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English Literature MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- The literary work 'Kubla khan' is_______________? 

a. a history by Vincent Smith  

b. a verse by Coleridge  

c. a drama by Oscar Wilde  

d. a short story by Somerset Maugham 

Answer- a verse by Coleridge

Que- Who is the first modern novelist ? 

a. Samuel Richardson  

b. Samuel Johnson  

c. Samuel Beckett  

d. None of the above 

Answer- Samuel Richardson

Que- Who is called the 'Mock heroic poet' ? 

a. Edmund Walter  

b. Jonathan Swift  

c. Alexander Pope  

d. Dr. Samuel Johnson 

Answer- Alexander Pope

Que- What is the feature of Romantic poetry ? 

a. Imagination  

b. Modernism  

c. Post-modernism  

d. None of the above 

Answer- Imagination

Que- A poem mourning someone's death is called______________? 

a. Fable  

b. Epic  

c. Elegy  

d. None of these 

Answer- Elegy

Que- Who is the father of English Literature ? 

a. Roger Bacon  

b. Robert Browning  

c. Geoffrey Chaucer  

d. Cynewulf 

Answer- Geoffrey Chaucer

Que- A poem of fourteen lines is called________________? 

a. Elege  

b. Sonnet  

c. Ode  

d. Epic 

Answer- Sonnet

Que- Who is contemporary of William Shakespeare ? 

a. Christopher Marlowe  

b. Lord Tennyson  

c. John Milton  

d. All of them 

Answer- Christopher Marlowe

Que- Henry Higgins is a character in________________? 

a. Pygmalion  

b. saint joan  

c. Candida  

d. none of these 

Answer- Pygmalion

Que- Hero and Hero worship' was written by______________? 

a. Ruskin  

b. Carlyle  

c. Mill  

d. None of these 

Answer- Carlyle

Que- The kind Claudius was killed by________________? 

a. Laerteus  

b. Hamlet  

c. Horatio  

d. None of these 

Answer- Hamlet

Que- Who is the writer of 'Harold' ? 

a. George Bernard Shaw  

b. Lord Tennyson  

c. Christopher Marlowe  

d. William Shakespeare 

Answer- Lord Tennyson

Que- Blow, blow thou winter wind Thou art not so unkind.-Example of ? 

a. Simile  

b. Conceit  

c. Metaphor  

d. Couplet 

Answer- Couplet

Que- Who is considered to be the father of English novel ? 

a. Francis Bacon  

b. Geoffery Chaucer  

c. King Alfred the Great  

d. Henry Fielding 

Answer- Henry Fielding

Que- Who is the Writer of The White Tiger ? 

a. Arobinda Adigha  

b. Salman Rushdie  

c. Arundhoti Roy  

d. Kiron Dishai 

Answer- Arobinda Adigha

Que- Who propounds "the touchstone method"_______________? 

a. Arnold  

b. Shelley  

c. Pope  

d. Dryden 

Answer- Arnold

Que- The Alchemist' is written by_______________? 

a. Ben Johnson  

b. Samuel Johnson  

c. Marlowe  

d. None of them 

Answer- Ben Johnson

Que- Who of the following is a playwright ? 

a. Dickens  

b. Frost  

c. W.B. Yeats  

d. G.B. Shaw 

Answer- G.B. Shaw

Que- The Lay of the Last Minstrel' is written by_______________? 

a. Blake  

b. Byron  

c. Tennyson  

d. Walter Scott 

Answer- Walter Scott

Que- Which of the following would a Romantic Poet be most likely to use ? 

a. A "member of the plumy race"  

b. A "bird"  

c. A "tenant of the sky"  

d. An "airy fairy" 

Answer- An "airy fairy"

Que- Who is called the father of English Poetry ? 

a. Milton  

b. Wordsworth  

c. G. Chaucer  

d. Charles Dickens 

Answer- G. Chaucer

Que- Macbeth and Oedipus' is by_________________? 

a. W. H. Auden  

b. Earnest Jones  

c. Nicoll  

d. Freud 

Answer- W. H. Auden

Que- The novel 'Talisman' is written by_______________? 

a. Jane Austen  

b. Charles Dickens  

c. Sir Walter Scott  

d. Oliver Goldsmith 

Answer- Sir Walter Scott

Que- Julius Caesar was the ruler of Rome about____________? 

a. 1000 years ago  

b. 1500 years ago  

c. 2000 years ago  

d. 3000 years ago 

Answer- 2000 years ago

Que- Eliot was influenced by___________________? 

a. Ezra Pound  

b. Shaw  

c. Hardy  

d. none of these 

Answer- Ezra Pound

Que- Sweet are the uses of adversity' was stated by__________________? 

