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Physics MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- The unit of radioactivity curie is equal to_________________?  

a. 3.74 x 109 disintegration per sec  

b. 3.70 x 1010 disintegration per sec  

c. 3.55 x 1010 disintegration per sec  

d. 3.60 x 1010 disintegration per sec 

Answer- 3.70 x 1010 disintegration per sec

Que- The unit of radioactivity curie is equal to________________?  

a. 3.74 x 109 disintegration per sec  

b. 3.70 x 1010 disintegration per sec  

c. 3.55 x 1010 disintegration per sec  

d. 3.60 x 1010 disintegration per sec 

Answer- 3.70 x 1010 disintegration per sec

Que- During the fission process a large amount of______________?  

a. Heat energy is released  

b. Nuclear energy is released  

c. Chemical energy is released  

d. Light energy is released 

Answer- Nuclear energy is released

Que- Ina liquid metal fast breeder reactor, the type of uranium used is______________?  

a. 92U235  

b. 92U238  

c. 92U234  

d. 92U239 

Answer- 92U238

Que- Radioactive materials can be identified by measuring their_______________?  

a. Hardness  

b. Density  

c. Mass  

d. Half life 

Answer- Half life

Que- If one or more of the neutrons emitted during fission cab be used to build up further fission then the reaction is self-sustained and is known as __________________?  

a. Fission reaction  

b. Fusion reaction  

c. Chain reaction  

d. Chemical reaction 

Answer- Chain reaction

Que- Pair production takes place in the vicinity of a heavy nucleus so that_____________?  

a. Net energy is conserved  

b. Net charge is conserved  

c. Net momentum is conserved  

d. All of the above 

Answer- All of the above

Que- During an encounter with an atom alpha particle knocks out ______________?  

a. Protons  

b. Electrons  

c. Neutrons  

d. Nothing 

Answer- Electrons

Que- The path of alpha particle is_______________?  

a. Rectilinear  

b. Curved  

c. Zig-zag or erratic  

d. Elliptical 

Answer- Zig-zag or erratic

Que- Which of the following radiations are suitable for the treatment of an infection in the interior of the body ?  

a. α-rays  

b. β-rays  

c. γ-rays  

d. X-rays 

Answer- γ-rays

Que- Various types of cancer are treated by_________________?  

a. Cobalt-60  

b. Strontium-90  

c. Carbon-14  

d. Nickel-63 

Answer- Cobalt-60

Que- Sterilization of surgical instruments medical supplies and bandages can be done by exposing them to a beam of_______________?  

a. α-rays  

b. β-rays  

c. γ-rays  

d. B and C have equal antiseptic propertie 

Answer- γ-rays

Que- The charge on alpha particles is________________?  

a. Plus one  

b. Plus two  

c. Minus two  

d. Minus one 

Answer- Plus two

Que- Alpha particle ionizes an atom_________________?  

a. Through direct collision  

b. Through electrostatic attraction  

c. Through electrostatic repulsion  

d. All of above 

Answer- Through electrostatic repulsion

Que- T.V sets and microwave ovens emit ___________________?  

a. X-rays  

b. α-rays  

c. β-rays  

d. γ-rays 

Answer- X-rays

Que- An alpha particle in a single encounter__________________?  

a. Loses a small fraction of its energy  

b. Losses most of its energy  

c. Loses no energy at all  

d. Loses all of its energy 

Answer- Losses most of its energy

Que- Strontium-90 is used as __________________?  

a. α-particle source  

b. β-particle source  

c. γ-rays source  

d. Neutron source 

Answer- α-particle source

Que- Why gamma rays are used to kill bacteria to sterilize surgical equipment etc ?  

a. Chargeless  

b. Massless  

c. Highly penetrating  

d. All of above 

Answer- Highly penetrating

Que- Beta particles ionize an atom_________________?  

a. Due to the electrostatic force of attraction  

b. Due to the electrostatic force of repulsion  

c. Due to a direct collision  

d. Due to the gravitational force 

Answer- Due to the electrostatic force of repulsion

Que- Alpha particles possess greater penetration power than that of beta particles due to its_____________?  

