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English Literature MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- The novel 'The Jungle Book' is written by_______________? 

a. R. K. Narayan  

b. Edin Blyton  

c. Rudyard Kipling  

d. H. G. Wells 

Answer- Rudyard Kipling

Que- Renaissance' means___________________? 

a. the revival of learning  

b. the revival of hard task  

c. the revival of life  

d. the revival of new country 

Answer- the revival of learning

Que- The central idea of 'Ozymandias' is that______________? 

a. all things, both great and small,will perish  

b. man is mortal,art immortal  

c. imagination is stronger than fact  

d. history repeats 

Answer- all things, both great and small,will perish

Que- In Shakespeare's Tragedies Character is not Destiny but there is Character and Destiny is a remark by________________? 

a. Nicoll  

b. Goddord  

c. Bradley  

d. Coleridge 

Answer- Bradley

Que- Which year William Shakespeare was born ? 

a. 1564 AD  

b. 1773 AD  

c. 1809 AD  

d. 1923 AD 

Answer- 1564 AD

Que- Lapis Lazuli' is __________________? 

a. A Poem  

b. Drama  

c. None of these  

d. A Poem 

Answer- A Poem

Que- In "The Gift of the Magi" Della is presented as_____________? 

a. a loving wife  

b. a snobbish wife  

c. a hypocritical wife  

d. a sacrificing wife 

Answer- a sacrificing wife

Que- Who wrote the book 'Lord Jim: A Tale ? 

a. Oscar Wilde  

b. Joseph Conrad  

c. Thomas Hardy  

d. Rudyard Kipling 

Answer- Joseph Conrad

Que- Lord Byron was born in________________? 

a. 1788 

b. 1789 

c. 1790 

d. 1791 

Answer- 1788

Que- Who wrote the poem 'Solitary Reaper' ? 

a. William Wordsworth  

b. P. B Shelley  

c. Lord Byron  

d. John Keats 

Answer- William Wordsworth

Que- Who is the first great modernist of English Literature ? 

a. Roger Bacon  

b. Robert Browning  

c. Geoffrey Chaucer  

d. Cynewulf 

Answer- Cynewulf

Que- Hardy is a__________________? 

a. Pessimist  

b. Meliorist  

c. Mystic  

d. None of these 

Answer- Pessimist

Que- The University Wits were_______________? 

a. Poets  

b. Playwrights  

c. Novelists  

d. None of these 

Answer- Playwrights

Que- ______________is the school of literary writings is a medical theory ? 

a. Comedy of Manners  

b. Theater of the Absurd  

c. Heroic Tragedy  

d. Comedy of Humours 

Answer- Comedy of Humours

Que- Emile Zola is a famous__________________? 

a. English novelist  

b. American Novelist  

c. Irish novelist  

d. French Novelist 

Answer- French Novelist

Que- All that glitters is not gold. You have heard often this told. This maxim is included in Shakespeare's__________________? 

a. Merchant of Venice / Shakespeare's  

b. Shakespeare's Tempest  

c. Shakespeare's Much ado about nothing.  

d. None of these 

Answer- Merchant of Venice / Shakespeare's

Que- Prometheus Unbound' is a lyrical drama by__________________? 

a. Shelley  

b. Shakespeare  

c. Sophocles  

d. Euripedes 

Answer- Shelley

Que- Elegy' is______________________? 

a. Historical poem  

b. figurative story  

c. song of lamentation  

d. short story 

Answer- song of lamentation

Que- The Lotus…Eaters' was written by________________? 

a. Tennyson  

b. Browning  

c. Blake  

d. None of these 

Answer- Tennyson

Que- Who of the following was both a poet and painter ? 

a. Keats  

b. Donne  

c. William Blake  

d. Spenser 

Answer- William Blake

Que- T. Hardy is_______________? 

a. A social reformer  

b. A satirist  

c. A fatalist  

d. A lover of nature 

Answer- A fatalist

Que- The Medal' by John Dryden is a/an________________? 

a. play  

b. satire  

c. prose  

d. translation 

Answer- satire

Que- Which of the following is illustrative of Ruskin's interest in social economy ? 

a. The Seven Lamps  

b. Unto this Last  

c. The Stones of Venice  

d. None of these 

Answer- Unto this Last

Que- The shepherd in "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love" is_________________? 

a. sentimental  

b. practical  

c. irresponsible  

d. romantic 

Answer- romantic

Que- What do you mean by Stanza ? 

