Design of Masonry Structure Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

Design of Masonry Structure

 1. What is defined as the current assets minus inventories and prepaid expenses ?. 

A. Profit margin ratio
B. Price-earnings ratio
C. Return of investment ratio
D. Quick ratio. 
Answer = Quick ratio

2. The effective height of free standing nonload bearing wall and column respectively will be_________________?. 
A. 1.OH and 1.OH
B. 1.5Handl.5H
C. 2.0Handl.5H
D. 2.0H and 2.0H. 
Answer = 2.0H and 2.0H

3. The thickness of each leaf of a cavity wall shall not be less than_________________?. 
A. 5 cm
B. 7.5 cm
C. 10 cm
D. 15 cm. 
Answer = 7.5 cm

4. A free standing brick wall 20 cm thick is subjected to a wind pressure of 75kg/m2. The maximum height of wall from stability consideration is___________________?. 
A. 0.64 m
B. 0.96 m
C. 1.28 m
D. 1.5 m. 
Answer = 0.64 m

5. If the eccentricity ratio is more than 1/24, then increase in the permissible stress in the design of wall subjected to eccentric loading as per code is_________________?. 
A. 10%
B. 25%
C. 33 1/3%
D. 50%. 
Answer = 25%

6. The mode of failure of a very short masonry member having h/t ratio of less than 4 is by _______________?. 
A. shear
B. vertical tensile splitting
C. buckling
D. any of the above. 
Answer = shear

7. The timber floor not spanning on the masonry wall but properly anchored to the wall gives________________?. 
A. lateral restraint but not rotational restraint
B. rotational restraint but not lateral restraint
C. both lateral and rotational restraints
D. neither lateral nor rotational restraint. 
Answer = lateral restraint but not rotational restraint

8. Which of the following will give higher ratio of brickwork strength to mortar strength ?. 
A. 1 : % : 3
B. 1 : Vz: 4>/2
C. 1:1:6
D. 1:2:9. 
Answer = 1:2:9

9. Minimum compressive strength in N/mm2 for H1 type mortar used for masonry is_______________?. 
A. 3
B. 5
C. 7.5
D. 10. 
Answer = 10

10. For earthquake resistant masonry buildings, the vertical distance between openings one above the other in a load bearing wall shall not be less than_________________?. 
A. 50 cm
B. 60 cm
C. 75 cm
D. 100 cm. 
Answer = 60 cm
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