Embedded System MCQ Quiz with Answers


Embedded System MCQ Quiz with Answers

1. Which one of the following offers CPUs as integrated memory or peripheral interfaces?. 

A. Microcontroller. 

B. Microprocessor. 

C. Embedded system. 

D. Memory system. 

Answer= Microcontroller

2. Which of the following offers external chips for memory and peripheral interface circuits?. 

A. Microcontroller. 

B. Microprocessor. 

C. Peripheral system. 

D. Embedded system. 

Answer= Microprocessor

3. How many bits does an MC6800 family have?. 

A. 16. 

B. 32. 

C. 4. 

D. 8. 

Answer= 8

4. Which of the following is a 4-bit architecture?. 

A. MC6800. 

B. 8086. 

C. 80386. 

D. National COP series. 

Answer= National COP series

5. What is CISC?. 

A. Computing instruction set complex. 

B. Complex instruction set computing. 

C. Complimentary instruction set computing. 

D. Complex instruction set complementary. 

Answer= Complex instruction set computing

6. How is the protection and security for an embedded system made?. 

A. OTP. 

B. IPR. 

C. Memory disk security. 

D. Security chips. 

Answer= IPR

7. Which of the following possesses a CISC architecture?. 

A. MC68020. 

B. ARC. 

C. Atmel AVR. 

D. Blackfin. 

Answer= MC68020

8. Which of the following is a RISC architecture?. 

A. 80286. 


C. Zilog Z80. 

D. 80386. 

Answer= MIPS

9. Which one of the following is board based system?. 

A. Data bus. 

B. Address bus. 

C. VMEbus. 

D. DMA bus. 

Answer= VMEbus

10. VME bus stands for. 

A. Versa module Europa bus. 

B. Versa module embedded bus. 

C. Vertical module embedded bus. 

D. Vertical module Europa bus. 

Answer= Versa module Europa bus

11. It retains its content when power is removed. What type of memory is this?. 

A. Volatile memory. 

B. Nonvolatile memory. 

C. RAM. 


Answer= Nonvolatile memory

12. Name a volatile memory.. 

A. RAM. 


C. ROM. 


Answer= RAM

13. Name a nonvolatile memory.. 

A. ROM. 

B. RAM. 



Answer= ROM

14. The initial routine is often referred to as. 

A.  Initial program. 

B. Bootstrap program. 

C. Final program. 

D. Initial embedded program. 

Answer= Bootstrap program

15. What kind of socket does an external EPROM to plugged in for prototyping?. 

A. Piggyback. 

B. Single socket. 

C. Multi-socket. 

D. Piggyback reset socket. 

Answer= Piggyback

16. Which one of the following is UV erasable?. 

A. Flash memory. 




Answer= EPROM

17. What kind of memory does an OTP have?. 


B. RAM. 



Answer= EPROM

18. Which type of memory is suitable for low volume production of embedded systems?. 

A. ROM. 

B. Volatile. 

C. Non-volatile. 

D. RAM. 

Answer= Non-volatile

19. Which is the single device capable of providing prototyping support for a range of microcontroller?. 

A. ROM. 

B. Umbrella device. 

C. OTP. 

D. RAM. 

Answer= Umbrella device

20. What type of memory is suitable for high volume production?. 

A. RAM. 

B. ROM. 



Answer= ROM

21. What type of memory is suitable for medium volume production?. 

A. Umbrella devices. 

B. OTP. 

C. ROM. 

D. RAM. 

Answer= OTP

22. How an embedded system communicate with the outside world?. 

A. Peripherals. 

B. Memory. 

C. Input. 

D. Output. 

Answer= Peripherals

23. How the input terminals are associated with external environments?. 

A. Actuators. 

B. Sensors. 

C. Inputs. 

D. Outputs. 

Answer= Sensors

24. Which of the following are external pins whose logic state can be controlled by the processor to either be a logic zero or logic one is known as. 

