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Mathematics MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- The salary of a worker is first increased by 30% and afterwards reduced by 30%. What is net change in his salary? 

a. 90% increase  

b. 45% increase  

c. 9% decrease  

d. Same as before  

Answer- 9% decrease

Que- The population of a town is 45000; 5/9th of them are males and the rest females 40% of the males are married. What is the percentage of married females? 

a. 0.6 

b. 0.5 

c. 0.45 

d. 0.4 

Answer- 0.5

Que- In an examination 40% failed in Urdu, 45% failed in English. If 25% students failed in both the subjects. Then the percentage of failed students is________? 

a. 0.15 

b. 0.65 

c. 0.6 

d. 0.7 

Answer- 0.6

Que- After 38 liters of petrol were poured into the tank, it was still 5% empty. How much petrol must be poured into the tank in order to fill it? 

a. 38 liters  

b. 40 liters  

c. 38.5 liters  

d. 2 liters  

Answer- 2 liters

Que- A candidate who gets 30% of the marks fails by 50 marks. But another candidate who gets 45% marks gets 25 marks more than necessary for passing. Find the number of marks for passing? 

a. 150.0 

b. 200.0 

c. 250.0 

d. 275.0 

Answer- 200.0

Que- A man saves 20% of his monthly salary. If an account of dearness of things he is to increase his monthly expenses by 20%, he is only able to save Rs. 200 per month. What is his monthly salary? 

a. Rs.5000  

b. Rs.25000  

c. Rs.7500  

d. Rs.8500  

Answer- Rs.5000

Que- Two numbers are 30% and 37% are less than a third number .How much percent is the second number less than the first? 

a. 0.15 

b. 0.12 

c. 0.1 

d. 0.05 

Answer- 0.1

Que- The price of an article has been reduced by 25%. In order to restore the original price the new price must be increased by________? 

a. 0.33333333333333337 

b. 0.09090909090909091 

c. 0.1111111111111111 

d. 0.6666666666666667 

Answer- 0.33333333333333337

Que- If cost of sugar increases by 25%. How much percent consumption of sugar should be decreased in order to keep expenditure fixed? 

a. 0.1 

b. 0.15 

c. 0.2 

d. 0.25 

Answer- 0.2

Que- Nawaz Sahrif spends 10% of his income in house rent, 20% of the rest on his children’s education, 25% of the rest miscellaneous causes. If he now posses Rs. 1944 then his income is_______? 

a. Rs.3600  

b. Rs.4000  

c. Rs.4500  

d. Rs.3000  

Answer- Rs.3600

Que- Masood’s salary is reduced by 10% and then reduced salary is increased by 10%. Find ,how many percentage his present salary is less as compared to his previous salary? 

a. Nothing  

b. 0.1 

c. 0.01 

d. 0.05 

Answer- 0.01

Que- There were two candidates in an election. Winner candidate received 62% of votes and won the election by 288 votes. Find the number of votes casted to the winning candidate? 

a. 456.0 

b. 744.0 

c. 912.0 

d. 1200.0 

Answer- 744.0

Que- If population of certain city increases at the rate of 5%. If population in 1981 was 138915, then population in 1978 was__________? 

a. 1,20,000  

b. 1,10,000  

c. 1,00,000  

d. 90000.0 

Answer- 1,20,000

Que- At an examination in which full marks were 500. A got 10% less than B, B got 25% more than C and C got 20% less than D. If A got 360 marks, what percentage of full marks was obtained by D? 

a. 0.7 

b. 0.9 

c. 0.8 

d. 0.75 

Answer- 0.8

Que- The tax on a commodity is diminished by 20% but its consumption is increased by 10%. Find the decrease percent in the revenue derived from it? 

a. 0.2 

b. 0.18 

c. 0.15 

d. 0.12 

Answer- 0.12

Que- The amount of water (in ml) that should be added to reduce 9 ml. Lotion, containing 50% alcohol, to a lotion containing 30% alcohol, is__________? 

a. 3.0 

b. 4.0 

c. 5.0 

d. 6.0 

Answer- 6.0

Que- A mixture of 70 liters of wine and water contains 10% water. How much water must be added to make water 12 ½% of the total mixture? 

a. 12 liters  

b. 10 liters  

c. 4 liters  

d. 2 liters  

Answer- 2 liters

Que- In a factory, there are 40% technicians and 60% non-technicians. If the 60% of the technicians and 40% of non-technicians are permanent employees, then the percentage of workers who are temporary is________? 

a. 0.32 

b. 0.42 

c. 0.52 

d. 0.62 

Answer- 0.52

Que- 5% people of a village in Sri Lanka died by bombardment, 15% of the remainder left the village on account of fear. If now the population is reduced to 3553, how much was it in the beginning? 

a. 3800.0 

b. 4200.0 

c. 4400.0 

d. 5500.0 

Answer- 4400.0

Que- A salesman’s terms were changed from a flat commission of 5% on all his sales to a fixed salary of Rs.1000 plus 2.5% commission on all sales exceeding Rs. 4,000. If his remuneration as per new scheme was Rs. 600 more than that by the previous schema, his sales were worth? 

a. Rs. 14,000  

b. Rs. 12,000  

c. Rs. 30,000  

d. Rs. 40,000  

Answer- Rs. 12,000

Que- A and B’s salaries together amount to Rs. 2,000. A spends 95% of his salary and B spends 85% of his. If now their savings are the same, what is A’s salary? 