a. Valtaire  

b. Shakespeare  

c. Milton  

d. Tolstoy 

Answer- Shakespeare

Que- Jane Austen is the writer of__________________? 

a. Jane Eyre  

b. Ramona  

c. Emma  

d. Rebecca 

Answer- Emma

Que- Which of the following is written by P. B. Shelly ? 

a. To a skylark  

b. The Daffodils  

c. Pride and Prejudice  

d. Culture and Anarchy 

Answer- To a skylark

Que- Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' was published in________________? 

a. 1602 

b. 1608 

c. 1610 

d. None of these 

Answer- 1602

Que- Shaw's 'Man and Superman' is an example of___________? 

a. Comedy of Errors  

b. Comedy of Manners  

c. Comedy of Ideas  

d. Romantic Comedy 

Answer- Comedy of Ideas

Que- Which was the oldest period in English literature ? 

a. Anglo-Norman  

b. Anglo-Saxon  

c. Chaucer's period  

d. Middle Age 

Answer- Anglo-Saxon

Que- Tradition and Individual Talent is a critical essay by_______________? 

a. Shelley  

b. Oscar Wilde  

c. T. S. Eliot  

d. None of these 

Answer- T. S. Eliot

Que- After Apple Picking is written by_______________? 

a. Robert Browning  

b. Robert Frost  

c. both A and B  

d. none of these 

Answer- Robert Frost

Que- Who after the publication of a poem, awoke and found himself famous ? 

a. Shelley  

b. Browning  

c. Wordsworth  

d. Keats 

Answer- Wordsworth

Que- Who is famous for representing London in his novels ? 

a. Thackeray  

b. Hardy  

c. Dickens  

d. W. Scott 

Answer- Dickens

Que- Paradise Lost' and 'Paradise Regained' are written by________________? 

a. P.B. Shelley  

b. John Keats  

c. John Milton  

d. William Blake 

Answer- John Milton

Que- Andrea Del Sarto' is a poem written by_________________? 

a. Tennyson  

b. Browning  

c. Keats  

d. T. S. Eliot 

Answer- Browning

Que- April is the Cruelest month of all is taken from Eliot's__________________? 

a. The Wasteland  

b. The Hollow men  

c. East Coker  

d. Prufrock 

Answer- The Wasteland

Que- What do you mean by Heroic Couplet ? 

a. a pair of rhyming iambic pentameter  

b. a two line stanza  

c. a poem of lamentation  

d. a song for mourning 

Answer- a pair of rhyming iambic pentameter

Que- The Age of Chaucer' ranges from_______________? 

a. 1340-1385  

b. 1240-1300  

c. 1340-1400  

d. 1340-1399 

Answer- 1340-1400

Que- The Metaphysical Poets' is a critical essay by________________? 

a. Arnold  

b. T. S. Eliot  

c. P.B. Shelley  

d. None of these 

Answer- T. S. Eliot

Que- The poem "Wind" is written by________________? 

a. Shelley  

b. John Ashbery  

c. Sylvia Plath  

d. Ted Hughes 

Answer- Ted Hughes

Que- Who is the author of "Around the World in Eighty Days" ? 

a. Jules Verne  

b. Christopher Marlowe  

c. Charles Kingsley  

d. Thomas Hood 

Answer- Jules Verne

Que- Synecdoche refers to the term_____________? 

a. a thing stands for whole thing  

b. pity and fear  

c. Self-contradictory speech  

d. long speech 

Answer- a thing stands for whole thing

Que- Who Is known as the Father of English Poetry_______________? 

a. William Shakespeare  

b. Geoffrey Chaucer  

c. John Milton  

d. William Wordsworth 

Answer- Geoffrey Chaucer

Que- Reading makes a full man, conference a ready man and writing an exact man.- Who told it ? 

a. Shakespeare  

b. Chaucer  

c. Spenser  

d. Bacon 

Answer- Bacon

Que- In Memoriam by Tennyson is________________? 

a. an elegy  

b. a collection of elegies  

c. a lyric  

d. a dramatic lyric 

Answer- an elegy

Que- Poetry is defined as 'Spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling' by___________? 

a. Shelley  

b. Coleridge  

c. Wordsworth  

d. None of these 

Answer- Wordsworth

Que- Lycidas' is written by_____________? 

a. Alexander Pope  

b. Henry Fielding  

c. Thomas Hardy  

d. John Milton 

Answer- John Milton

Que- Browning is famous for his______________? 

a. Sensory images  

b. Dramatic Monologues  

c. Narrative ballads  

d. Blank Verse 

Answer- Dramatic Monologues

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