 sq m  

c. 200 sq m  

d. 400 sq m 

Answer- 200 sq m

Que- What is the area of square field whose side of length 15 m? 

a. 225 sq m  

b. 220 sq m  

c. 100 sq m  

d. 30 sq m 

Answer- 225 sq m

Que- The base of a right triangle is 8 and hypotenuse is 10. Its area is________? 

a. 12.0 

b. 80.0 

c. 59.0 

d. 24.0 

Answer- 12.0

Que- The altitude of an equilateral triangle of side 2√3 cm is_________? 

a. 3/2 cm  

b. 1/2 cm  

c. 3/4 cm  

d. 3 cm 

Answer- 3 cm

Que- The length of each side of an equilateral triangle having an area of 4√3 cm^2 is_______? 

a. 4/3 cm  

b. 3/4 cm  

c. 3 cm  

d. 4 cm 

Answer- 4 cm

Que- The area of a triangle will be when a = 1m, b = 2m, c = 3m, a, b, c being lengths of respective sides. 

a. 0 sq m  

b. 3 sq m  

c. 2 sq m  

d. 6 sq m 

Answer- 0 sq m

Que- The area of a triangle is with base 4m and height 5m? 

a. 20 sq m  

b. 10 sq m  

c. 5 sq m  

d. 3 sq m  

Answer- 10 sq m

Que- Bilal’s room has a floor of 8m by 4m. He decides to tile the floor with tiles of 25cm x 20 cm. How many tiles will he need? 

a. 320 tiles  

b. 640 tiles  

c. 160 tiles  

d. 6.4 tiles 

Answer- 640 tiles

Que- A rectangular field is to be fenced on three sides leaving a side of 20 feet uncovered. If the area of the field is 680 sq. feet, how many feet of fencing will be required? 

a. 34.0 

b. 40.0 

c. 68.0 

d. 88.0 

Answer- 88.0

Que- The length of a rectangular plot is 20 metres more than its breadth. If the cost of fencing the plot @ 26.50 per metre is Rs. 5300, what is the length of the plot in metres? 

a. 40.0 

b. 50.0 

c. 120.0 

d. None of These 

Answer- None of These

Que- The length of a rectangle is halved, while its breadth is tripled. What is the percentage change in area? 

a. 25% increase  

b. 50% increase  

c. 50% decrease  

d. 75% decrease 

Answer- 50% increase

Que- The difference between the length and breadth of a rectangle is 23 m. If its perimeter is 206 m, then its area is__________? 

a. 1520 m^2  

b. 2420 m^2  

c. 2480 m^2  

d. 2520 m^2 

Answer- 2520 m^2

Que- Water flows a tank 200 x 150m through a rectangular pipe 1.5 x 1.25m at the rate at 20kmph. In what time will be water rises by 2 meters? 

a. 76 min  

b. 80min  

c. 90min  

d. 96min 

Answer- 96min

Que- The surface area of a (10cm x 4cm x^3cm) brick is__________? 

a. 84  

b. 124  

c. 164   

d. 180 

Answer- 164 

Que- The product of the area of three adjacent faces of a rectangular box is equal to___________? 

a. the volume of the box  

b. Twice the volume of the box  

c. the square of the volume of the box  

d. Cube root of the volume of the box  

Answer- the square of the volume of the box

Que- The sum of the length breadth and depth of cuboid is 19cm and it’s diagonal is 5√5 cm it’s surface area is_________? 

a. 125  

b. 236  

c. 361  

d. None of these 

Answer- 236

Que- A hall is a 15m long and 12m board. If the sum of the areas of the floor and the ceiling is equal to the areas of the 4 walls the volume of the hall is: 

a. 720 Cu.m  

b. 1200 Cu.m  

c. 361  

d. None of these 

Answer- 1200 Cu.m

Que- A plot of land in the form of a rectangle has dimensions 240m x 180m. A draint 10m wide is dug all around it on the outside and the earth dug out is evenly spread over the plot increasing its surface level by 25cm. The depth of the drailent of 

a. 1.227m  

b. 1.225m  

c. 1.233m  

d. 1.229m 

Answer- 1.227m

Que- A rectangular tank measuring (5m x 4.5m x 2.1m) is dug in the center of the field measuring 13.5m x 2.5m. The earth dug out is speed every over the remaining portion of the field raised? 

