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English Literature MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- In which place of England Christopher Marlow born ? 

a. London  

b. Norflock  

c. Canterbury  

d. Warwick 

Answer- Canterbury

Que- Which one of the following plays of Christopher Marlow tells the story of the disposition of a king by his barons and the Queen ? 

a. Doctor Faustus  

b. Edward the Second  

c. The Massacre at Paris  

d. The Jew of Malta 

Answer- Edward the Second

Que- To which theater was Christopher Marlow associated with ? 

a. English Puritan theatre  

b. English Renaissance theatre  

c. Restoration theatre  

d. English Neo-Classical theatre 

Answer- English Renaissance theatre

Que- In which year the play of Christopher Marlow The Jew of Malta first performed ? 

a. 1597 

b. 1601 

c. 1587 

d. 1592 

Answer- 1592

Que- The title page which play of Christopher Marlow attributes the play to Marlowe and Thomas Nashe ? 

a. Doctor Faustus  

b. Dido, Queen of Carthage  

c. Edward the Second  

d. Tamburlaine the Great 

Answer- Dido, Queen of Carthage

Que- Which period of John Keats as called "the most placid time in Keats's life" by Cowden Clarke, a close friend of Keats ? 

a. His visit to Lake District  

b. Keats' lodging in the attic above the surgery at 7 Church Street  

c. Keats stay in Italy  

d. Keats' travel to Alps 

Answer- Keats' lodging in the attic above the surgery at 7 Church Street

Que- Which is the first extant poem of John Keats, which is written in the year 1814 when when was 19 years of age ? 

a. La Belle Dame Sans Mercy  

b. Ode on a Grecian Urn  

c. Ode to a Skylark  

d. An Imitation of Spenser 

Answer- An Imitation of Spenser

Que- In which hospital John Keats registered as a medical student after finishing his apprenticeship with Hammond ? 

a. Queen's Chamber  

b. Guy's Hospital  

c. New Chapman Hospital  

d. Trinity Hospital 

Answer- Guy's Hospital

Que- In which school did John Keats study ? 

a. John Clarke's school  

b. King's Grammar School  

c. Harrow  

d. Eton 

Answer- John Clarke's school

Que- What was the profession of Thomas Hammond under whom John Keats joined for apprenticeship ? 

a. teacher  

b. surgeon  

c. banker  

d. lawyer 

Answer- surgeon

Que- When did John Keats die ? 

a. 11 May 1838  

b. 12 March 1833  

c. 23 February 1821  

d. 19 August 1825 

Answer- 23 February 1821

Que- When was John Keats born? 

a. 25 December 1767  

b. 30 April 1789  

c. 31 October 1795  

d. 22 November 1756 

Answer- 31 October 1795

Que- Picture must not be too picturesque'. Emerson here means pictures must_______________? 

a. not be too scenic  

b. capture our soul  

c. be simple and plain  

d. not dazzle 

Answer- not dazzle

Que- He glanced with rapid eyes_____________ they looked like frightened beads. The figure of speech used here is ? 

a. Metahor  

b. Oxymoron  

c. Simile  

d. Irony 

Answer- Simile

Que- What is Augustine St. Clare's selfish wife's name ? 

a. Marie  

b. Eliza  

c. Rachel  

d. Ophelia 

Answer- Marie

Que- Parker's report to Margaret is_________________? 

a. straightforward and simple  

b. complex and heart wrenching  

c. simple and heartwarming  

d. painful and disgustingly low 

Answer- simple and heartwarming

Que- Thoreau scales humans down to the size of ants in order to____________________? 

a. examine the aggressive, dominating and stupid nature of human warfare  

b. create a very vivid and impressive picture  

c. shows his real intentions in writing  

d. portray humans allegorically 

Answer- examine the aggressive, dominating and stupid nature of human warfare

Que- We associate John Winthrop with what colonial Settlement ? 

