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English Literature MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- Occom says he was discriminated against as a missionary and minister. What proof does he present to illustrate the unfair treatment of Native American ministers ? 

a. Establishment of puritans  

b. Establishment of autobiography  

c. Establishment of Indian praying towns  

d. Establishment of self- reliance 

Answer- Establishment of Indian praying towns

Que- Postmodern writing often uses and as literary devices ? 

a. Black humor; metafiction.  

b. Metaphors; verbal irony.  

c. Hyperbole; Personification.  

d. Symbolism; Imagery. 

Answer- Black humor; metafiction.

Que- This mode of discourse is used to explain. (Example: repair manuals) ? 

a. Connotation  

b. Constitution  

c. Convocation  

d. Exposition 

Answer- Exposition

Que- Hawthorne's ancestors are associated with what historical American event ? 

a. History of puritans  

b. History of slavery  

c. Transcendentalism  

d. None of the above 

Answer- History of puritans

Que- Walt Whitman's style of writing is known as______________? 

a. Experimental  

b. Expressionistic  

c. Lethargic  

d. Modernistic 

Answer- Experimental

Que- We associate William Bradford with what colonial settlement ? 

a. Plymouth  

b. Mayflower compact  

c. Massachusetts Bay Colony  

d. Rhode Island 

Answer- Plymouth

Que- Left the house of the subscriber, bounden servant, Hezekiah Mudge—had on when he went away, grey coat, leather breeches, master's third best hat. One pound currency reward to whoever shall lodge him in any jail in the province. Hezekiah Mudge is a "bounden servant," meaning that he is bound by contract to be a servant (essentially a willing slave) for seven years in repayment for____________? 

a. Freedom  

b. Escape from enslavement  

c. Transportation to the colonies  

d. Dropping charges for murder 

Answer- Transportation to the colonies

Que- We paused before a House that seemed A Swelling of the Ground – The Roof was scarcely visible – The Cornice – in the Ground – What is Cornice ? 

a. Cracks in the ground  

b. Decorative molding beneath a roof  

c. Dust  

d. Stolen goods 

Answer- Decorative molding beneath a roof

Que- This mode of discourse presents details that appeal to the senses______________? 

a. Description  

b. Metaphor  

c. Persuation  

d. Narration 

Answer- Description

Que- Who is the narrator in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby (1925) ? 

a. Gatsby  

b. Nick  

c. Buchannan  

d. None of the above 

Answer- Nick

Que- What statement below best sums up the literary significance of Samon Occum ? 

a. Indian autobiography  

b. Most popular slave narrative  

c. First african american to speak to mixed audience  

d. None of the aboveE. All of the above 

Answer- Indian autobiography

Que- Themes in modern literature are_____________? 

a. pretension  

b. nostalgia  

c. national identity  

d. All the above 

Answer- All the above

Que- Bear is supposed to be brave, so how does Hare trick him into being afraid ? 

a. Hare told him of a large beast living near Bear's home.  

b. Hare took out his quiver and showed him four arrows.  

c. Hare told thim that the country is full of wars.  

d. Hare threated to kill him. 

Answer- Hare took out his quiver and showed him four arrows.

Que- About William Bradford__________________? 

a. Wrote the Mayflower Compact agreement  

b. Founded Jamestown  

c. Wrote about the Plymouth Plantation  

d. A and C 

Answer- A and C

Que- Which of the following is NOT a feature of the Indian autobiography genre ? 

a. Birth  

b. Assimilation  

c. Sovereignty  

d. Religious in nature 

Answer- Sovereignty

Que- What statement below best sums up the literary significance of Emily Dickinson ? 

a. oversoul  

b. Slant Rhyme  

c. True Rhyme  

d. All of the above 

Answer- Slant Rhyme

Que- It was the very witching time of night that he, heavyhearted and crestfallen, pursued his travel homeward. Far below, the Tappan Zee spread its dusky waters. In the dead hush of midnight he could hear the faint barking of a watchdog from the opposite shore. The night grew darker and darker; the stars seemed to sink deeper in the sky, and driving clouds occasionally hid them from his sight. This passage is from________________? 