a. Smaller ionization power  

b. Greater ionization power  

c. Neither greater nor smaller ionization power  

d. Same ionization power 

Answer- Smaller ionization power

Que- Pair production cannot take place in a vacuum as ________________?  

a. Mass is not conserved  

b. Energy is not conserved  

c. Momentum is not conserved  

d. The chargee is not conserved 

Answer- Momentum is not conserved

Que- Pair production can take place only with_________________?  

a. X-rays  

b. Gamma rays  

c. UV-rays  

d. IR-rays 

Answer- Gamma rays

Que- A device for producing high-velocity nuclei is ________________?  

a. Cloud chamber  

b. Linear accelerator  

c. A mass spectrograph  

d. Wilson cloud chamber 

Answer- Linear accelerator

Que- Which of the following will be a better shield against gamma rays ?  

a. Ordinary water  

b. Heavy water  

c. Lead  

d. Aluminum 

Answer- Lead

Que- The maximum safe limit dose for persons working in a nuclear power station is ________________?  

a. 1 rem per week  

b. 5 rem per week  

c. 4 rem per week  

d. 3 rem per week 

Answer- 5 rem per week

Que- Radiations are used for the treatment of skin of a patient is_______________?  

a. Alpha rays  

b. Gamma rays  

c. Beta rays  

d. X-rays 

Answer- Gamma rays

Que- Which branch of science plays an important role in the development of technology and engineering ?  

a. Chemistry  

b. Physics  

c. Geology  

d. Biology 

Answer- Physics

Que- Which one is not a branch of physical sciences ?  

a. Chemistry  

b. Astronomy  

c. Geology  

d. Biology 

Answer- Biology

Que- The number of categories in which physical quantities are divided is_____________?  

a. 1  

b. 2  

c. 3  

d. 4 

Answer- 2

Que- How many types of units are in SI ?  

a. 1  

b. 2  

c. 3  

d. 4 

Answer- 3

Que- In scientific notation, numbers are expressed in________________?  

a. Power of ten  

b. Powers of two  

c. Reciprocal  

d. Decimal 

Answer- Power of ten

Que- 1024 can be written in scientific notation as______________?  

a. 1.024×103  

b. 2 Raised to power 10  

c. 0.000976  

d. 1/0.00097 

Answer- 1.024×103

Que- Prefix deca represents_______________?  

a. 10 Raised to power 1  

b. 10 Raised to power 2  

c. 10 Raised to power 3  

d. 10 Raised to power -1 

Answer- 10 Raised to power 1

Que- The error in measurement may occur due to_________________?  

a. The inexperience of a person  

b. The faulty apprentice  

c. Inappropriate method  

d. Due to all reasons in A, B and C 

Answer- Due to all reasons in A, B and C

Que- The uncertainty in a measurement may occur due to_______________?  

a. Limitation of an instrument  

b. Natural variation of the object to be measured  

c. Inadequate technique  

d. All given in A, B and C 

Answer- All given in A, B and C

Que- Random errors can be reduced by_______________?  

a. Taking zero correction  

b. Comparing the instrument with another more accurate one  

c. Taking mean of several measurements  

d. All methods explained in A, B and C 

Answer- Taking mean of several measurements

Que- In any measurement the significant figures are______________?  

a. All accurately known and all doubtful digits  

b. Only accurately known digits  

c. Only doubtful digits  

d. All accurately known digits and the first doubtful digit 

Answer- All accurately known digits and the first doubtful digit

Que- A digit zero in a measurement__________________?  

a. May be significant may not significant  

b. Always significant  

c. Always insignificant sign  

d. Significant only if left to a significant figure 

Answer- May be significant may not significant

Que- Number of significant figures in 0.0173 is_________________?  

a. 3  

b. 4  

c. 5  

d. 2 

Answer- 3

Que- Smaller the least count of the instrument more is the measurement________________?  

a. Accurate  

b. Precise  

c. Accurate and precise  

d. None of these 

Answer- Precise

Que- The dimension of force is__________________?  

