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English Literature MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- Who is called the Bird of Avon ? 

a. John Dryden  

b. William Shakespeare  

c. John Milton  

d. None of these 

Answer- William Shakespeare

Que- not of an age, but for all time-was told about Shakespeare by whom ? 

a. Marlowe  

b. Ben Johnson  

c. King Henry  

d. John Milton 

Answer- Ben Johnson

Que- To be, or not to be, that is the question- Where do you find this quotation ? 

a. Macbeth  

b. Hamlet  

c. As You like It  

d. Othello 

Answer- Hamlet

Que- The Revolt of Islam' was written by________________? 

a. Wordsworth  

b. Coleridge  

c. Shelley  

d. None of these 

Answer- Shelley

Que- The quality of Mercy is not strained' the line is taken from________________? 

a. Merchant of Venice  

b. Two gentleman of Verona  

c. Midsummer's Night Dream  

d. Anthony and Cleopatra 

Answer- Merchant of Venice

Que- Hyperion is a/an poem_________________? 

a. Elegy  

b. Epic  

c. Lyric  

d. None of these 

Answer- Lyric

Que- Which poem of Tennyson was particularly like by Queen Victoria ? 

a. The Idylls of the kings  

b. Charge of the Light Brigade  

c. In Memoriam  

d. None of these 

Answer- In Memoriam

Que- Hellenism of Keats connotes______________? 

a. his love of poetry  

b. his love of ancient cultures  

c. his love of Greek culture and art  

d. None of these 

Answer- his love of Greek culture and art

Que- What do you mean by Hyperbole ? 

a. a long verse  

b. a long narrative poem  

c. an overriding view  

d. an overstatement about something 

Answer- an overstatement about something

Que- Hardy's Nature is_____________? 

a. Friendly  

b. Indifferent  

c. Vindictive  

d. None of these 

Answer- Indifferent

Que- Hamlet and Oedipus' was written by_______________? 

a. Bradley  

b. Dover Wilson  

c. Earnest Jones  

d. Freud 

Answer- Earnest Jones

Que- Satanic Verses' is written by__________________? 

a. R.K. Narayan  

b. Salman Rushdie  

c. Jhumpa Lahiri  

d. Arundhuti Roy 

Answer- Salman Rushdie

Que- George Bernard Shaw is_________________? 

a. a playwright  

b. a film-maker  

c. a historian  

d. a modern painter 

Answer- a playwright

Que- Who is the writer of The Restoration Period ? 

a. Aphra Ben  

b. Robert Herrick  

c. Jeremy Taylor  

d. Thomas Hobbes 

Answer- Aphra Ben

Que- Eliot worked for Faber and Faber as a/an_______________? 

a. assistant  

b. director  

c. writer  

d. Editor e… none of these 

Answer- Editor e… none of these

Que- Exiles' is a______________? 

a. Short Story  

b. Novel  

c. Play  

d. Poem 

Answer- Play

Que- The statue of 'Ozymandias' is______________? 

a. on a mountain  

b. beside a river  

c. in a desert  

d. in a valley 

Answer- in a desert

Que- Macbeth is a_____________? 

a. play  

b. novel  

c. an essy  

d. poem 

Answer- play

Que- Who is the writer of 'Vision of Sin' ? 

a. George Bernard Shaw  

b. William Shakespeare  

c. Lord Tennyson  

d. Christopher Marlowe 

Answer- Lord Tennyson

Que- A long poem is a combination of short poems. Who has held the above opinion ? 

a. Coleridge  

b. Keats  

c. Wordsworth  

d. None of these 

Answer- Wordsworth

Que- The Essays of Elia was first published in book form in_____________? 

a. 1795 

b. 1807 

c. 1823 

d. 1829 

Answer- 1823

Que- The line 'Beauty is truth, truth beauty' occurs in which one of Keats' following poems_______________? 

a. Ode to Nightingale  

b. Ode to Grecian Urn  

c. Ode to Psyche  

d. None of these 

Answer- Ode to Grecian Urn

Que- In which city the play of Shakespeare 'Romeo and Juliet' is set in_________________? 

a. Milan  

b. Verona  

c. Turin  

d. none of these 

Answer- Verona

Que- Dickens' first novel which focused on the specific social ills was______________? 

