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English Literature MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- Who wrote 'Beauty is truth, truth beauty' ? 

a. Shakespeare  

b. wordsworth  

c. John Keats  

d. Eliot 

Answer- John Keats

Que- The Poet Laureate is_________________? 

a. the best poet of the country  

b. a winner of Noble Prize in Poetry  

c. the court poet of England  

d. a classical poet 

Answer- the court poet of England

Que- Murder in the Cathedral' is a play written by___________? 

a. Shakespeare  

b. Marlowe  

c. Oscar Wilde  

d. T.S. Eliot 

Answer- T.S. Eliot

Que- Who wrote 'Kubla Khan' ? 

a. Coleridge  

b. Shelley  

c. Wordsworth  

d. Keats 

Answer- Coleridge

Que- The Professor was the first novel by________________? 

a. Emily Bronte  

b. Charlotte Bronte  

c. Anne Bronte  

d. Jane Austen 

Answer- Charlotte Bronte

Que- Who wrote the fantasy novel 'The Lord of the Rings' ? 

a. J. R. R. Tolkien  

b. Peter Jackson  

c. S. Lewis  

d. J. K. Rowling 

Answer- J. R. R. Tolkien

Que- Whose real name was Mary Anne Evans ? 

a. Jane Austen  

b. Charlotte Bronte  

c. George Eliot  

d. Joseph Conrad 

Answer- George Eliot

Que- Who said 'Cowards die many times before their death' ? 

a. Shakespeare  

b. Franklin  

c. Carlyle  

d. Alexander Pope 

Answer- Shakespeare

Que- Who is the hero of Paradise Regained_______________? 

a. Christ  

b. Satan  

c. The Paritan Church  

d. None of these 

Answer- Christ

Que- Jane Austen's other writings are______________? 

a. Sense and Sensibility  

b. Emma  

c. Persuasion  

d. All of these 

Answer- All of these

Que- What is anthology ? 

a. collection of poems  

b. collection of insects  

c. fish cultivation  

d. study of poetry 

Answer- collection of poems

Que- What is a plot ? 

a. an idea about writing  

b. the choice of words  

c. choice of poem  

d. arrangement of the incidents 

Answer- arrangement of the incidents

Que- Utopia is an ideal state written by_______________? 

a. Thomas Gray  

b. William Shakespeare  

c. George Bernard Shaw  

d. Thomas More 

Answer- Thomas More

Que- The 'Poet Laureate' is______________? 

a. the best poet of the country  

b. a winner of the Noble Prize in poetry  

c. the Court Port England  

d. a classical poet 

Answer- the Court Port England

Que- The poem 'The Patriot' is written by_______________? 

a. Alfred Tennyson  

b. Robert Browning  

c. Mathew Arnold  

d. John Donne 

Answer- Robert Browning

Que- has a super abundant wealth of words and superfluous ornaments_____________? 

a. Hyperbole  

b. Metaphor  

c. Rhetoric  

d. None of these 

Answer- Hyperbole

Que- The literary work of 'Kubla Khan' is_________________? 

a. a history by Vincent Smith  

b. a verse by Coleridge  

c. a drama by Oscar Wilde  

d. a short story by Somerset Maugham 

Answer- a verse by Coleridge

Que- Which poet emphasized on rustic language in Poetry ? 

a. John Keats  

b. William Wordsworth  

c. William Blake  

d. Thomas Gray 

Answer- William Wordsworth

Que- Yeats was______________? 

a. Victorian poet  

b. a modern poet  

c. Both  

d. None of these 

Answer- Both

Que- Who is the writer of The Caroline Period ? 

a. Robert Herrick  

b. Caedmon  

c. Dante  

d. Cynewulf 

Answer- Robert Herrick

Que- defines a play as a just and lively image of human nature ? 

a. Dr. Johnson  

b. Shakespeare  

c. Dryden  

d. Coleridge 

Answer- Dryden

Que- The 'Merchant of Venice' Written by Shakespeare is________________? 

a. A novel  

b. a short story  

c. a poem  

d. a drama 

Answer- a drama

Que- James Joyce's narrative technique is known as______________________? 

a. stream of consciousness  

b. psycho-analysis  

c. Objective Co-relative  

d. Symbolism and Mysticism 

Answer- stream of consciousness

Que- Who have written the book 'The Godfather' 

a. Mario Puzo  

b. Francis Ford Coppola  

c. Marlon Brando  

d. Mark Winegardner 

Answer- Mario Puzo

Que- James Joyce's narrative technique is known as______________? 

a. stream of consciousness  

b. psycho-analysis  

c. Objective Co-relative  

d. Symbolism and Mysticism 

Answer- stream of consciousness

Que- The Cardinal virtues of the Houyhnhnms are__________________? 