a. Plymouth  

b. Mayflower compact  

c. Massachusetts Bay Colony  

d. Rhode Island 

Answer- Massachusetts Bay Colony

Que- What statement below best sums up the literary significance of Thoreau ? 

a. Father of Free verse  

b. Father of american poetry  

c. Self-reliance  

d. Father of American Liteature 

Answer- Self-reliance

Que- According to the sign in the Kentucky Inn, what is branded to George's right hand ? 

a. The letter S  

b. The Letter H  

c. A hexagon  

d. The number 314 

Answer- The number 314

Que- The poem by Berryman has a sad and depressed tone about it and it foreshadows the_____________? 

a. fate of the author or how depressed be was  

b. fate and the mindest of the boy  

c. turn of events of the ball  

d. happenings in the poem 

Answer- fate and the mindest of the boy

Que- Usher can only stand types of noises in his acutely uncomfortable state. The narrator describes a number of impromptus that Usher plays for him on which instrument ? 

a. The harp  

b. The guitar  

c. The ukulele  

d. The violin 

Answer- The guitar

Que- When the prophets prophesied, of whom did they speak? When they spoke of heathens, was it not the whites and others who were counted Gentiles? And I ask if all nations with the exception of the Jews were not counted heathens. The author of this passage was_______________? 

a. A slave  

b. A Transcendentalist  

c. The son of itinerant actors  

d. An indentured servant 

Answer- An indentured servant

Que- The term Beat Generation comes from______________? 

a. Beat to his size  

b. Beat to his stomach  

c. Beat to his socks  

d. Beat to his Shoe 

Answer- Beat to his socks

Que- Who was the first black woman who win the Nobel Prize for Literature ? 

a. Toni Morrison  

b. Jane Austin  

c. Ann Petry  

d. Frances Harper 

Answer- Toni Morrison

Que- What statement below best sums up the literary significance of Nathaniel Hawthorne ? 

a. Popular early nosiest  

b. Romantisum  

c. Scarlett letter  

d. All are correct 

Answer- All are correct

Que- A language come into existence when_____________? 

a. there is brutal necessity  

b. there are speakers of the language  

c. ancient elements force to become a language  

d. a new language id discovered 

Answer- there is brutal necessity

Que- Who wrote Mending wall ? 

a. Carl Sanburg  

b. T.S. Eliot  

c. E.e cummings  

d. Robert Lee Forst 

Answer- Robert Lee Forst

Que- Pre-colonial theme ? 

a. religious stories  

b. creation stories  

c. A and B  

d. None of the above 

Answer- A and B

Que- Unmoved – she notes the Chariots – pausing – At her low Gate – Unmoved – an Emperor be kneeling Upon her Mat – I've known her – from an ample nation – Then – close the Valves of her attention – Like Stone – What does ample mean ? 

a. Menacing  

b. Large or abundant  

c. Fearful and gracious  

d. Beautiful 

Answer- Large or abundant

Que- gave a hint of the rich culture that was forgotten________________? 

a. The life of the Indians  

b. The influence of the missionaries in lives of the Indians  

c. Reported speech poems  

d. Narratives captivity 

Answer- Reported speech poems

Que- What did the family do to protect the children from the uncle ? 

a. They dressed the boys like girls and told them to behave as girls do  

b. They locked the uncle away until the children were old enough to protect themselves  

c. They dressed the girls like boys and told them to behave as boys do  

d. They formed a mob and chased the uncle out of the village 

Answer- They dressed the boys like girls and told them to behave as girls do

Que- Thoreau places a sense of Upon the ants ? 

a. honor and glory  

b. meticulous faction  

c. responsibility  

d. revenge and betrayal 

Answer- honor and glory

Que- By 1600 Holland had____________________? 

a. Emerged as a supreme power among the European countries  

b. a huge collection of paintings and sculptures  

c. the wisest men of the time  

d. many scholars and sceptics 

Answer- many scholars and sceptics

Que- We associate Nathaniel Hawthrone with what literary movement ? 

