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English Literature MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- Who, among the following, is not the second generation of British Romantics ? 

a. Keats  

b. Wordsworth  

c. P.B. Shelley  

d. Byron 

Answer- Wordsworth

Que- P.B. Shelley's Adonais is an elegy on the death of _______________? 

a. Milton  

b. Coleridge  

c. Keats  

d. Johnson 

Answer- Keats

Que- Identify the character who is a supporter of Women's Rights in Sons and Lovers ? 

a. Mrs. Morel  

b. Annie  

c. Miriam  

d. Clara Dawes 

Answer- Mrs. Morel

Que- The novel The Power and the Glory is set in ? 

a. Mexico  

b. Italy  

c. France  

d. Germany 

Answer- Mexico

Que- In Pride and Prejudice, Lydia elopes with ? 

a. Darcy  

b. Wickham  

c. William Collins  

d. Charles Bingley 

Answer- Wickham

Que- Who is Thomas Percy in Henry IV, Pt I ? 

a. Earl of Northumberland  

b. Earl of March  

c. Earl of Douglas  

d. Earl of Worcester 

Answer- Earl of Northumberland

Que- What is the sub-title of the play Twelfth Night ? 

a. Or, What is you Will  

b. Or, What you Will  

c. Or, What you Like It  

d. Or, What you Think 

Answer- Or, What you Will

Que- Hamlet's famous speech 'To be,or not to be; that is the question' occurs in ? 

a. Act II, Scene I  

b. Act III, Scene III  

c. Act IV, Scene III  

d. Act III, Scene I 

Answer- Act III, Scene I

Que- Who wrote the poem 'Defence of Lucknow' ? 

a. Browning  

b. Tennyson  

c. Swinburne  

d. Rossetti 

Answer- Swinburne

Que- In 'Leda and the Swan', who wooes Leda in guise of a swan ? 

a. Mars  

b. Hercules  

c. Zeus  

d. Bacchus 

Answer- Zeus

Que- The following lines are an example of image. 'The river sweats Oil and tar' ? 

a. visual  

b. kinetic  

c. erotic  

d. sensual 

Answer- erotic

Que- Uneasy lies the head that_______________( King Henry four, part two)? 

a. Wears a crown  

b. Wears a hat  

c. Wears a wig  

d. none of these 

Answer- Wears a crown

Que- Mr. Jaggers, in Great Expectations, is a_______________? 

a. lawyer  

b. postman  

c. Judge  

d. School teacher 

Answer- lawyer

Que- In Sons and Lovers, Paul Morel's mother's name is ? 

a. Susan  

b. Jane  

c. Gertrude  

d. Emily 

Answer- Jane

Que- One important feature of Jane Austen's style is ? 

a. boisterous humour  

b. humour and pathos  

c. subtlety of irony  

d. stream of consciousness 

Answer- humour and pathos

Que- Which book of John Ruskin influenced Mahatma Gandhi ? 

a. Sesame and Lilies  

b. The Seven Lamps of Architecture  

c. Unto This Last  

d. Fors Clavigera 

Answer- Unto This Last

Que- Joe Gargery is Pip's ? 

a. brother  

b. brother-in-Jaw  

c. guardian  

d. cousin 

Answer- guardian

Que- T. S. Eliot has borrowed the term 'Unreal City' in the first and third sections from ? 

a. Baudelaire  

b. Irving Babbit  

c. Dante  

d. Laforgue 

Answer- Dante

Que- Shakespeare wrote ______________ plays? 

a. 32 

b. 34 

c. 36 

d. 38 

Answer- 36

Que- Which of the following was written first________________? 

a. Henry six  

b. Henry seven  

c. Henry five  

d. None of above 

Answer- Henry six

Que- Which of the following play was written in 1601 ? 

a. Othello  

b. Hamlet  

c. King Lear  

d. Macbeth 

Answer- Hamlet

Que- Who is the second attending gentlewoman on Hero? Ursula and_______________? 

a. Margaret  

b. Emilia  

c. Helena  

d. Celia 

Answer- Margaret

Que- Who is second Prince of Arragon in "Much ado about nothing" ? 

a. Leonato  

b. Balthasar  

c. Don John  

d. Don Pedro 

Answer- Don Pedro

Que- Which of the following is in correct sequel ? 

a. Comedy of errors, A mid summer night's dream, Much ado about nothing, Henry 6 part three.  

b. A mid summer night's dream, Romeo and Juliet, As you like it, King Lear, Pericles.  

c. All's well that ends well, The tempest, As you like it, As you like it,A mid summer night's dream, Much ado about nothing.  

d. King Lear, Macbeth, Othello, Measure for measure, Henry 8, Romeo and Juliet. 

Answer- All's well that ends well, The tempest, As you like it, As you like it,A mid summer night's dream, Much ado about nothing.

