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English Literature MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- What invention won George Harris the respect of his factory's proprietor ? 

a. A cotton ginning machine  

b. A hemp cleaning machine  

c. A hemp twines  

d. A bread slicing machine 

Answer- A hemp cleaning machine

Que- How old is Emmeline ? 

a. Ten  

b. Thirteen  

c. Seventeen  

d. Fifteen 

Answer- Fifteen

Que- William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation exemplifies what genre of early American writing ? 

a. Slave narrative  

b. Free verse poem  

c. Journal  

d. Spiritual diary 

Answer- Spiritual diary

Que- Which of the following is NOT a rhetorical purpose of "An Indian' Looking Glass for the White Man" ? 

a. Critic the way white people's society treats people of color wrong.  

b. Making peace  

c. Working together  

d. both B and C 

Answer- both B and C

Que- About Christopher Columbus_______________? 

a. Arrived on the Mayflower  

b. Mistook Bahama Islands for India  

c. Kept a journal of the First Voyage to America  

d. B and C 

Answer- B and C

Que- Miniver scorned the gold he sought. Here gold refers to______________? 

a. the yellow metal  

b. paycheck or money  

c. materialism  

d. the pot of luck 

Answer- the pot of luck

Que- Beecher Stowe wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin" to illustrate the evils of_________________? 

a. Alcohol  

b. Slavery  

c. Foreign  

d. Imperialism 

Answer- Slavery

Que- Who wrote "The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock" ? 

a. Cumings  

b. Robert Lee Frost  

c. T.S. Eliot  

d. Edgar lee masters 

Answer- T.S. Eliot

Que- Which of Upton Sinclair's books is about the meat-packing industry ? 

a. Main Street  

b. Arrowsmith  

c. Elmer Gantry  

d. The Jungle 

Answer- The Jungle

Que- Who is Eliza's mother ? 

a. Cassy  

b. Mrs.Shelby  

c. Mrs.Legree  

d. Aunt Chole 

Answer- Cassy

Que- What vice does Tom attempt to convince Augustine Clare to renounce ? 

a. gambling  

b. drinking  

c. bribery  

d. lying 

Answer- bribery

Que- American Civil War was fought in_______________? 

a. 1815-1820  

b. 1830-1840  

c. 1861-1865  

d. 1825-1833 

Answer- 1861-1865

Que- Before advocating on behalf of the enslaved in colonial Massachusetts, Samuel Sewall participated in what early American crisis event ? 

a. Mayflower compact  

b. Salem Witch Trails  

c. No involvement  

d. All the above 

Answer- Salem Witch Trails

Que- What statement below best sums up the literary significance of William Bradford ? 

a. Created spiritual Diary  

b. Non-Separating puritan  

c. Separating puritan  

d. both A and C 

Answer- both A and C

Que- What does the narrator of the story about Rip describe as the great error in Rip's composition ? 

a. His weakness for spirits  

b. That he is henpecked by his wife  

c. His love of town gossip  

d. His unwillingness to work 

Answer- His unwillingness to work

Que- The change TV brought into the society can be summed up as_________________? 

a. condensed life to the screen  

b. life turning more attractive  

c. bringing reality before them  

d. creating indifference to realities of life 

Answer- creating indifference to realities of life

Que- Which one is a great patriotic poem by Frost ? 

a. Mending Wall  

b. Birches  

c. The Gift Outright  

d. Directive 

Answer- The Gift Outright

Que- The "Cycle of American Literature" was written by ? 

a. Ralph Waldo Emerson  

b. Thoruau  

c. Robert E. Spiller  

d. Gustave Falubert 

Answer- Robert E. Spiller

Que- Why do we call Ralph Waldo Emerson the "Father of American Literature" ? 

a. First native american to publish life writing  

b. Mentor to other writers  

c. Literary Maverick  

d. None of the above 

Answer- Mentor to other writers

Que- Uncle Tom's Cabin as a literary work exposed the evils of________________? 

a. dowry  

b. slavery  

c. corruption  

d. superstitions 

Answer- slavery

Que- In Walden, who urges people to simplify their lives and look to nature for meaning ? 

a. Robert Frost  

b. Walt Whitman  

c. Henry David Thoreau  

d. Herman Melville 

Answer- Henry David Thoreau

Que- In this technological world the child should build up_____________? 

a. a vision for himself  

b. inner strength  

c. his own life  

d. a will not to depend on others 

Answer- inner strength

Que- The lesson the young man teaches Dorothy is_________________? 

a. to hide here emotion  

b. to live and enjoy her life  

c. to fight with people  

d. not to lodge a complaint 

Answer- to live and enjoy her life

Que- Who was Fuseli ? 

a. Swiss-bom painter  

b. French guitarist  

c. An Italian-born doctor  

d. British painter 

Answer- British painter

Que- This is the implied comparison between two dissimilar things_______________? 

a. Myth  

b. History  

c. Tradition  

d. Metaphor 

Answer- Metaphor

Que- He had heard this destruction of the original possessors of the soil described, as we find it in the history of the times, where, we are told, "the number destroyed was about four hundred;" and "it was a fearful sight to see them thus frying in the fire, and the streams of blood quenching the same, and the horrible scent thereof; but the victory seemed a sweet sacrifice, and they gave the praise thereof to God." This work is___________? 

a. A hortatory sermon  

b. A historial novel  

c. Gothic fiction  

d. A narrative frame 

Answer- A historial novel

Que- The farmer drove his plough-share deep "Whose bones are these?" said he, "I find them where my browsing sheep Roam o'er the upland lea." What does "lea" mean? Veldu eitt ? 

a. Rocky land  

b. Bridge  

c. Plain or plateau  

d. Meadow or pastureland 

Answer- Meadow or pastureland

Que- Apess claims that Native Americans in New England are the "most mean, abject, miserable race of beings in the world." Which of the following is NOT a reason he offers as an explanation for their misery ? 

a. They are victimized by corrupt Indian Agents appointed by the government.  

b. They are not provided with adequate education.  

c. They are legally denied the right to engage in commerce.  

d. Native American women have been seduced and abandoned by white men. 