a. MLT-1  

b. MLT-2  

c. ML-1T  

d. ML-1T-2 

Answer- MLT-2

Que- ML-1 T-2 is the dimension of_______________?  

a. Force  

b. Pressure  

c. Momentum  

d. Energy 

Answer- Pressure

Que- Dimensional analysis is helpful for__________________?  

a. Deriving a possible formula  

b. Checking the homogeneity of a physical equation  

c. Verification of laws  

d. Only A and B are correct 

Answer- Only A and B are correct

Que- Which equation is not dimensionally correct ?  

a. E=mc2  

b. Vf=Vi+at  

c. S=Vt2  

d. S=1/2at2 

Answer- S=Vt2

Que- SI unit of the coefficient of viscosity is___________________?  

a. Kg.m.S-1  

b. Kg m-1.S-1  

c. Kg.m.S  

d. Kg-1.m-1.S-1 

Answer- Kg m-1.S-1

Que- Three students measured the length of a needle with meter rod and recorded as : (i) 0.2145m (ii) 0.21m (iii) 0.214m Which one is a correct record ?  

a. Only (i)  

b. Only (ii)  

c. Only (iii)  

d. Both (i) and (ii) 

Answer- Only (iii)

Que- Absolute uncertainty in a measurement depends upon______________?  

a. The magnitude of the measurement  

b. Least count of the instrument  

c. Percentage error in the measurement  

d. All of a, b and C 

Answer- Least count of the instrument

Que- Steradian is the SI unit of________________?  

a. Plane angle  

b. Solid angle  

c. Both plane angle and solid angle  

d. Neither plane angle nor solid angle 

Answer- Solid angle

Que- An ideal standard of measurement of a base quantity has characteristics_______________?  

a. Accessible  

b. Invariable  

c. Transportable  

d. Only a and b are correct 

Answer- Only a and b are correct

Que- Total uncertainty, in the result obtained from the subtraction of two measurements, is equal to_______________?  

a. Sum of their absolute uncertainties  

b. The difference of their absolute uncertainties  

c. The product of their absolute uncertainties  

d. Division of their absolute uncertainties 

Answer- Sum of their absolute uncertainties

Que- Which one is the highest power multiple ?  

a. Giga  

b. Beta  

c. Mega  

d. Deca 

Answer- Giga

Que- One pico stands for_________________?  

a. 10 raised to power -15  

b. 10 raised to power -12  

c. 10 raised to power -9  

d. 10 raised to power -6 

Answer- 10 raised to power -12

Que- Unit of G is ______________?  

a. Nm2Kg2  

b. Nm2Kg  

c. Nm2Kg-2  

d. None 

Answer- Nm2Kg

Que- The unit of force is _________ and its symbol is ______________ Which is the correct pair ?  

a. Newton, n  

b. Newton, N  

c. newton, n  

d. newton, N 

Answer- newton, N

Que- How many main frontiers of fundamental science ?  

a. 1  

b. 2  

c. 3  

d. 4 

Answer- 3

Que- One light year is equal to________________?  

a. 9.5x1015m  

b. 9.5x1015sec  

c. 9.5x1015Km  

d. 9.5x1015cm 

Answer- 9.5x1015m

Que- Which one is the derived quantity in SI units _____________?  

a. Electric current  

b. Electric charge  

c. Plane angle  

d. Amount of substance 

Answer- Electric charge

Que- Which one is the correct representation of the unit of pressure ?  

a. Newton/Meter2  

b. newton/meter2  

c. Newton/meter2  

d. newton/Meter2 

Answer- newton/meter2

Que- Which one is the dimensionally correct equation ?  

a. f=vt  

b. S=Vit+1/2at2  

c. V=St  

d. V=f/t 

Answer- S=Vit+1/2at2

Que- Zero error of the instrument is a type of_________________?  

a. Random error  

b. Personal error  

c. Systematic error  

d. Classified error 

Answer- Systematic error

Que- In multiplication and division of measurement______________?  