Que- Following are the lines of: "I'm your wife if you marry me If not, I'll die your maid to be your fellow You may deny me, but I'll be your servant Whether you deny or not" ? 

a. Hamlet  

b. Romeo and Juliet  

c. Tempest  

d. Othello 

Answer- Tempest

Que- In 1599 which famous actor and his brother Cuthbert set a new playhouse on the Bank side, called the Globe ? 

a. Augustine Phillipps  

b. John Heimnge  

c. Henry Condell  

d. Richard Burbage 

Answer- Richard Burbage

Que- Which roles have played by Shakespeare in Hamlet and As you like it ? 

a. Fortinbras, Corin  

b. Leartus, Silvius  

c. Osric, Touchstone  

d. Ghost, Old servant Adam 

Answer- Ghost, Old servant Adam

Que- Shakespeare dedicated his long narrative poem Venus and Adonis to________________? 

a. Henry Wriothesley, the third earl of Southampton  

b. Thomas Wriothesley,forth earl of Southampton  

c. William Fitzwilliam, first earl of Southampton  

d. Henry Wriothesley, the second earl of Southampton 

Answer- Henry Wriothesley, the third earl of Southampton

Que- How many from his plays were published in his lifetime? 

a. Only sixteen  

b. Only seventeen  

c. Only eighteen  

d. Only nineteen 

Answer- Only seventeen

Que- Shakespeare's father died in _______________? 

a. 1600 

b. 1601 

c. 1602 

d. 1603 

Answer- 1601

Que- How does Lady Macbeth explain her husband's wild behavior at the banquet ? 

a. She tells the guests that Banquo's ghost is haunting Macbeth.  

b. She tells the guests that Macbeth has had too much to drink.  

c. She informs the guests that Macbeth is ill.  

d. She reveals that Macbeth is overcome with grief over the death of Duncan. 

Answer- She informs the guests that Macbeth is ill.

Que- Who is traveling with Macbeth when he first encounters the Three Witches ? 

a. Macduff  

b. Mercutio  

c. Lady Macbeth  

d. Banquo 

Answer- Banquo

Que- Shakespeare makes fun of the Puritans in his play ? 

a. Twelfth Night  

b. Hamlet  

c. The Tempest  

d. Henry IV,Pt I 

Answer- Twelfth Night

Que- There's a special providence in the fall of a sparrow. The line given above occurs in_______________? 

a. Hamlet  

b. Henry IV, Pt I  

c. The Tempest  

d. Twelfth Night 

Answer- Hamlet

Que- How many soliloquies are spoken by Hamlet in the play Hamlet ? 

a. Nine  

b. Five  

c. Seven  

d. Three 

Answer- Seven

Que- The term 'the Palliser Novels' is used to describe the political novels of ______________? 

a. Charles Dickens  

b. Anthony Trollope  

c. W. H. White  

d. B.Disraeli 

Answer- B.Disraeli

Que- Identify the writer who was expelled from Oxford for circulating a pamphlet ? 

a. P.B. Shelley  

b. Charles Lamb  

c. Hazlitt  

d. Coleridge 

Answer- P.B. Shelley

Que- Seven Ages of Man appears in " As you like it". Which character's speech it is ? 

a. Amiens  

b. Orlando  

c. Oliver  

d. Jaques 

Answer- Jaques

Que- Under the green wood tree is a song in____________________? 

a. Love's labour's lost  

b. As you like it  

c. A mid Summer night's dream  

d. Much ado about nothing 

Answer- As you like it

Que- G. Rossetti was a true literary descendant of ? 

a. Keats  

b. Byron  

c. P.B. Shelley  

d. Wordsworth 

Answer- Keats

Que- Identify the writer who used a pseudonym, Michael Angelo Titmarsh, for much of his early work ? 

a. Charles Dickens  

b. W. M. Thackeray  

c. Graham Greene  

d. D.H. Lawrence 

Answer- Graham Greene

Que- Who derided Hazlitt as one of the members of the 'Cockney School of Poetry' ? 

a. Tennyson  

b. Charles Lamb  

c. Lockhart  

d. T. S. Eliot 

Answer- T. S. Eliot

Que- Who coined the phrase 'Egotistical Sublime' ? 

a. William Wordsworth  

b. P.B Shelley  

c. S. T. Coleridge  

d. John Keats 

Answer- S. T. Coleridge

Que- Who called 'The Waste Land 'a music of ideas' ? 

a. Allen Tate  

b. J.C Ransom  

c. I.A Richards  

d. F. R Leavis 

Answer- Allen Tate

Que- Macbeth hires assassins to murder Banquo's son, named ? 

a. Angus  

b. Ross  

c. Fleance  

d. Lennox 

Answer- Fleance

Que- Othello was sent to fight with______________? 

a. French army  

b. German army  

c. Ottomans  

d. None of above 

Answer- Ottomans

Que- Othello gave Desdemona _____________as a token of love? 

a. Ring  

b. Handkerchief  

c. Pendant  

d. Bengals 

Answer- Handkerchief

Que-  A man can die but once is one of quote of following plays ? 

a. Henry 6 part three  

b. Henry 4 part two  

c. Henry 6 part one  

d. Henry 4 part one 

Answer- Henry 4 part two

Que- Following are the characters of: Apemantus, Alcibiades, Flavius, Lucullus, Sempronius ? 

a. Coriolanus  

b. Cymbeline  

c. Timon of Athens  

d. Winter's tale 

Answer- Timon of Athens

Que- Hamlet consist of _____________acts? 

a. 3 

b. 4 

c. 5 

d. 6 

Answer- 5

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