a. 4m  

b. 4.1cm  

c. 4.2cm   

d. 4.3m 

Answer- 4.2cm 

Que- An agricultural field is in the form of a rectangle of length 20m and width 14m. A pit 6m long 3m wide and 2.5m deep is dug in a corner of the field and earth taken out of the pit is spread uniformly over. The remaining area of the field. The level of the field has raised by________? 

a. 15.16cm  

b. 16.17cm  

c. 17.18cm  

d. 18.19m 

Answer- 17.18cm

Que- A tank is 7m long and 4m wide at what speed should water run through pipes 5cm broad and 4cm deep so that in 6 hours and 18 minutes, the water level in the tank rises by 4.5cm? 

a. 12km/hr  

b. 10km/hr  

c. 14km/hr  

d. None of these 

Answer- 10km/hr

Que- What part of a ditch 48m long 16.5 broad and 4m deep can be filled by the earth got by digging a cylindrical tunnel of diameter 4m and length 56m? 

a. 01-Sep-2020 

b. 02-Sep-2020 

c. 07-Sep-2020 

d. 08-Sep-2020 

Answer- 02-Sep-2020

Que- A swimming bath is 24 m long and 15 m broad. When a number of men drive into the bath. The height of water rises by 1cm. If the average volume of water displaced by each man be 0.1m^3 how many mean are there in the both? 

a. 32.0 

b. 36.0 

c. 42.0 

d. 46.0 

Answer- 36.0

Que- A cuboidal water tank contains 216 liters is water. Its depth is 1/3 of its length and breadth is ½ of 1/3 of the difference between length and depth. The length of the tank? 

a. 2dm  

b. 6dm  

c. 18dm  

d. 72dm 

Answer- 18dm

Que- A rectangular tank is 225 m by 162m at the base with what speed must water flow into it through an aperture 60cm by 45cm that the level may be raised 20cm in 5 hours? 

a. 5000 m/hr  

b. 5200m/hr  

c. 5400 m/hr  

d. 5600 m/hr 

Answer- 5400 m/hr

Que- The water in a rectangular reservoir having a base 80m by 60m is 6.5m deep.In what time can the water be amplified by a pipe of which the cross section is a square of a side 20cm if the water runs through the pipe at the rate of 15km per hour? 

a. 26hours  

b. 42hours  

c. 52hours  

d. 65hours 

Answer- 52hours

Que- A rectangular water tank is open at the top. Its capacity is 24Cu.m.It’s length and breadth are 4m and 3m respectively. Ignoring the thickness of the material used for building the tank the total cost of painting the inner and outer surface of the tank at Rs. 10 per Sq.m is_________? 

a. Rs.400  

b. Rs.500  

c. Rs.600  

d. Rs.800 

Answer- Rs.800

Que- A covered wooden box has the inner measure as 115cm 75cm and 35cm and the thickness of wood is 2.5cm. The volume of the wood is____________? 




d. None of these 


Que- The area of the base of a rectangular tank is and the volume of water containing in it is 2-6 cubic meters. The depth of the water in the tank is 

a. 2.5m  

b. 3m  

c. 5.5m  

d. 4m 

Answer- 4m

Que- What is the diameter of a wheel that makes 113 revolution to go 2km 26 decametre? 

a. 4 4/13 m  

b. 6 4/11m  

c. 12 4/11m  

d. 12 8/11m 

Answer- 6 4/11m

Que- The radius of a circular wheel is 17.5m. How many revolutions will it make in travelling 11km? 

a. 10.0 

b. 100.0 

c. 1000.0 

d. 10000.0 

Answer- 1000.0

Que- A wheel makes 1000 revolutions is covering a distance of 88 km. the diameter of the wheel is 

a. 14m  

b. 24m  

c. 28m  

d. 40m 

Answer- 28m

Que- The wire bent in the form of a square enclose an area of 484 If the same wire is bent so as to from a circle than the area enclosed will be_________? 


b. 538 2/7  

c. 616  

d. 644 

Answer- 616

Que- The perimeter of circle field and a square field are equal. If the area of these square field is 12100m^2, the area of a circular field will be_________? 