a. A fairy tale  

b. An autobiography  

c. A detective story  

d. A Gothic tale 

Answer- A Gothic tale

Que- This author wrote of the Pilgrims' voyage to the New World ? 

a. Bradford Nelson  

b. William Holden  

c. Nelson Holden  

d. William Bradford 

Answer- William Bradford

Que- In what year was the Fugitive Slave Act passed ? 

a. 1784 

b. 1841 

c. 1850 

d. 1857 

Answer- 1850

Que- Who is the narrator in Melville's Moby Dick ? 

a. Captain Ahab  

b. Elijah  

c. Ishmael  

d. Gabrial 

Answer- Ishmael

Que- According to "Hare's Adventure", how does he get his "burnt buttocks" ? 

a. His buttocks was scorched by the sun which he had caught in a trap  

b. Grandmother burned him with a hot poker for being so mischievous  

c. Hare caught his own tale on fire trying to cook himself some dinner  

d. He was born that way 

Answer- His buttocks was scorched by the sun which he had caught in a trap

Que- He will give the gloom of gloom, and the sunshine of sunshine. The pronoun "He" refers to_______________? 

a. God  

b. Painter  

c. Sculptor  

d. Author 

Answer- Painter

Que- During the Revolutionary time period, what great document was written ? 

a. The first romance novel.  

b. The Declaration of Independence.  

c. Confessional poetry.  

d. The Heiner Papers 

Answer- The Declaration of Independence.

Que- Which of the following themes or ideas are closely associated with the Native American way of life ? 

a. Waste and abuse of natural resources  

b. Immoral behavior  

c. Love and respect for family and its elders  

d. Uncivilized society 

Answer- Love and respect for family and its elders

Que- Frost's poem The Road Not Taken is included in his poetical collection______________________? 

a. A Boy's Will  

b. A Witness Tree  

c. North of Boston  

d. Mountain Interval 

Answer- Mountain Interval

Que- The Manitou is a great god in this legend ? 

a. Gilgamesh  

b. Colba  

c. Odysseus  

d. Walum Olum 

Answer- Walum Olum

Que- This mode of discourse attempts to convince someone______________? 

a. Persuasion  

b. Prejudice  

c. Promise  

d. Promotion 

Answer- Persuasion

Que- Miniver Cheevy's name satirically hints at his_________________? 

a. a minimalist achievements in life  

b. magnanimous life style  

c. brave approach to life  

d. hard work and sensitivity towards the society 

Answer- a minimalist achievements in life

Que- Which definition below best defines Transcendentalism ? 

a. Reason  

b. Individualism  

c. Political thinking, philosophical, and social movement  

d. Deism, skepticism 

Answer- Political thinking, philosophical, and social movement

Que- Uncle Tom's Cabin was written by______________? 

a. Harriet Beecher Stowe  

b. Edgar Allan Poe  

c. Arthur Miller  

d. Edith Wharton 

Answer- Harriet Beecher Stowe

Que- In Saul Bellow's novel Herzog (1964), Moses Herzog is a________________? 

a. Christian  

b. Hindu  

c. Jew  

d. Afro-American 

Answer- Jew

Que- He was famed for great skill in horsemanship; he was foremost at all races and cockfights; and, with the ascendancy which bodily strength acquires in rustic life, was the umpire in all disputes. He was always ready for either a fight or a frolic, but had more mischief and good humor than ill will in his composition. Who is this ? 

a. Cotton Mather  

b. Diedrich Knickerbocker  

c. Brom Bones  

d. Geoffrey Crayon 

Answer- Brom Bones

Que- What was the original title of Hemingway's novel The Old Man and the Sea ? 

