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English Literature MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- John Milton's "Paradise Regained" is most similar in linguistic style to what books from "Paradise Lost" ? 

a. Three and Four  

b. Five and Six  

c. Eight and Nine  

d. Eleven and Twelve 

Answer- Eleven and Twelve

Que- In "Samson Agonistes," the Chorus describes the approaching Dalila as beautifully and lavishly dressed to better seduce Samson. This is interesting because ? 

a. the Chorus has just stated it hates this kind of lavish, external beauty.  

b. Samson hates this kind of lavish, external beauty.  

c. Dalila usually dresses in a more understated Puritan manner.  

d. Samson is blind. 

Answer- Samson is blind.

Que- In Book One of "Paradise Lost," the narrator identifies the fallen angels or devils by what names ? 

a. Their surnames  

b. The names of pagan gods  

c. The names of foreign countries  

d. The names of the angels they will become 

Answer- The names of pagan gods

Que- What British Romantic author was particularly inspired by the work of John Milton ? 

a. William Blake  

b. Alfred Lord Tennyson  

c. Elizabeth Barrett Browning  

d. T.S. Eliot 

Answer- William Blake

Que- John Milton's "Comus" is best described by which of the following genres ? 

a. Pastoral elegy  

b. Prose polemic  

c. Blank verse tragedy  

d. Masque 

Answer- Masque

Que- Samson Agonistes is described as a "Closet Drama," which means_______________? 

a. it can be acted out on a very small stage.  

b. it was written to be read but not acted upon a stage.  

c. people will read it in secret and not publically admit they read it.  

d. it was written to be acted in a church. 

Answer- it was written to be read but not acted upon a stage.

Que- After graduating from university, John Milton toured the continent of Europe and likely met with which of the following individuals ? 

a. Michelangelo  

b. Charles II  

c. Galileo  

d. A and B 

Answer- Galileo

Que- Which of the following British monarchs was executed during the English Civil War ? 

a. Charles I  

b. Charles II  

c. Queen Anne  

d. Henry VIII 

Answer- Charles I

Que- John Milton's "L'Allegro" and "Il Penseroso" are companion poems and are both written in ? 

a. iambic pentameter  

b. tetrameter couplets  

c. heroic couplets  

d. Shakespearean sonnets 

Answer- tetrameter couplets

Que- As originally envisioned by John Milton, "Paradise Lost" would consist of how many books ? 

a. Nine  

b. Ten  

c. Eleven  

d. Twelve 

Answer- Ten

Que- In "Paradise Lost," what is the relationship between Satan and Death ? 

a. Death is Satan's father.  

b. Death is Satan's son.  

c. Death is Satan's brother.  

d. Death is Satan's daughter 

Answer- Death is Satan's son.

Que- In John Milton's "Paradise Lost," Satan assumes the character and form of what creature in order to tempt Eve to eat at the Tree of Knowledge ? 

a. A toad  

b. A serpent  

c. A lion  

d. A tiger 

Answer- A serpent

Que- In the early books of John Milton's "Paradise Lost," Satan conspires with which of the following characters ? 

a. Baal  

b. Beelzebub  

c. Michel  

d. A and B 

Answer- A and B

Que- The English Civil War was waged between what two political groups ? 

a. Royalists and Monarchists  

b. Royalists and Parliamentarians  

c. Parliamentarians and Roundheads  

d. Anarchists and Royalists 

Answer- Royalists and Parliamentarians

Que- Near the end of "Samson Agonistes," Samson has decided not to perform for attendants at a certain event when (starting with line 1381) he suddenly reverses positions and agrees to go. Why does he do this ? 

a. He experiences some "rousing motions" which might be from God.  

b. Manoa convinces him to do it or the Philistines will execute Samson.  

c. The Chorus demands he stay in his prison cell and Samson reacts against them.  

d. He wishes to see Dalila one last time in the crowd. 

Answer- He experiences some "rousing motions" which might be from God.

Que- What event occurs in the final lines of John Milton's "Paradise Lost" ? 

a. Adam and Eve hold hands and walk across an arid plain.  

b. Adam and Eve promise to be fruitful and multiply.  

c. Adam and Eve curse their God.  

d. Adam and Eve curse Satan. 

Answer- Adam and Eve hold hands and walk across an arid plain.

Que- Which of the following elements DOES NOT characterize epic poetry ? 

a. An Epic Council  

b. An "Arming of the Hero" Scene  

c. A "Tragic Recognition" Speech  

d. An Invocation to the Muse 

Answer- A "Tragic Recognition" Speech

Que- What is the meaning of Milton's work Samson Agonistes ? 

a. Theist  

b. Atheist  

c. Antagonist  

d. Wrestler 

Answer- Wrestler

Que- In whose memory did John Milton write Methought I saw my late espous├Ęd saint ? 

a. Katherine Woodcock  

b. Oliver Cromwell  

c. Edward II  

d. Mary Powell 

Answer- Katherine Woodcock

Que- Which Poem caused Milton's stature as a poet to be recognized ? 

a. Paradise Lost  

b. Il Penseroso  

c. Areopagitica  

d. Lycidas 

Answer- Paradise Lost

Que- Which college did John Milton attend ? 