a. 15500Sq.m  

b. 15400Sq.m  

c. 15200Sq.m  

d. 15300Sq.m 

Answer- 15400Sq.m

Que- he perimeter of a circle and a square field are equal. What is the diameter of the circle field if the area of the square field is 484 sq.m? 

a. 14m  

b. 21m  

c. 28m  

d. None of these 

Answer- 28m

Que- The area of the largest circle that can be drawn inside a rectangle with sides 18cm and 14cm is_________? 

a. 49  

b. 154  


d. 1078 

Answer- 154

Que- If the radius of a circle is increased to 3 times, then how many times will it’s circumference be increased? 

a. 2times  

b. 3times  

c. 1/3 times  

d. 9times 

Answer- 2times

Que- The area of a circle is increased by when it’s radius is increased by 1cm. The original radius of the circle is_________? 

a. 6cm  

b. 3.2 cm  

c. 3 cm  

d. 3.5 cm 

Answer- 3 cm

Que- The difference between the radi of the smaller circle and the bigger circle is 7cm and the difference between the area of two circles is Radius of the smaller circle is_________? 

a. 17.5cm  

b. 21cm  

c. 28cm  

d. None of these 

Answer- None of these

Que- The area of a circle is 24.64Sq.m. the circumference of circle is________? 

a. 14.64cm  

b. 16.36m  

c. 17.60m  

d. 18.40m 

Answer- 17.60m

Que- The area of a square field is 6050 Sq.m.The length of it diagonal is_________? 

a. 110m  

b. 112m  

c. 120cm  

d. 135m 

Answer- 110m

Que- If the side of a square is increased by 25% then it’s area is increased by_________? 

a. 0.25 

b. 0.405 

c. 0.55 

d. 0.5625 

Answer- 0.5625

Que- The area of a rhombus in 2016 and its side is 65cm. The length of its diagonals are________? 

a. 125cm, 35cm  

b. 126cm,32cm  

c. 132cm,26cm  

d. 135cm,25cm 

Answer- 126cm,32cm

Que- The area of largest triangle that can be inscribed in a semicircle of radius R cm is__________? 

a. 2R cm^2  

b. R2 cm^2  

c. 1/2 R2 cm^2  

d. 2 R2 cm^2 

Answer- R2 cm^2

Que- A typist uses a paper 30cm x 15cm.He leaves a margin at 2.5cm at the top and the bottom and 12.5cm on either side. What percentage of paper area is approximately available for typing 

a. 0.65 

b. 0.7 

c. 0.8 

d. 0.6 

Answer- 0.6

Que- The areas of two similar triangles are 12 cm^2 and 48SQ. cm .If the height of the smaller one is 2.1cm than the corresponding height of the bigger one is_________? 

a. 0.525cm  

b. 4.2cm  

c. 0.8 

d. 0.6 

Answer- 4.2cm

Que- If the height of a triangle is decreased by 40% and its base is increased by 40% what will be the effect on its area? 

a. No change  

b. 8%decrease  

c. 16% Decrease  

d. 16%increases 

Answer- 16% Decrease

Que- The sides of a triangle are in the ratio ½: 1/3: ¼. If the perimeter is 52cm then the length of the smallest side is________? 

a. 9cm  

b. 10cm  

c. 11cm  

d. 12cm  

Answer- 12cm

Que- If an area enclosed by a circle or a square or an equal triangle is the same then the maximum perimeter is possessed by_________? 

a. Circle  

b. Square  

c. Equilateral Triangle  

d. Both Triangle and Square 

Answer- Both Triangle and Square

Que- A circle and a rectangle have the same perimeter. The sides of the rectangle are 18cm and 26cm.What is the area of the circle? 

a. 88cm^2  

b. 154cm^2  

c. 616cm^2  

d. 1250cm^2 

Answer- 616cm^2

Que- If each side of a square is increased by 50% the ratio of the area of the resulting square to the area of the given square is__________? 

a. 31-Dec-1899 

b. 31-Dec-1899 

c. 31-Dec-1899 

d. 31-Dec-1899 

Answer- 31-Dec-1899

Que- If the length of a rectangle is increased by 20% and it’s breadth is decreased by 20% then it area________? 

