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English Literature MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- Who is Bertram's main companion throughout much of the play, "All's Well that Ends Well" ? 

a. Parolles  

b. Lafew  

c. The First Lord  

d. The Clown 

Answer- Parolles

Que- What country does the play, "All's Well that Ends Well," take place in ? 

a. England  

b. Denmark  

c. Spain  

d. France 

Answer- France

Que- In "A Midsummer Night's Dream," who is Nick Bottom ? 

a. An Athenian craftsman  

b. A professional actor  

c. A Duke  

d. An Amazonian 

Answer- An Athenian craftsman

Que- In the play, "Twelfth Night," who rescues Sebastian after his shipwreck ? 

a. Antonio  

b. Maria  

c. Olivia  

d. None of the above 

Answer- Antonio

Que- In the play, "Twelfth Night," who is Sebastian ? 

a. Viola's twin brother  

b. Viola's eventual lover  

c. A clown  

d. Olivia's uncle 

Answer- Viola's twin brother

Que- In the play, "Twelfth Night," what country is Orisono from ? 

a. France  

b. Denmark  

c. Illyria  

d. England 

Answer- Illyria

Que- In the play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream," where is Helena from ? 

a. Paris  

b. Naples  

c. Athens  

d. London 

Answer- Athens

Que- Fill in the blank. In the play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream," Puck is also known as_____________? 

a. Oberon  

b. Robin Goodfellow  

c. Demetrius  

d. Hermia 

Answer- Robin Goodfellow

Que- Fill in the blank. According to Dr. Debora Schwartz, Greek "old comedy" was often characterized as being ? 

a. Highly sexual  

b. Not comedic at all  

c. Satirical and political  

d. Grounded in religion 

Answer- Satirical and political

Que- William Shakespeare's father primarily worked as which of the following ? 

a. A politician  

b. A teacher  

c. A glover  

d. A professional actor 

Answer- A glover

Que- Who was Shakespeare's wife ? 

a. Elizabeth Marlowe  

b. Joan Shakespeare  

c. Anne Hathaway  

d. Juliet Shakespeare 

Answer- Anne Hathaway

Que- Who is the author of "The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus" ? 

a. Christopher Marlow  

b. William Shakespeare  

c. Philip Sidney  

d. The Earl of Oxford 

Answer- Christopher Marlow

Que- Which of the following playwrights is thought to have had the greatest influence on Shakespeare ? 

a. Ben Johnson  

b. Christopher Marlow  

c. Philip Sidney  

d. Thomas Kyd 

Answer- Christopher Marlow

Que- Which group was at the bottom of England's social hierarchy during Shakespeare's early years ? 

a. Nobility  

b. Peasants  

c. Yeomen  

d. The gentry 

Answer- Peasants

Que- What religion had the most political and social power in Shakespeare's time ? 

a. Catholicism  

b. Buddhism  

c. Protestantism  

d. Mormonism 

Answer- Protestantism

Que- What does the term "renaissance" mean ? 

a. Death  

b. Theater  

c. Drama  

d. Rebirth 

Answer- Rebirth

Que- Shakespeare was the author of which of the following plays ? 

a. Doctor Faustus  

b. The Faerie Queen  

c. Titus Andronicus  

d. The Jew of Malta 

Answer- Titus Andronicus

Que- In drama, what is a "climax" ? 

a. The conclusion of a play  

b. The end of the first scene of a play  

c. The first death on stage in a play  

d. The turning point of the action in the play 

Answer- The conclusion of a play

Que- Both Shakespeare and Christopher Marlow are thought to have been born in what year ? 

a. 1564 

b. 1580 

c. 1577 

d. 1550 

Answer- 1564

Que- What literary genre is Shakespeare's "Venus and Adonis" ? 

a. Short story  

b. Tragedy play  

c. Comedy play  

d. Poetry 

Answer- Poetry

Que- Which of the following statements about a sonnet is false ? 

a. A sonnet is a poem consisting of 14 lines.  

b. A Shakespearean sonnet consists of the rhyme scheme a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-ef,g-g.  

c. A sonnet is only written in Italian.  

d. The last two lines of a sonnet are a rhyming couplet. 

Answer- A sonnet is only written in Italian.

Que- Which of the following poems is considered to be the most neglected of Shakespeare's ? 

a. A Lover's Complaint  

b. Venus and Adonis  

c. The Phoenix and Turtle  

d. The Rape of Lucrece 

Answer- A Lover's Complaint

Que- Where does the sonnet form originate from ? 

a. England  

b. Spain  

c. France  

d. Italy 

Answer- Italy

Que- Shakespeare's "Sonnet 153" is what kind of poem ? 

a. A poem about death  

b. A poem about love  

c. A poem about writing poetry  

d. A poem about Shakespeare and his father 

Answer- A poem about love

Que- Shakespeare often employed which of the following stylistic forms in his dramas ? 