a. a division of drama  

b. a division of novel  

c. a division of story  

d. a subdivision of a poem 

Answer- a subdivision of a poem

Que- The poet of 'Romantic Age' is_______________? 

a. D.H. Lawrence  

b. John Milton  

c. John Keats  

d. None of these 

Answer- John Keats

Que- Who is the writer of the poem 'Nun Priest's Tale' ? 

a. Geoffrey Chaucer  

b. Cynewulf  

c. Robert Browning  

d. Shelley 

Answer- Geoffrey Chaucer

Que- Who is the author of 'Animal Farm' ? 

a. Thomas More  

b. George Orwell  

c. Boris Pasternak  

d. Charles Dickens 

Answer- George Orwell

Que- What is an Epic ? 

a. a short poem  

b. a long narrative poem  

c. a historical poem  

d. a prose composition 

Answer- a long narrative poem

Que- Childe Harold was written by_______________? 

a. Byron  

b. Shelley  

c. Tennyson  

d. None of these 

Answer- Byron

Que- Shaw died at the age of_______________? 

a. 75 

b. 95 

c. 105 

d. none of these 

Answer- 95

Que- Simile is the direct comparison between two________________? 

a. similar things  

b. dissimilar things  

c. elaborate comparison  

d. contradictory things 

Answer- similar things

Que- Who wrote the book 'Ivan Hoe' ? 

a. O' Henry  

b. R L Stevenson  

c. Ernest Hemingway  

d. Sir Walter Scott 

Answer- Sir Walter Scott

Que- In which age is 'The Puritan Period' included ? 

a. The Renaissance  

b. The Non-classical  

c. The Romantic  

d. The Modern 

Answer- The Renaissance

Que- The Novel of Lawrence banned by the government was_________________? 

a. Sons and Lovers  

b. Lady Chatterley's Lover  

c. Women in Love  

d. The Rainbow 

Answer- Lady Chatterley's Lover

Que- Shakespeare was born in_______________? 

a. 1570 

b. 1564 

c. 1590 

d. None of these 

Answer- 1564

Que- In Shakespeare tragedy, the hero is________________? 

a. an ordinary man  

b. a high ranking man  

c. a sacrilegious man  

d. none of these 

Answer- a high ranking man

Que- Adonis is modeled on________________? 

a. Bion's lament for Adonis  

b. Lycidas  

c. In Memoriam  

d. None of these 

Answer- Bion's lament for Adonis

Que- Who is the writer of 'Lorna Doone' ? 

a. H.G. Wells  

b. Blackmore  

c. T. S. Eliot  

d. Jane Austen 

Answer- Blackmore

Que- Undo this Button is a line from Shakespeare's________________? 

a. Hamlet  

b. Othello  

c. King Lear  

d. Julius Caeser 

Answer- King Lear

Que- Which one is not a science fiction writer_________________? 

a. H. G. Wells  

b. Victor Hugo  

c. Hugo Gernsback  

d. Jules Verne 

Answer- Victor Hugo

Que- Love and Friendship' is written by___________________? 

a. Francis Bacon  

b. Jane Austen  

c. Jonathan Swift  

d. None 

Answer- Jane Austen

Que- Paradise Lost' was written by__________________? 

a. Mathew  

b. Robert Browning  

c. John Milton  

d. W B Yeats 

Answer- John Milton

Que- Which University presented the Pulitzer Prize_______________? 

a. Columbia University  

b. Yale University  

c. New York University  

d. Harvard University 

Answer- Columbia University

Que- What the term Elegy refers ? 

a. a song of lamentation  

b. a song of pleasure  

c. a hymn  

d. a praiseworthy song 

Answer- a song of lamentation

Que- Who is the author of the novel 'The Golden Age' ? 

a. Tahmima Anam  

b. Pearl S. Bark  

c. Virginia Woolf  

d. Jane Austen 

Answer- Tahmima Anam

Que- Picture of Dorian Gray ' was written by__________________? 

a. Oscar Wild  

b. Hardy  

c. George Eliot  

d. None of these 

Answer- Oscar Wild

Que- Wordsworth was appointed as poet Laureate in_______________? 

a. 1843 b…1844  

b. 1845 

c. 1846 

d. none of these 

Answer- 1843 b…1844

Que- What do you mean by Archaism ? 

a. modern mode of words  

b. up-to-date words  

c. literary words  

d. obsolete words 

Answer- obsolete words

Que- Catharsis refers to the term_______________? 

a. characters in play  

b. animals in play  

c. sympathy to others  

d. arouse of pity and fear 

Answer- arouse of pity and fear

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