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English Literature MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- Which of Shakespeare's play features Sir John Falstaff ? 

a. The merry wives of Windsor  

b. Troilus and Cressida  

c. King John  

d. Titus Andronicus 

Answer- The merry wives of Windsor

Que- ____________was father of Desdemona ? 

a. Othello  

b. Brabantio  

c. Iago  

d. Gratiano 

Answer- Brabantio

Que- Which of the following tragedy is not written by Shakespeare ? 

a. Hamlet  

b. Macbeth  

c. King Lear  

d. King Oedipus 

Answer- King Oedipus

Que- Who was villain in Othello ? 

a. Claudius  

b. Iago  

c. Egeus  

d. None of above 

Answer- Iago

Que- Which of the following is the earliest comedy of Shakespeare ? 

a. A mid summer night's dream  

b. Much ado about nothing  

c. As you like it  

d. Love's labour's lost 

Answer- Love's labour's lost

Que- Who in Hamlet suggests that one should neither be a lender nor a borrower ? 

a. Gertrude  

b. Polonius  

c. Horatio  

d. Hamlet 

Answer- Polonius

Que- The style of Paradise Lost is ? 

a. more Latin than most poems  

b. more spontaneous than thought out  

c. more satirical than spontaneous  

d. more dramatic than lyrical 

Answer- more Latin than most poems

Que- Which of Shakespeare's characters exclaims; 'Brave, new, world!' ? 

a. Ferdinand  

b. Antonio  

c. Miranda  

d. Prospero 

Answer- Miranda

Que- O, you are sick of self-love' Who is referred to in these words in Twelfth Night ? 

a. Orsino  

b. Sir Andrew  

c. Sir Toby  

d. Malvolio 

Answer- Malvolio

Que- The Romantic Revival in English Poetry was influenced by the ? 

a. French Revolution  

b. Glorious Revolution of1688  

c. Reformation  

d. Oxford Movement 

Answer- French Revolution

Que- Which of the following is an unfinished novel by Jane Austen ? 

a. Sense and Sensibility  

b. Mansfield Park  

c. Sandition  

d. Persuasion 

Answer- Sandition

Que- Browning's famous poem 'Rabbi Ben Ezra' is included in ? 

a. Dramatis Personae  

b. Dramatic Idyls  

c. Asolando  

d. Red Cotton Night-Cap Country 

Answer- Dramatis Personae

Que- Who said 'Keats was a Greek' ? 

a. Wordsworth  

b. Coleridge  

c. Lamb  

d. P.B. Shelley 

Answer- Coleridge

Que- When Wordsworth's 'Immortality Ode' was first published in 1802, it had only ? 

a. Stanzas I to IV  

b. Stanzas I toV  

c. Stanzas I to VI  

d. Stanzas I to VII 

Answer- Stanzas I toV

Que- Heaven lies about us in our infancy'. This line occurs in the poem ? 

a. Immortality Ode  

b. Tintern Abbey  

c. The Second Coming  

d. Leda and the Swan 

Answer- Immortality Ode

Que- The rarer action is in virtue that in vengeance. This line occurs in ? 

a. Hamlet  

b. Henry IV,Pt I  

c. The Tempest  

d. Twelfth Night 

Answer- The Tempest

Que- Thackeray's "Esmond" is a novel of historical realism capturing the spirit of ____________? 

a. the Medieval age  

b. the Elizabethan age  

c. the age of Queen Anne  

d. the Victorian age 

Answer- the Medieval age

Que- Essays of Ella are ? 

a. full of didactic sermonising  

b. practically autobiographical fragments  

c. remarkable for their aphoristic style  

d. satirical and critical 

Answer- practically autobiographical fragments

Que- Sir John Falstaff is one of Shakespeare's greatest ? 

a. comic figures  

b. historical figures  

c. romantic figures  

d. tragic figures 

Answer- comic figures

Que- Pride and Prejudice was originally a youthful work entitled ? 

a. Last Impressions'  

b. False Impressions'  

c. First Impressions'  

d. True Impressions' 

Answer- First Impressions'

Que- The better part of valour is discretion occurs in Shakespeare's ? 

a. Hamlet  

b. Twelfth Night  

c. The Tempest  

d. Henry IV, Pt I 

Answer- Henry IV, Pt I

Que- The title of Carlyle's 'Sartor Resartus' means ? 

a. Religious Scripture  

b. Seaside Resort  

c. Tailor Repatched  

d. None of these 

Answer- Seaside Resort

Que- The most notable characteristic of Keats' poetry is ? 

a. Satire  

b. Sensuality  

c. Sensuousness  

d. Social reform 

Answer- Sensuousness

Que- The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity. The above lines have been taken from ? 

a. The Waste Land  

b. Tintern Abbey  

c. The Second Coming  

d. Prayer for My Daughter 

Answer- The Second Coming

Que- Who wrote "Biographia Literaria" ? 

a. Byron  

b. P.B. Shelley  

c. Coleridge  

d. Lamb 

Answer- Coleridge

Que- Tracts for the Times relates to ? 