a. Blank verse  

b. Old English  

c. Authorial narration  

d. Prose 

Answer- Blank verse

Que- In Shakespeare's "Venus and Adonis," how is Adonis killed ? 

a. In a hunting accident  

b. By Venus  

c. By execution  

d. By old age 

Answer- In a hunting accident

Que- How many sonnets are attributed to Shakespeare ? 

a. 12 

b. 67 

c. 154 

d. 200 

Answer- 154

Que- Fill in the blank. The plot of "Venus and Adonis" is based on passages from_____________? 

a. The Bible  

b. A Christopher Marlowe play  

c. Ovid's Metamorphoses  

d. An early Shakespeare play 

Answer- Ovid's Metamorphoses

Que- Blank verse refers to which of the following ? 

a. Prose  

b. Unrhymed iambic pentameter  

c. Rhyming verse  

d. Rhyming couplets 

Answer- Unrhymed iambic pentameter

Que- What century does the play, "Henry V," take place in ? 

a. 15th century  

b. 16th century  

c. 14th century  

d. 17th century 

Answer- 15th century

Que- In the play, "Richard III," who speaks of "the winter of our discontent" (I.i.1) ? 

a. Richmond  

b. Queen Elizabeth  

c. Richard III  

d. The princes 

Answer- Richard III

Que- In the play, "Richard III," who is Richard's elder brother ? 

a. Clarence  

b. King Edward IV  

c. Tyrell  

d. Richmond 

Answer- King Edward IV

Que- In the play, "Richard III," who is manipulated into marrying Richard ? 

a. Lady Anne  

b. Queen Elizabeth  

c. Duchess of York  

d. Margaret 

Answer- Lady Anne

Que- In the play, "Henry V," who states that "If we are marked to die, we are enough/To do our country loss__________" (IV.iii.20-21) ? 

a. Falstaff  

b. Henry V  

c. Nim  

d. Catherine 

Answer- Henry V

Que- In the play, "Henry V," who is the daughter of the King of France ? 

a. Catherine  

b. Alice  

c. The Hostess  

d. Nim 

Answer- Catherine

Que- In the play, "Henry V," what country does Henry wish to conquer ? 

a. England  

b. Spain  

c. France  

d. Denmark 

Answer- France

Que- In the play "Richard III," where does Richard imprison the young princes ? 

a. In a tower  

b. In a pit  

c. In a prison  

d. In another country 

Answer- In a tower

Que- Dr. Ian Johnson suggests which of the following ideas about the play, "Henry V" ? 

a. That it is a satire of European monarchies  

b. That none of the characters undergo a remarkable shift in personality over the course of the play  

c. That it is historically accurate  

d. That it is an incomplete play and possibly not authored by Shakespeare 

Answer- That none of the characters undergo

Que- Hamlet is considered to be what kind of play ? 

a. Comedy  

b. History  

c. Tragedy  

d. Epic poem 

Answer- Tragedy

Que- Who is King of Scotland at the start of the play, "Macbeth" ? 

a. Macbeth  

b. Banquo  

c. Duncan  

d. Donalbain 

Answer- Duncan

Que- The play, "Hamlet," takes place in which of the following countries ? 

a. Denmark  

b. Norway  

c. England  

d. France 

Answer- Denmark

Que- In "Hamlet," who says that "something is rotten in the state of Denmark" ? 

a. Claudius  

b. Horatio  

c. Hamlet  

d. Marcellus 

Answer- Marcellus

Que- In "Hamlet," what is Hamlet's uncle's name ? 

a. Polonius  

b. Claudius  

c. Horatio  

d. Fortinbras 

Answer- Claudius

Que- In the play, "Macbeth," who becomes king immediately after Duncan's murder ? 

a. Macbeth  

b. Banquo  

c. Macduff  

d. Malcolm 

Answer- Macbeth

Que- In the play, "Macbeth," who asks "Whence is that knocking?" (2.11.55) 

a. Macbeth  

b. Lady Macbeth  

c. Duncan  

d. Macduff 

Answer- Macbeth

Que- In the play, "Macbeth," according to the witches, who will inherit the Scottish throne ? 

a. The children of Macbeth  

b. The children of Banquo  

c. The children of Macduff  

d. The children of the witches 

Answer- The children of Banquo

Que- In the play, "Hamlet," what is the name of Polonius's daughter ? 

a. Laertes  

b. Ophelia  

c. Gertrude  

d. Fortinbras 

Answer- Ophelia

Que- Fill in the blank. In the play, "Macbeth," a number of characters refer to the Three Witches as________________? 

a. The violent trio  

b. The Fatal Sisters  

c. The Weird Sisters  

d. The Dead Sisters 

Answer- The Weird Sisters

Que- Who is the heroine of the play, "All'sWell that Ends Well" ? 

a. Helena  

b. Gertrude  

c. Parolles  

d. Mariana 

Answer- Helena

Que- Who is the central heroine of the play, "Twelfth Night" ? 

a. Viola  

b. Orsino  

c. Maria  

d. Feste 

Answer- Viola

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