A. Analogue value. 

B. Display values. 

C. Binary values. 

D. Time derived digital outputs. 

Answer= Binary values

25. What kind of visual panel is used for seven segmented display?. 

A. LED. 

B. LCD. 

C. Binary output. 

D. Analogue output. 

Answer= LCD

26. Which one of the following is a microcontroller from Motorola?. 

A. MC68HC05. 

B. 4004. 


D. 8080. 

Answer= MC68HC05

27. Which is the first microcontroller?. 

A. 8051. 

B. Arm. 

C. TMS1000. 

D. Intel 4004. 

Answer= TMS1000

28. How many bits does MC68HC05 possess?. 

A. 4. 

B. 8. 

C. 16. 

D. 32. 

Answer= 8

29. What is the bit size of the program counter in MC68HC05?. 

A. 7. 

B. 9. 

C. 13. 

D. 17. 

Answer= 13

30. Which of the following microcontroller is used in engine management system?. 

A. MC68HC05. 

B. MC68HC11. 

C. Intel 80286. 

D. Intel 8086. 

Answer= MC68HC11

31. Which is the concatenated register of MC68HC11?. 

A. D. 

B. X. 

C. IP. 

D. DI. 

Answer= D

32. What does CCR stand for?. 

A. Condition code register. 

B. Computing code register. 

C. Complex code register. 

D. Code control register. 

Answer= Condition code register

33. How many bytes of EPROM does MC68HC7054A possess?. 

A. 176 bytes. 

B. 240 bytes. 

C. 4144 bytes. 

D. 1024 bytes. 

Answer= 4144 bytes

34. Which of the following is an 8-bit command in MC68HC11?. 

A.  Add. 

B. Shift. 

C. Multiply. 

D. Subtract. 

Answer= Multiply

35. Which one of the following is an asynchronous communication channel?. 

A. SPI. 

B. MUDs. 

C. MOO. 


Answer= SPI

36. Which of the following microprocessor is designed by Zilog?. 

A. Z80. 

B. Zigbee. 

C. 80386. 

D. 8087. 

Answer= Z80

37. Z80 is mainly based on. 

A. Intel 8080. 



D. 8051. 

Answer= Intel 8080

38. Flag register of Z80 is also known as. 

A. Program status register. 

B. Program status address. 

C. Program status word. 

D. Program address register. 

Answer= Program status word

39. What are the two register sets used in Z80?. 

A. C'D' and BC'. 

B. CD and BD. 

C. IV and MR. 

D. Main and alternate. 

Answer= Main and alternate

40. What is the purpose of memory refresh register of Z80?. 

A. To control on-chip DRAM. 

B. To control on-chip SRAM. 

C. To control ROM. 

D. To  clear cache. 

Answer= To control on-chip DRAM

41. What is the clock frency of Z80?. 

A. 6 MHz. 

B. 8 MHz. 

C. 4 MHz. 

D. 2 MHz. 

Answer= 4 MHz

42. Which are the two additional registers of Z80?. 

A. Interrupt and NMI. 

B. NMI and PSW. 

C. Interrupt vector and memory refresh. 

D. NMI and memory refresh. 

Answer= Interrupt vector and memory refresh

43. By which instruction does the switching of registers take place?. 

A. Instruction opcodes. 

B. AXX instruction. 

C. EXX instruction. 

D. Register instruction. 

Answer= EXX instruction

44. Which of the following can be a paired set of 16-bit register?. 

A. CD. 

B. HL. 

C. AB. 

D. EH. 

Answer= HL

45. Which signal is used to differentiates the access from a normal memory cycle?. 





Answer= IORQ

46. What is done in mode1 of Z80?. 

A. Interrupt vector is supplied via the external bus. 

B. Interrupt vector is supplied via the peripherals. 

C. NMI gets started. 

D. Interrupt gets acknowledge from peripheral. 

Answer= Interrupt vector is supplied via the external bus

47. What does m1 signal in Z80 describes?. 

A. I/O operation status. 

B. Memory refresh output. 

C. Output pulse on instruction fetch cycle. 

D. Interrupt rest input. 

Answer= Output pulse on instruction fetch cycle

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