a. Queens college  

b. Trinity college  

c. Christ's college  

d. Warwick college 

Answer- Christ's college

Que- When was Paradise Lost published ? 

a. 1667 

b. 1639 

c. 1669 

d. 1651 

Answer- 1667

Que- Which one of Milton's senses were lost during writing his works ? 

a. Taste  

b. Voice  

c. Hearing  

d. Vision 

Answer- Vision

Que- Whom did John Milton marry at the age of 34 ? 

a. Agnes  

b. Ann Powell  

c. Lynda  

d. Mary Powell 

Answer- Mary Powell

Que- Who did Milton have to write his works down when he became Blind ? 

a. his friends  

b. his friends  

c. his daughters  

d. his sons 

Answer- his daughters

Que- When was John Milton born ? 

a. 12 June 1628  

b. 2 May 1614  

c. 17 August 1612  

d. 9 December 1608 

Answer- 9 December 1608

Que- When did John Milton die ? 

a. 22 June 1675  

b. 9 December 1670  

c. 14 February 1669  

d. 8 November 1674 

Answer- 8 November 1674

Que- Where was John Milton born? Where was John Milton born ? 

a. London  

b. Bristol  

c. Wales  

d. Yorkshire 

Answer- London

Que- Which book was about the temptation of Christ ? 

a. L'Allegro  

b. Paradise Regained  

c. Samson Agonistes  

d. Paradise Lost 

Answer- Paradise Regained

Que- When did John Milton publish Tenure of Kings and Magistrates ? 

a. 1628 

b. 1649 

c. 1645 

d. 1637 

Answer- 1649

Que- Which famous work of John Milton's was based on the fall of man ? 

a. Paradise Regained  

b. Paradise Lost  

c. Samson Agonistes  

d. On the Late Massacre in Piedmont 

Answer- Paradise Lost

Que- Shakespeare is buried inside the ? 

a. Westminster Abbey  

b. Trinity Church  

c. Protestant Cemetery  

d. None of above 

Answer- Trinity Church

Que- By______________ Shakespeare had established himself in London as an actor and dramatist? 

a. 1590 

b. 1591 

c. 1592 

d. 1593 

Answer- 1592

Que- After ____________ years of his marriage he left his native town and try his fortune in the great city of London? 

a. two  

b. three  

c. four  

d. five 

Answer- four

Que- He married to the Anne Hathaway at the age of_____________in______________? 

a. 18, 1582  

b. 17, 1581  

c. 16, 1580  

d. 15, 1579 

Answer- 18, 1582

Que- William Shakespeare born in ? 

a. 26 April 1567  

b. 26 April 1566  

c. 26 April 1565  

d. 26 April 1564 

Answer- 26 April 1564

Que- John Donne's "The Anniversaries" is a______________? 

a. An elegy in two parts  

b. An epic in three parts  

c. A ballad in four parts  

d. None of these 

Answer- An elegy in two parts

Que- Which of the following published in 1579 and although it placed Spencer immediately in the highest rank of living writers ? 

a. Colin clouts come home again  

b. Faerie queen, first three books  

c. The Shepherd's calendar  

d. Faerie queen, second three books 

Answer- The Shepherd's calendar

Que- Paradise lost was lost by ? 

a. Eve  

b. Adam  

c. Both a and b  

d. Satan 

Answer- Both a and b

Que- Who wrote "Holy Sonnets" ? 

a. Edmund Spenser  

b. John Donne  

c. Shakespeare  

d. John Milton 

Answer- John Donne

Que- Who was the son of a rich London merchant and born in 1557 ? 

a. Thomas Nah  

b. Thomas lodge  

c. Thomas Kyd  

d. Thomas Hardy 

Answer- Thomas lodge

Que- Who wrote "The Massacre at Paris" ? 

a. Shakespeare  

b. Christopher Marlowe  

c. Edmund Spenser  

d. john Milton 

Answer- Christopher Marlowe

Que- After the death of Christopher Marlowe who completed his unfinished poem "Hero and Leander" ? 

a. Shakespeare  

b. Thomas Nash  

c. George Chapman  

d. Thomas More 

Answer- George Chapman

Que- Marlowe born in______________? 

a. 1562 

b. 1563 

c. 1564 

d. 1565 

Answer- 1564

Que- Which poet was first who used metaphysical poetry among his contemporaries ? 

a. Edmund Spenser  

b. John Milton  

c. John Donne  

d. Sir Philip Sidney 

Answer- John Donne

Que- In whose reign Morality plays began ? 

a. Henry five  

b. Elizabeth one  

c. Henry six  

d. Henry eight 

Answer- Henry six

Que- What is Faerie Queene ? 

a. An allegory  

b. An epic  

c. A ballad  

d. A sonnet 

Answer- An allegory

Que- Greville was biographer of ? 

a. Edmund Spencer  

b. John Donne  

c. Sir Philip Sidney  

d. John Milton 

Answer- Sir Philip Sidney

Que- Philip Sidney was born on 30th November ? 

a. 1553 

b. 1554 

c. 1555 

d. 1550 

Answer- 1554

Que- Who took Degree at fifteen from Cambridge in 1518 ? 

a. Thomas Nash  

b. Thomas More  

c. Thomas lodge  

d. Thomas Wyatt 

Answer- Thomas Wyatt

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