a. Percentage uncertainties are added  

b. Absolute uncertainties are added  

c. Percentage uncertainties are divided  

d. Absolute uncertainties are divided 

Answer- Percentage uncertainties are added

Que- The number of significant figures in 5.400 is________________?  

a. 3  

b. 5  

c. 2  

d. None 

Answer- None

Que- To reduce the uncertainty in the timing experiment______________?  

a. Highly precise instrument  

b. Conduct at room temperature  

c. Count number of vibration  

d. Both a and C 

Answer- Both a and C

Que- The number of significant figures in the length of a bar 6200mm measured by meter rod is_______________?  

a. 4  

b. 3  

c. 2  

d. None of these 

Answer- 4

Que- The number 76.85 is rounded off up to two significant figures as_____________?  

a. 76.8  

b. 77  

c. 76.9  

d. None of these 

Answer- 77

Que- Which of the following is not a correct representation method for prefixes______________?  

a. 1mm  

b. 10km  

c. 1000um  

d. Both A and B 

Answer- 1000um

Que- The rotational K.E of the hoop is equal to the______________?  

a. its translational K.E  

b. half than its translational K.E  

c. double than its translational K.E  

d. four times than its translational K.E 

Answer- its translational K.E

Que- A hoop and disc have same mass and radius. Their rotational K.E are related by an equation______________?  

a. K.E hoop = K.E disc  

b. K.E hoop = 2K.E disc  

c. K.E hoop = 1/2K.E disc  

d. K.E hoop = 4K.E disc 

Answer- K.E hoop = 2K.E disc

Que- The critical speed of an artificial satellite is_______________?  

a. 8 Kms-1  

b. 8.1 Kms-1  

c. 7.9 Kms-1  

d. 8 ms-1 

Answer- 7.9 Kms-1

Que- Geostationary satellite completes one rotation around the earth in_______________?  

a. 3 hours  

b. 6 hours  

c. 12 hours  

d. 24 hours 

Answer- 24 hours

Que- The radius of geostationary orbit from the centre of the earth is nearly______________?  

a. 42000km  

b. 36000km  

c. 24000 km  

d. 18000 km 

Answer- 42000km

Que- According to Einstein, the gravitational interaction is possible between_______________?  

a. material objects only  

b. material objects and electromagnetic radiation only  

c. electromagnetic radiations  

d. none of the above 

Answer- material objects and electromagnetic radiation only

Que- One radian is equal to______________?  

a. 67.3°  

b. 57.3°  

c. 87.3°  

d. 60° 

Answer- 57.3°

Que- The period of a circular motion is given by_______________?  

a. T = πv  

b. T = πw  

c. T = 2πr  

d. T = 2πr/v 

Answer- T = 2πr/v

Que- The direction of the linear velocity of a body moving in a circle is______________?  

a. along the axis of rotation  

b. along the tangent  

c. directed towards the centre  

d. directed away from the centre 

Answer- along the tangent

Que- hen a body moves in a circle, the angle between its linear velocity and angular velocity is always_______________? 0W 

a. 180°  

b. 0°  

c. 90°  

d. 45° 

Answer- 90°

Que- The circumference subtends an angle________________?  

a. π radian  

b. 2π radian  

c. π/2 radian  

d. 4π radian 

Answer- 2π radian

Que- The relation between linear and angular acceleration is______________?  

a. a = a x r  

b. a = r x a  

c. a = a x r  

d. r = a x a 

Answer- a = a x r

Que- When a body is whirled in a horizontal circle by means of a string the centripetal force is supplied by______________?  

a. Mass of a body  

b. Velocity of body  

c. The tension in the string  

d. Centripetal acceleration 

Answer- The tension in the string

Que- Centripetal force performs_______________?  

a. Maximum work  

b. Minimum work  

c. Negative work  

d. No work 

Answer- No work

Que- When a body moves in a circle of radius r with linear speed V its centripetal force is_______________?  

a. mV/r2  

b. mV/r  

c. mV2/r  

d. mV2/r2 

Answer- mV2/r

Que- A stone is whirled in a vertical circle at the end of a string. When the stone is at the highest position the tension in the string is______________?  

