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English Literature MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- Who translated Utopia in English language ? 

a. Thomas More  

b. Thomas lodge  

c. Ralph Robinson  

d. William Tyndale 

Answer- Ralph Robinson

Que- Who born in 1422 ? 

a. William Caxton  

b. Robert Henry  

c. John Lyly  

d. Thomas more 

Answer- William Caxton

Que- Renaissance is a ? 

a. French word  

b. Italian word  

c. Greek word  

d. Spanish word 

Answer- French word

Que- Which powerful figure does Faustus ridicule with his new-found powers ? 

a. The Pope  

b. The Holy Roman Emperor  

c. The King of England  

d. The King of France 

Answer- The Pope

Que- What does Faustus promise to the devil in exchange for great knowledge, riches and power for a period of 24 years ? 

a. his body  

b. his house  

c. his soul  

d. his horse 

Answer- his soul

Que- Faustus' servant shares his name with a famous German composer. Who ? 

a. Bach  

b. Schumann  

c. Beethoven  

d. Wagner 

Answer- Wagner

Que- When, is it estimated, was 'Dr Faustus' first performed ? 

a. 1594 

b. 1604 

c. 1590 

d. 1593 

Answer- 1594

Que- Who wrote following lines: "_________ I am involved in mankind: and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." ? 

a. John Donne  

b. John Milton  

c. Earnest Hemingway  

d. Lawrence 

Answer- John Donne

Que- The first regular English comedy, based on the model of the Latin comedy, is attributed to___________? 

a. Nicholas Udall  

b. Thomas Colwell  

c. Lord Burghley  

d. none of the above 

Answer- Nicholas Udall

Que- What is the meaning of "Renaissance" ? 

a. Rebirth, revival and re-awaking  

b. Reveal, revel and reverie  

c. Raillery, renunciation and recoup  

d. none of the above 

Answer- Rebirth, revival and re-awaking

Que- Shakespeare made Stratford his regular home in ? 

a. About 1611  

b. About 1610  

c. About 1609  

d. About 1608 

Answer- About 1610

Que- Who declared him as Britain's greatest dramatist in 1598 ? 

a. Queen Elizabeth  

b. Francis Meres, a lawyer  

c. Burbage, an actor  

d. King James 

Answer- Francis Meres, a lawyer

Que- Shakespeare's only son Hamnet died in_____________? 

a. 1595 

b. 1596 

c. 1597 

d. 1598 

Answer- 1596

Que- Ann Hathaway was____________years older than Shakespeare? 

a. 7 

b. 8 

c. 9 

d. 10 

Answer- 8

Que- William Shakespeare was______________ child of John and Mary? 

a. second  

b. fourth  

c. third  

d. fifth 

Answer- fourth

Que- Who of the following is known as Child Of Renaissance ? 

a. Marlowe  

b. Milton  

c. Spencer  

d. Johnson 

Answer- Spencer

Que- Spencer married in June 11, 1594 to _______________? 

a. Elizabeth Wilton D/O Lord Grey De Wilton  

b. Elizabeth Raleigh D/O Walter Raleigh  

c. Elizabeth Boyle D/O James Boyle  

d. Elizabeth Boyle D/O Richard Boyle 

Answer- Elizabeth Boyle D/O James Boyle

Que- In "Paradise regained" who regained the paradise ? 

a. Satan  

b. Jesus  

c. Adam and Eve  

d. Only Adam 

Answer- Adam and Eve

Que- On his blindness, a collection of sonnets is written by ? 

a. Edmund Spenser  

b. John Milton  

c. Shakespeare  

d. Sir Philip Sidney 

Answer- John Milton

Que- The collection of the papers and correspondence of a well-to-do Norfolk family is known as ? 

a. Letters to the Margret Paston  

b. Margret Paston to John Paston  

c. The Paston letters  

d. To John Paston 

Answer- The Paston letters

Que- Who succeeded Lyly ? 

a. Robert Greene  

b. John Milton  

c. Philip Sidney  

d. Christopher Marlowe 

Answer- Robert Greene

Que- In "the tragic history of Doctor Faustus". Faustus was a ? 

a. German scholar  

b. French scholar  

c. Spanish scholar  

d. Greek scholar 

Answer- German scholar

Que- Thomas kyd (1558-95) achieved great popularity with which of his first work ? 

a. The Rare Triumphs of love and fortune  

b. The Spanish Tragedy  

c. Jeronimo  

d. Cornelia 

Answer- The Spanish Tragedy

Que- Which book Edmund Spenser dedicated to the Philip Sidney ? 

a. The Faerie Queene  

b. The shepheaedes Calendar  

c. Complaints  

d. Colin Clouts come home again 

Answer- The shepheaedes Calendar

Que- The Prince Of Poets in his time, on whom grave the inscription is given ? 