Answer- They are legally denied the right to engage in commerce.

Que- Native Son (1940) is written by_____________? 

a. Jean Toomer  

b. Richard Wright  

c. Ralph Ellison  

d. Stephen Crane 

Answer- Richard Wright

Que- Which of the following best defines the Enlightenment movement ? 

a. Age of reason  

b. Political thinking  

c. Celebration of individual  

d. Philosophical movment 

Answer- Age of reason

Que- Themes in colonial time period ? 

a. resistance  

b. cultural independence  

c. Europe  

d. All the above 

Answer- All the above

Que- What did John Smith write ? 

a. Jason and Isolde  

b. General History of Virginia  

c. Declaration of Independence  

d. Journal of an Expedition 

Answer- General History of Virginia

Que- The American Renaissance overlapped the time period, in which American writers were trying to____________? 

a. Postmodern; end slavery.  

b. Colonial; end patriotism for England.  

c. Modernism; end individualism.  

d. Romanticism; define themselves and their writing style as independent from England. 

Answer- Romanticism; define themselves and their writing style as independent from England.

Que- To which country do George and Eliza plan to immigrate ? 

a. Liberia  

b. Nigeria  

c. France  

d. Algeria 

Answer- Liberia

Que- What does George Shelby give Uncle Tom to wear on a string around his neck before Tom is taken away ? 

a. A locket  

b. A ring  

c. A dollar  

d. A crucifix 

Answer- A dollar

Que- What statement below best sums up the literary significant of Maria Stewart ? 

a. First African American woman to speak to a mixed audience  

b. First African American to publish life writing Most popular native American writer  

c. Most popular slave narrative  

d. All the above 

Answer- First African American woman to speak to a mixed audience

Que- This is a system of fundamental laws governing a society______________? 

a. Discourse  

b. Constitution  

c. Language  

d. Connotation 

Answer- Constitution

Que- Where does Tom first meet Eva ? 

a. In New Orleans  

b. On a ferry  

c. In Memphis  

d. On a river boat 

Answer- On a river boat

Que- What does George Harris master demand of him that prompts him to plan his escape ? 

a. Relocate to Louisiana  

b. Punish another slave  

c. Abandon his faith  

d. Marry another woman 

Answer- Marry another woman

Que- Which of the following is true about the target audience for John Saffin's pamphlet ? 

a. African Americans  

b. White public of Plymouth  

c. White public of Massachusetts  

d. Native Americans 

Answer- White public of Massachusetts

Que- Which of Uncle Tom's personal characteristics guided his interactions with others and his responses to his circumstances ? 

a. His gentle and soft-spoken nature  

b. His honesty and deep devotion to God  

c. His overwhelming fear of violence  

d. His ability to hide his rebellious nature. 

Answer- His honesty and deep devotion to God

Que- In which city does the St.Clare live ? 

a. Memphis  

b. New Orleans  

c. Louisville  

d. Atlanta 

Answer- New Orleans

Que- Why does Henry David Thoreau write his book "Walden" ? 

a. To show ideas of transcendentalism are put into action  

b. To critique slavery  

c. Tell his entire life story  

d. None of the above 

Answer- To show ideas of transcendentalism are put into action

Que- _____________the eyes of all people are upon us; soe that if wee shall deale falsely with our god in this worke wee have undertaken and soe cause him to withdrawe his preent help from us, wee shall be made a story and a by-word through the world, wee shall open the mouthes of enemies to speake evill of the ways of god and all professours for Gods sake; wee shall shame the faces of many of gods worthy servants, and cause theire prayers to be turned into Cursses upon us till we be consumed out of the good land whether wee are going ? 

a. Fredrick Douglass  

b. John Winthrop  

c. Benjamin Franklin  

d. William Apess 

Answer- John Winthrop

Que- Abslom, Absalom is a novel written by______________? 

a. Steinback  

b. Faulkner  

c. Hemingway  

d. Fitzgerald 

Answer- Faulkner

Que- Which of the following describes the precolonial era's literature styles ? 

a. Pamphlets, poetry, novels, short stories  

b. Novels, poetry, dramas, histories  

c. Literary magazines, poetry, novels, short stories  

d. Narratives and poetry 

Answer- Narratives and poetry

Que- What does Eva's father promise her before she dies ? 

a. That he will adopt Topsy  

b. That he will free Uncle Tom  

c. That he will remarry  

d. That he will try to find Harry 

Answer- That he will free Uncle Tom

Que- learn by going where I have to go. The poet learns of______________? 

a. Going back to his hometown  

b. his errors and starts correcting them  

c. going back to the state of depression  

d. the final destination where he has to reach 

Answer- the final destination where he has to reach

Que- Which statement below best paraphrases what John Winthrop meant when he declared that the MBC would be as a "city upon a hill" ? 

a. Religious freedom  

b. Everyone has a role in society  

c. Only men should work  

d. Woman have no role in society 

Answer- Everyone has a role in society

Que- Who is the central Figure in O Nell's The Hairy Ape_____________? 

a. Mildred  

b. Yank  

c. The Secretary of I.W.W.  

d. None of the above 

Answer- Yank

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