a. Rs.500  

b. Rs.750  

c. Rs.1250  

d. Rs.1500  

Answer- Rs.1500

Que- An engineering student has to secure 36% marks to pass. He gets 130 marks and fails by 14 marks. The maximum No. of marks obtained by him is_________? 

a. 300.0 

b. 400.0 

c. 350.0 

d. 500.0 

Answer- 400.0

Que- If the numerator of a fraction is increased by 20% and its denominator is diminished by 25% value of the fraction is 2/15. Find the original fraction. 

a. 01-Dec-2020 

b. 01-Aug-2020 

c. 01-Jun-2020 

d. 01-Apr-2020 

Answer- 01-Dec-2020

Que- Subtracting 10% from X is the same as multiplying X by what number? 

a. 0.8 

b. 0.9 

c. 0.1 

d. 0.5 

Answer- 0.9

Que- If the price of gold increases by 50%, find by how much the quantity of ornaments must be reduced, so that the expenditure may remain the same as before? 

a. 0.2708695652173913 

b. 0.33333333333333337 

c. 0.3 

d. 0.19 

Answer- 0.33333333333333337

Que- A candidate got 35% of the votes polled and he lost to his rival by 2250 votes. How many votes were cast? 

a. 7500.0 

b. 5000.0 

c. 6000.0 

d. 3500.0 

Answer- 7500.0

Que- The tax on a commodity is diminished by 20% and its consumption increased by 15%. The effect on revenue is_________? 

a. It increases by 8%  

b. It decreases by 8%  

c. No change in revenue  

d. It increases by 10%  

Answer- It decreases by 8%

Que- The salary of a typist was at first raised by 10% and then the same was reduced by 5%. If he presently draws Rs.1045.What was his original salary? 

a. 900.0 

b. 950.0 

c. 1000.0 

d. 975.0 

Answer- 1000.0

Que- A sells his goods 50% cheaper than B but 50% dearer than C. The cheapest is_________? 

a. A  

b. B  

c. C  

d. All Alike  

Answer- C

Que- Two numbers are respectively 20% and 25% more than a third number. The percentage that is first of the second is_________? 

a. 0.8 

b. 0.85 

c. 0.96 

d. 1.25 

Answer- 0.96

Que- In an examination 38% of students fail in English and 61% pass in Urdu and 23% fail in both. Find the actual failure percentage? 

a. 0.46 

b. 0.61 

c. 0.54 

d. 0.7 

Answer- 0.54

Que- The salary of Mr. X is 30% more than that of Mr. Y . Find what percent of Mr. Y’s salary is less than Mr. X’s? 

a. 0.3 

b. 0.25076923076923074 

c. 0.23076923076923078 

d. 0.22076923076923077 

Answer- 0.23076923076923078

Que- If y exceeds x by 25%, then x is less than y by__________? 

a. 0.16 

b. 0.16333333333333333 

c. 0.2 

d. 0.166 

Answer- 0.2

Que- If the price has fallen by 10% what percent of its consumption be: increased so that the expenditure may be the same as before? 

a. 0.11 

b. 0.1 

c. 0.1111111111111111 

d. 0.09090909090909091 

Answer- 0.1111111111111111

Que- 96% of the population of a village is 23040. The total population of the village is________? 

a. 32256.0 

b. 24000.0 

c. 24936.0 

d. 25640.0 

Answer- 24000.0

Que- 40 is subtracted from 60% of a number, the result is 50. Find the number? 

a. 150.0 

b. 140.0 

c. 130.0 

d. 110.0 

Answer- 150.0

Que- 85% of a number is added to 24, the result is the same number. Find the number? 

a. 150.0 

b. 140.0 

c. 130.0 

d. 160.0 

Answer- 160.0

Que- 60% of a number is added to 120, the result is the same number. Find the number? 

a. 300.0 

b. 200.0 

c. 400.0 

d. 500.0 

Answer- 300.0

Que- 25% of 30% of 45% is equal to__________? 

a. 0.03375 

b. 0.3375 

c. 3.375 

d. 33.75 

Answer- 0.03375

Que- 40% of a number is more than 20% of 650 by 190. Find the number? 

a. 600.0 

b. 700.0 

c. 800.0 

d. 900.0 

Answer- 800.0

Que- How much is 80% of 40 is greater than 4/5 of 25? 

a. 4.0 

b. 6.0 

c. 9.0 

d. 12.0 

Answer- 12.0

Que- How much 60% of 50 is greater than 40% of 30? 

a. 18.0 

b. 13.0 

c. 15.0 

d. 20.0 

Answer- 18.0

Que- After decreasing 24% in the price of an article costs Rs.912. Find the actual cost of an article? 

a. 1400.0 

b. 1300.0 

c. 1200.0 

d. 1100.0 

Answer- 1200.0

Que- If y exceeds x by 20%, then x is less than y by_______? 

a. 0.16 

b. 0.16333333333333333 

c. 0.16666666666666666 

d. 0.166 

Answer- 0.16666666666666666

Que- What percent of 120 are 90? 

a. 0.25 

b. 0.5 

c. 0.75 

d. 0.33 

Answer- 0.75

Que- A man spend Rs. 3300. This was 75% of his monthly income. His monthly income is__________? 

a. 4000.0 

b. 4400.0 

c. 5000.0 

d. 5400.0 

Answer- 4400.0

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