a. Sir Philip Sidney  

b. John Milton  

c. Edmund Spencer  

d. John Donne 

Answer- Edmund Spencer

Que- Astrophel and Stella is a ? 

a. Allegory  

b. Epic  

c. Sonnet  

d. Ballad 

Answer- Sonnet

Que- Who wrote "Mirror for Magistrates" ? 

a. Thomas Sacville  

b. Thomas Wyatt  

c. Thomas lodge  

d. Thomas Kyde 

Answer- Thomas Sacville

Que- The first complete version of Bible in English language was made by ? 

a. Wyclif  

b. Thomas more  

c. John Lyly  

d. Robert Greene 

Answer- Wyclif

Que- Utopia was first printed in ? 

a. 1615 

b. 1516 

c. 1517 

d. 1518 

Answer- 1516

Que- Which century is known as Dawn of Renaissance ? 

a. 14 th  

b. 15 th  

c. 16 th  

d. 14 th and 16 th 

Answer- 15 th

Que- Renaissance first came to the ? 

a. France  

b. Italy  

c. England  

d. Rome 

Answer- Italy

Que- Which of the following qualities would most accurately describe Faustus' character at the beginning of the play ? 

a. kind  

b. stupid  

c. sensitive  

d. arrogant 

Answer- arrogant

Que- Faustus asks two magicians to aid him in summoning the devil. What are their names ? 

a. Valdes and Cornelius  

b. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern  

c. Troilus and Cressida  

d. Pyramus and Thisbe 

Answer- Valdes and Cornelius

Que- At what famous university is Faustus a scholar ? 

a. Wittenburg  

b. Sorbonne  

c. Heidelberg  

d. Cambridge 

Answer- Wittenburg

Que- In what country is 'Dr Faustus' based ? 

a. England  

b. Italy  

c. France  

d. Germany 

Answer- Germany

Que- Which of the Marlowe's plays were written in collaboration with Thomas Nash ? 

a. Queen of Carthage and The passionate Shepherd.  

b. The tragedy of Dido and Queen of Carthage.  

c. The passionate Shepherd and The tragedy of Dido.  

d. Queen of Carthage and The Massacre of Paris 

Answer- The tragedy of Dido and Queen of Carthage.

Que- University Wits were those who ? 

a. Had training at two universities  

b. gave curriculum of two universities  

c. Erected two universities  

d. none of the above 

Answer- Had training at two universities

Que- Through his magic, Faustus is visited first by which of the devil's angels ? 

a. Mephastophilis  

b. beelzebub  

c. Aamon  

d. none of the above 

Answer- Mephastophilis

Que- What was the occupation of Christopher Marlowe's father ? 

a. Carpenter  

b. Civil servant  

c. Cobbler  

d. Farmer 

Answer- Cobbler

Que- How many children did Shakespeare have ? 

a. 3 

b. 5 

c. 8 

d. 12 

Answer- 3

Que- From where Christopher Marlowe received his early Education ? 

a. Corpus Christi College  

b. Cambridge  

c. oxford  

d. witternburg 

Answer- Corpus Christi College

Que- What was the first published title of Christopher Marlow's play The Jew of Malta ? 

a. The Tragedy of the Jew of Malta  

b. The Tragedy of the Rich Jew of Malta  

c. The Famous Tragedy of the Rich Jew of Malta  

d. The Story of the Rich Jew of Malta 

Answer- The Famous Tragedy of the Rich Jew of Malta

Que- At what age did Christopher Marlow die ? 

a. 33 

b. 29 

c. 47 

d. 54 

Answer- 29

Que- When did Christopher Marlow die ? 

a. 30 May 1593  

b. 12 September 1598  

c. 26 April 1601  

d. 15 February 1611 

Answer- 30 May 1593

Que- When was Christopher Marlowe baptized ? 

a. 26 February 1564  

b. 12 January 1569  

c. 30 April 1560  

d. 10 October 1547 

Answer- 26 February 1564

Que- From which institution did Christopher Marlow receive Bachelor of Arts degree in 1584 ? 

a. Oxford University  

b. Trinity College  

c. Corpus Christi College  

d. Queens college 

Answer- Corpus Christi College

Que- Which was Marlowe's first play ? 

a. Dr.Faustus  

b. Tamburlaine  

c. The Tragedy of Dido  

d. The Jew of Malta, 

Answer- Tamburlaine

Que- Marlow died of ? 

a. Illness  

b. stabbing  

c. poisoned  

d. Hanged 

Answer- stabbing

Que- What is Christopher Marlowe's Nationality ? 

a. British  

b. German  

c. Dutch  

d. American 

Answer- British

Que- Which one of the following dramas attributed to Christopher Marlow is believed to have been his first ? 

a. The Jew of Malta  

b. Dido, Queen of Carthage  

c. Edward the Second  

d. Tamburlaine the Great 

Answer- Dido, Queen of Carthage

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