a. The Oxford Movement  

b. The Pre-Raphaelite Movement  

c. The Romantic Movement  

d. The Symbolist Movement 

Answer- The Oxford Movement

Que- Which stanza form did Shelley use in his famous poem 'Ode to the West Wind' ? 

a. Rime royal  

b. Ottava rima  

c. Terza rima  

d. Spenserian Stanza 

Answer- Terza rima

Que- What was the cause of William's death in Sons and Lovers ? 

a. An accident  

b. An overdose of morphia  

c. Suicide  

d. Pneumonia 

Answer- Pneumonia

Que- Who calls poetry "the breadth and finer spirit of all knowledge" ? 

a. Wordsworth  

b. P.B. Shelley  

c. Keats  

d. Coleridge 

Answer- Wordsworth

Que- Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale. Who speaks the lines given above in Twelfth Night ? 

a. Duke Orsino  

b. Malvolio  

c. Sir Andrew Aguecheek  

d. Sir Toby Belch 

Answer- Sir Toby Belch

Que- Who is Mr. Tench in The Power and the Glory ? 

a. A teacher  

b. A clerk  

c. A thief  

d. A dentist 

Answer- A thief

Que- Identify the rhetorical figure used in the following line of Tennyson "Faith unfaithful kept him falsely true." ? 

a. Oxymoron  

b. Metaphor  

c. Simile  

d. Synecdoche 

Answer- Oxymoron

Que- Identify the writer who first used blank verse in English poetry ? 

a. Sir Thomas Wyatt  

b. William Shakespeare  

c. Earl of Surrey  

d. Milton 

Answer- Earl of Surrey

Que- Identify the work by Ruskin which began as a defence of contemporary landscape artist especially Turner ? 

a. The Stones of Venice  

b. The Two Paths  

c. The Seven Lamps of Architecture  

d. Modem Painters 

Answer- Modem Painters

Que- Carlyle's work On Heroes, Hero Worship and the Heroic in History is a course of ? 

a. six lectures  

b. five lectures  

c. four lectures  

d. seven lectures 

Answer- five lectures

Que- Who, among the following writers, was not educated at Christ's Hospital School, London ? 

a. Charles Lamb  

b. William Wordsworth  

c. Leigh Hunt  

d. S. T. Coleridge 

Answer- Charles Lamb

Que- The second series of Essays of Elia by Charles Lamb was published in ? 

a. 1823 

b. 1826 

c. 1834 

d. 1833 

Answer- 1833

Que- Which of the following poems of Coleridge is a ballad ? 

a. Work Without Hope  

b. Frost at Midnight  

c. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner  

d. Youth and Age 

Answer- The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Que- In the poem 'Tintern Abbey', 'dearest friend' refers to ? 

a. Nature  

b. Dorothy  

c. Coleridge  

d. Wye 

Answer- Dorothy

Que- Vanity Fair is a novel by ? 

a. Jane Austen  

b. Charles Dickens  

c. W. M. Thackeray  

d. Thomas Hardy 

Answer- W. M. Thackeray

Que- Which of the following is Golding's first novel ? 

a. The Inheritors  

b. Lord of the Flies  

c. Pincher Martin  

d. Pyramid 

Answer- Lord of the Flies

Que- Who is commonly known as 'Pip' in Great Expectations ? 

a. Philip Pirrip  

b. Filip Pirip  

c. Philip Pip  

d. Philips Pirip 

Answer- Philip Pip

Que- Paradise Lost was originally written in ? 

a. ten books  

b. eleven books  

c. nine books  

d. eight books 

Answer- eight books

Que- Identify the character in The Tempest who is referred to as an honest old counselor ? 

a. Alonso  

b. Ariel  

c. Gonzalo  

d. Stephano 

Answer- Gonzalo

Que- Which of the following plays of Shakespeare has an epilogue ? 

a. The Tempest  

b. Henry IV, Pt I  

c. Hamlet  

d. Twelfth Night 

Answer- The Tempest

Que- Who invented the term 'Sprung rhythm' ? 

a. Hopkins  

b. Tennyson  

c. Browning  

d. Wordsworth 

Answer- Hopkins

Que- Which of the following novels has the subtitle 'A Novel Without a Hero' ? 

a. Vanity Fair  

b. Middlemarch  

c. Wuthering Heights  

d. Oliver Twist 

Answer- Vanity Fair

Que- What does 'I' stand for in the following line? 'To Carthage then I came' ? 

a. Buddha  

b. Tiresias  

c. Smyrna Merchant  

d. Augustine 

Answer- Buddha

Que- The twins in Lord of the Flies are ? 

a. Ralph and Jack  

b. Simon and Eric  

c. Ralph and Eric  

d. Simon and Jack 

Answer- Ralph and Jack

Que- The title of the poem 'The Second Coming' is taken from ? 

a. The Bible  

b. The Irish mythology  

c. The German mythology  

d. The Greek mythology 

Answer- The Bible

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