a. Friendship and benevolence  

b. Bitterness and revenge  

c. Hatred and jealousy  

d. None of these 

Answer- Friendship and benevolence

Que- The beginning of the renaissance may be traced to the city____________? 

a. Venice  

b. London  

c. Paris  

d. Florence 

Answer- Florence

Que- A poem which consists of fourteen line is called________________? 

a. A Sonnet  

b. An Ode  

c. A ballad  

d. None of these 

Answer- A Sonnet

Que- Written in March' is a poem composed by_______________? 

a. William Wordsworth  

b. William Congreve  

c. William Blake  

d. William Shakespeare 

Answer- William Wordsworth

Que- Who is an American author ? 

a. R.W. Emerson  

b. H.D. Thoreau  

c. Henry W. Longfellow  

d. All 4 

Answer- All 4

Que- Poet Alexander Pope's famous work_________________? 

a. The Rape of Lock  

b. The Deserted Village  

c. Spectator  

d. Man was made to mourn 

Answer- The Rape of Lock

Que- Hearing' a colour or 'Seeing' a smell is an example of______________? 

a. Oxymoron  

b. Synaesthesia  

c. Sensuousness  

d. Contrast 

Answer- Synaesthesia

Que- Who is the writer of The Restoration Period ? 

a. Robert Herrick  

b. Jeremy Taylor  

c. John Dryden  

d. Thomas Hobbes 

Answer- John Dryden

Que- Adam Bede is a______________? 

a. Play  

b. Novel  

c. Poem  

d. none of these 

Answer- Novel

Que- On which novel, the Sherlock Holmes character was first appeared_________________? 

a. The Hound of the Baskervilles  

b. The Sign of the Four  

c. The Valley of Fear  

d. A Study in Scarlet 

Answer- A Study in Scarlet

Que- Who is the author of "The Origin of Species" ? 

a. Charles Darwin  

b. Pope  

c. T. Hardy  

d. O. Goldsmith 

Answer- Charles Darwin

Que- I count religion but a childish toy' is a line from Marlowe's play______________? 

a. Dr. Faustus  

b. The Jew of Malta  

c. Tamburlaine  

d. Edward II 

Answer- The Jew of Malta

Que- In Poem Daffodils 'Sprightly Dance' means________________? 

a. ugly dance  

b. nonsense dance  

c. lively dance  

d. nice dance 

Answer- lively dance

Que- What do you mean by Phonetics ? 

a. study of speech sounds  

b. study of language and rules  

c. study of insects  

d. study of meaning and syntax 

Answer- study of speech sounds

Que- Who is the author of 'Sherlock Holmes' ? 

a. John Gay  

b. Sir Arthur Canon Doyle  

c. Dylan Thomas  

d. Somerset Maugham 

Answer- Sir Arthur Canon Doyle

Que- Who is the representative of the metaphysical poets ? 

a. Samuel Johnson  

b. John Donne  

c. Geoffrey Chaucer  

d. Robert Browning 

Answer- John Donne

Que- Tales from Shakespeare is written by________________? 

a. Shakespeare  

b. Lamb  

c. Lawrence  

d. Mary Anne Evans 

Answer- Lamb

Que- What is 'Parable' ? 

a. an allegorical story usually containing a moral lesson  

b. the basic unit of a composition  

c. a sense of distress  

d. none of the above 

Answer- an allegorical story usually containing

Que- What the term Blank Verse refers_____________? 

a. having no rhyming end  

b. having no rhythmic flow  

c. having no significance  

d. having no blanks in the verse 

Answer- having no rhyming end

Que- In Memoriam is _______________? 

a. an ode  

b. an elegy  

c. a sonnet  

d. neither 

Answer- an elegy

Que- Intense emotion coupled with an intense display of imagery are characteristics of age______________? 

a. Victorian  

b. Elizabethan  

c. Romantic  

d. None of these 

Answer- Romantic

Que- T. Hardy is______________? 

a. A satirist  

b. A fatalist  

c. A lover of nature  

d. None of these 

Answer- A fatalist

Que- The Romantic Age began with publication of_______________? 

a. Lyrical Ballads  

b. My Last Duchess  

c. A Tale of Two Cities  

d. Canonization 

Answer- Lyrical Ballads

Que- Ode on a Grecian Urn' Who is the poet of the poem ? 

a. Wordsworth  

b. Shelley  

c. Shakespeare  

d. Keats 

Answer- Keats

Que- Who is the author of the book 'Around the World in Eighty Days' ? 

a. Jules Verne  

b. H. G. Wells  

c. Mark Twain  

d. Charles Dickens 

Answer- Jules Verne

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