a. Fiesta  

b. The Assistant  

c. The Sea in Being  

d. Farewell to Arms 

Answer- The Sea in Being

Que- Why do people evolve a language_______________? 

a. To communicate  

b. To articulate their circumstances  

c. For existence  

d. For identifying themselves 

Answer- To articulate their circumstances

Que- All of the following are traits demonstrated by the hero except ? 

a. Obedience  

b. Patience  

c. Loyalty  

d. Jealousy 

Answer- Jealousy

Que- Name the religious group that preached to live a simple and straightforward life_________________? 

a. Mormons  

b. Catholics  

c. Puritans  

d. Druids 

Answer- Puritans

Que- Why did Bradford and the Pilgrims create Plymouth Colony ? 

a. For the land  

b. Sovereignty to establish godly kingdom as they saw fit  

c. Religious practice of the Church of England  

d. All of the above 

Answer- Sovereignty to establish godly kingdom as they saw fit

Que- Abraham Lincoln: the war Years________________? 

a. T.S. Elliot  

b. Carl Sandburg  

c. William Faulkner  

d. Wallace Stevene 

Answer- Carl Sandburg

Que- The narrator returns home during the_______________? 

a. spring  

b. Winter  

c. fall  

d. summer 

Answer- Winter

Que- Who wrote The sound and the furry ? 

a. Eugene O' Neil's  

b. William Faulkner  

c. Robert Lee frost  

d. Countee Cullen 

Answer- William Faulkner

Que- The intellectual movement that believed that the observation of nature elevates the nature of humans, that deep truths can be grasped through intuition, and that God, Nature and humanity are united in a shared universe is______________? 

a. Transcendentalism  

b. Communism  

c. Totalitarianism  

d. Feudalism 

Answer- Transcendentalism

Que- Monadnock on his forehead hoar Doth seal the sacred trust, Your mountains build their monument, Though ye destroy their dust. What is the meaning of the word "hoar" ? 

a. Scarred  

b. Grey or white with age  

c. Ancient or venerable  

d. Wrinkled with age 

Answer- Grey or white with age

Que- Whom does St. Clare give to Ophelia to educate ? 

a. Eva  

b. Prue  

c. Emmeline  

d. Topsy 

Answer- Topsy

Que- Which of these is NOT a rhetorical purpose of the Spiritual Diary Genre ? 

a. finding spiritual meaning  

b. Critic slavery  

c. Defend Slavery  

d. Both B and C 

Answer- Both B and C

Que- What story tells how Squanto taught the settler to grow corn, procure commodities and fish ? 

a. General History of Virginia  

b. Puritan Sermons  

c. The story of Plymouth Plantation  

d. Pride and Prejudice 

Answer- The story of Plymouth Plantation

Que- This character survived a massacre______________? 

a. Faith  

b. Hope  

c. Magawisca  

d. Madeline 

Answer- Hope

Que- According to the myth, which of the following are likely hunting preparation rituals that the Winnebago perform ? 

a. Burning tobacco as an offering  

b. Singing songs  

c. Entering into a trance to commune with the spirits of the natural world.  

d. All of the above 

Answer- All of the above

Que- What term describes Cassy's racial heritage ? 

a. Quadroon  

b. Mulatto  

c. Octoroon  

d. Hectoroon 

Answer- Mulatto

Que- Who is the central character in Hemingway's novel The Old Man and the Sea ? 

a. Santiago  

b. Marlin  

c. Mandolin  

d. None of the above 

Answer- Santiago

Que- Wanders in that happy valley Through two luminous windows saw Spirits moving musically To a lute's well-tunĂ©d law, Round about a throne, where sitting (Porphyrogene!) In state his glory well befitting, The sovereign of the realm was seen. What does Porphyrogene mean ? 

a. Born to be free  

b. Inflicted with the disease Porphyria  

c. Of royal birth  

d. Wearing purple robes 

Answer- Of royal birth

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