a. Increased by 4%  

b. decreased by 4%  

c. Decreased by 1%  

d. Remains unchanged 

Answer- decreased by 4%

Que- If the length and width of a rectangular grand are each increased by 20% then what would be the percent increase in the area of the garden? 

a. 0.2 

b. 0.24 

c. 0.36 

d. 0.44 

Answer- 0.44

Que- The length of a rectangular plot is increased by 25%. To keep it’s area uncharged the width of the plot should be___________? 

a. Kept unchanged  

b. Increased by 25%  

c. Increased by 20%  

d. Reduced by 20% 

Answer- Reduced by 20%

Que- The length of a rectangular plot is twice its breadth. If the area of the rectangular plot is 6075 sq.meters .what is its length? 

a. 45m  

b. 75m  

c. 135m  

d. None of these 

Answer- 135m

Que- The perimeter of a rectangle and square are 160m each. The area of the rectangle is less than that it’s square by 100cm meters. The less than that of the square by 100 sq.meters. the length of rectangle is___________? 

a. 30m  

b. 40m  

c. 50m  

d. 60m  

Answer- 50m

Que- The diagonal of a square is 4√2cm. The diagonal is another square whose area is double that of the first square is__________? 

a. 8cm  

b. 8√2cm  

c. 16cm  

d. 4√2cm 

Answer- 8cm

Que- The largest size of bamboo that can be placed in a square of area 100 sq.meters is__________? 

a. 10m  

b. 14.14m  

c. 20m  

d. 25m 

Answer- 14.14m

Que- The area of a rectangle is 12 sq.metres and it’s length is 3 times that of it’s breadth. What is the perimeter of the rectangle? 

a. 14m  

b. 18m  

c. 4m  

d. None of these 

Answer- None of these

Que- The perimeter of a rectangle is 60m. If it’s length is twice its breadth then its area is__________? 

a. 160m^2  

b. 180m^2  

c. 200m^2  

d. 220m^2  

Answer- 200m^2

Que- A rectangular field has dimensions 25m by 15m. Two mutually perpendicular passage of 2m width have been left in it’s central part and grass has been grown in rest of the field. The area under the grass is____________? 

a. 295m^2  

b. 299m^2  

c. 300m^2  

d. 375m^2  

Answer- 299m^2

Que- A shopkeeper earns a profit of 10% after allowing a discount of 20% on the marked price. The cost price of the article whose marked price is Rs. 880, is =_______ ? 

a. Rs. 704  

b. Rs. 640  

c. Rs. 774  

d. Rs. 680 

Answer- Rs. 774

Que- A shopkeeper marks his goods 20% above cost price, but allows 30% discount for cash payment. His net loss is ? 

a. 0.08 

b. 0.1 

c. 0.16 

d. 0.2 

Answer- 0.16

Que- The marked price of a watch was Rs. 720. A man bought the same for Rs. 550.80, after getting two successive discounts, the first 10%. What was the second discount rate ? 

a. 0.12 

b. 0.14 

c. 0.15 

d. 0.18 

Answer- 0.15

Que- A tradesman marks his goods 10% above his cost price. If he allows his customers 10% discount on the marked price. How much profit or loss does he make, if any ? 

a. 1% gain  

b. 1% loss  

c. 5% gain  

d. No gain no loss 

Answer- 1% loss

Que- If the true discount on s sum due 2 years hence at 14% per annum be Rs. 168, the sum due is:________? 

a. Rs. 768  

b. Rs. 968  

c. Rs. 1960  

d. Rs. 2400 

Answer- Rs. 768

Que- The present worth of Rs. 1404 due in two equal half-yearly installments at 8% per annum simple interest is: 

a. Rs. 1325  

b. Rs. 1300  

c. Rs. 1350  

d. Rs. 1500 

Answer- Rs. 1325

Que- The simple interest and the true discount on a certain sum for a given time and at a given rate are Rs. 85 and Rs. 80 respectively. The sum is:_______? 

a. Rs. 1800  

b. Rs. 1450  

c. Rs. 1360  

d. Rs. 6800 

Answer- Rs. 1360

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