a. Maximum  

b. Zero  

c. Equal to the weight of the stone  

d. Less than the weight of the stone 

Answer- Equal to the weight of the stone

Que- The span of the broad jump depends upon_______________?  

a. Mass of the jumper  

b. Height of jump  

c. Angle of projection  

d. None 

Answer- Angle of projection

Que- In case of planets the necessary acceleration is provided by______________?  

a. Gravitational force  

b. Frictional force  

c. Coulomb force  

d. Centripetal force 

Answer- Gravitational force

Que- If a car moves with a uniform speed of 2 ms-1 in a circle of radius 0.4. Its angular speed is______________?  

a. 4 rad. S-1  

b. 5 rad. S-1  

c. 1.6 rad. S-1  

d. 2.8 ms-1 

Answer- 5 rad. S-1

Que- A body can have constant velocity when it follows a_____________?  

a. Elliptical path  

b. Circular path  

c. Parabolic path  

d. Rectilinear path 

Answer- Rectilinear path

Que- A body moving along the circumference of a circle completes two revolutions. If the radius of the circular path is R the ration of displacement to the covered path will be_____________?  

a. πR  

b. 2π R  

c. 0  

d. 4πR 

Answer- 0

Que- The angular speed for daily rotation of the earth in rad S-1 is______________?  

a. 7.3 x 10 radians/second  

b. 7.3 x 5 radians/second  

c. 3.7 x 10 7.3 x 5 radians/second  

d. 7.3 x 10-5 radians/second 

Answer- 7.3 x 10-5 radians/second

Que- When a wheel 1 m in diameter makes 30 rev min the linear speed of the point on its rim in ms-1 is_______________?  

a. 2π  

b. π/2  

c. π  

d. 20π 

Answer- π/2

Que- A cyclist cycling around a circular racing track skids because_____________?  

a. the centripetal force upon him is less than limiting friction  

b. the centripetal force upon him is greater than limiting friction  

c. the centripetal force upon him is equal to the limiting friction  

d. the friction between the tyres of the cycle and road vanishes 

Answer- the centripetal force upon him is greater than limiting friction

Que- If a wheel of radius r turns through an angle of 30° then the distance through which any point on its rim moves is______________?  

a. π /3 x r  

b. π/6 x r  

c. V/30 x r  

d. π / 180 x r 

Answer- π/6 x r

Que- In an angular motion, Newton's second law of motion is_____________?  

a. F=ma  

b. F=τp/It  

c. Στ = I α  

d. All above 

Answer- Στ = I α

Que- The angular speed of seconds hand of a watch in rads-1 is______________?  

a. π  

b. π/2  

c. π/30  

d. π/180 

Answer- π/30

Que- The shaft of a motor rotates at a constant angular speed of 360rev/min. Angle turned through in 1 sec in radian is________________?  

a. π  

b. 3π  

c. 6π  

d. 12π 

Answer- 12π

Que- What is the outward force acting on a mass of 10 kg when rotating at one end an inelastic string 10m long at speed of 1m/s ?  

a. 1N  

b. 10N  

c. 2N  

d. 100N 

Answer- 1N

Que- If we whirl a stone at the end of a string in the vertical circle, it is likely to break when the stone is________________?  

a. At the highest point  

b. At the lowest point  

c. At any point during motion  

d. At the point where gravity is not acting 

Answer- At the lowest point

Que- Moving along the circumference of a circle completes two revolutions. If the radius of the circular path is R, the ratio of displacement to the covered path will be_______________?  

a. πR  

b. 2πR  

c. 0  

d. 4πR 

Answer- 0

Que- A man of weight W is standing on an elevator which is ascending with an acceleration a. The apparent weight of the man is_______________?  

a. mg  

b. mg – ma  

c. mg + ma  

d. mg – ma 

Answer- mg + ma

Que- Who discovered the inverse square law for gravity ?  

a. Einstein  

b. Galileo  

c. Newtons  

d. Plank 

Answer- Newtons

Que- The planet nearest to the earth is______________?  

a. Venus  

b. Mercury  

c. Uranus  

d. Sun 

Answer- Venus

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