a. Nationalism  

b. Transcendentalism  

c. Romanticism  

d. Indian Autobiography 

Answer- Romanticism

Que- This governor was re-elected 30 times_________________? 

a. Anne Bradstreet  

b. Bradford Nelson  

c. Jonathan Edwards  

d. William Bradford 

Answer- William Bradford

Que- It was possible, I reflected, that a mere different arrangement of the particulars of the scene, of the details of this picture, would be sufficient to modify, or perhaps to annihilate its capacity for sorrowful impression; and, acting upon this idea, I reined my horse to the precipitous brink of a black and lurid tarn that lay in unruffled lustre by the dwelling, and gazed down – but with a shudder even more thrilling than before – upon the re-modelled and inverted images of the gray sedge, and the ghastly tree-stems, and the vacant eyelike windows. What is the meaning of the word tarn? Veldu eitt ? 

a. A bird  

b. A small mountain lake  

c. A wide river  

d. A high cliff 

Answer- A small mountain lake

Que- To Whom does Franklin say he is addressing his autobiography part 1 ? 

a. Himself  

b. Indians  

c. His son, john  

d. His son, William 

Answer- His son, William

Que- How many children does Uncle Tom have ? 

a. one  

b. seven  

c. five  

d. three 

Answer- three

Que- Which of the following is not one of the 4 part of Puritan Sermon ? 

a. Text  

b. Doctrine  

c. Bibliography  

d. None of the above 

Answer- Bibliography

Que- Whom did the corn clan member pray to for help ? 

a. His dead uncle  

b. His dead father  

c. His dead grandmother  

d. His dead grandfather 

Answer- His dead uncle

Que- Berryman's The Ball Poem can be categorized as a_______________? 

a. Confessional poem  

b. Metaphorical poem  

c. Fragmental poem  

d. Delusional poem 

Answer- Confessional poem

Que- Which of the following is NOT among the 13 virtues Franklin struggles to master ? 

a. Temperance  

b. Silence  

c. Order  

d. None of the above 

Answer- None of the above

Que- This term refers to the "feeling" of a word______________? 

a. Connotation  

b. Connection  

c. Constitution  

d. Description 

Answer- Connotation

Que- How was the priest's son's prayer answered ? 

a. The prayer was not answered and the people continued to live in sin  

b. The dead uncle sent a hail storm to destroy the land  

c. The priest's son was told to set fire to the village  

d. The dead uncle sent an earthquake to punish the corn clan for their wrongdoings 

Answer- The dead uncle sent an earthquake to punish the corn clan for their wrongdoings

Que- Along the way, goodman Brown and the character who seems to be the devil meet three people______________? 

a. Goody Cloyse, Faith, and old goodman Brown.  

b. Goody Cloyse, deacon Gookin, and the minister.  

c. The minister, old goodman Brown, and deacon Gookin.  

d. Faith, old goodman Brown and deacon Gookin. 

Answer- Goody Cloyse, deacon Gookin, and the minister.

Que- According to Hare, what work did the Earthmaker send him to do ? 

a. To make mischief and cause trouble  

b. To trample upon evil beings that were abusing his aunts and uncles  

c. To play tricks on other animals to prove how intelligent he is  

d. The hare has no purpose that is why his grandmother must always watch over him 

Answer- To trample upon evil beings that were abusing his aunts and uncles

Que- is the end of fame_______________? 

a. Love  

b. Pity  

c. Misfortune  

d. Death 

Answer- Pity

Que- About the Delaware_______________? 

a. Used pictographs to explain nature  

b. Told the story of Wolam Olum  

c. Settled in Northeast US  

d. All the above 

Answer- All the above

Que- A diary of someone's day by day account of events_______________? 

a. Journal  

b. History  

c. Article  

d. Legend 

Answer- Journal

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