a. the Christmas carol  

b. Great Expectations  

c. oliver twist  

d. a tale of two cities 

Answer- Great Expectations

Que- Who is the author of 'Man and Superman' ? 

a. W. Shakespeare  

b. George Bernard Shaw  

c. Leo Tolstoy  

d. Charles Dickens 

Answer- George Bernard Shaw

Que- What is Robert Frost famous Journal ? 

a. The summers day  

b. The Road not taken  

c. The Atlantic Monthly  

d. The Mountain Interval 

Answer- The Atlantic Monthly

Que- The prose of the Romantic period had a tendency to_______________? 

a. Objectify the issue in terms of a cause  

b. Advance a single system to the public  

c. Allow the writer to draw on his  

d. Be brooding and meditative. own personality 

Answer- Objectify the issue in terms of a cause

Que- Who is the author of 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' ? 

a. Charles Dickens  

b. Homer  

c. Lord Tennison  

d. Ernest Hemingway 

Answer- Ernest Hemingway

Que- The Rainbow' is a novel written by______________? 

a. Hemingway  

b. Virginia Woolf  

c. E.M. Forster  

d. D.H. Lawrence 

Answer- D.H. Lawrence

Que- Heard Melodies are sweet but those unheard are sweeter' is a line from_______________? 

a. Ode on a Grecian Urn  

b. The Prelude  

c. Ode to Autumn  

d. None of these 

Answer- Ode on a Grecian Urn

Que- Which one is not by Shakespeare ? 

a. Nature teaches beasts to know their friends.  

b. True is it that we have seen betting days.  

c. Knowledge is power.  

d. None of these. 

Answer- Knowledge is power.

Que- Who is the author of the famous book 'The Judgment' is_______________? 

a. Anthony Mascarenhas  

b. Amartya Sen  

c. Kuldip Nayer  

d. Nelson Mandela 

Answer- Kuldip Nayer

Que- Ode to Autumn' was written by__________________? 

a. Shelley  

b. Keats  

c. Byron  

d. Blake 

Answer- Keats

Que- Who is the writer of 'Comedy of Errors' ? 

a. Ben Jhonson  

b. G B Shaw  

c. William Shakespeare  

d. T S Eliot 

Answer- William Shakespeare

Que- The Crown of Wild Olive, is written by__________________? 

a. Ruskin  

b. J.S.Mill  

c. Lamb  

d. Russell 

Answer- Ruskin

Que- Gunter Grass got Nobel Prize in-xviii ? 

a. 1998 

b. 1997 

c. 1999 

d. 2000 

Answer- 1999

Que- What is an Effigy ? 

a. a poem  

b. a sonnet  

c. an image or dummy  

d. a lamentation 

Answer- an image or dummy

Que- Which on of the following is first long poem in English ? 

a. The Wanderer  

b. Beowulf  

c. The Seafarer  

d. Dream of the Road 

Answer- Beowulf

Que- What is Quinzaine ? 

a. a fourteen line stanza  

b. a twenty line stanza  

c. a thirteen line stanza  

d. a fifteen line stanza 

Answer- a fifteen line stanza

Que- What is the name of Wordsworth's long poem ? 

a. The Canterbury Tales  

b. Don Juan  

c. The Prelude  

d. None of these 

Answer- The Prelude

Que- Which of the following is not a tragedy written by Shakespeare ? 

a. Macbeth  

b. Othello  

c. Merchant of Venice  

d. None of these 

Answer- Merchant of Venice

Que- I wandered Lonely as a cloud' is an example of______________? 

a. symbol  

b. Metaphor  

c. Simile  

d. Metonymy 

Answer- Simile

Que- In Shakespeare "Character is not Destiny" but "character and Destiny". Whose comment is this ? 

a. Bradley  

b. Dr. Johnson  

c. Nicoll  

d. None of these 

Answer- Bradley

Que- Who is the author of 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' ? 

a. William Wordsworth  

b. S. T. Coleridge  

c. W. Somerset Maugham  

d. Sir Walter Scott 

Answer- S. T. Coleridge

Que- Yahoo's according to Gulliver were______________? 

a. European  

b. Indians  

c. American  

d. None of these 

Answer- European

Que- William Blake's /Songs of 'counterbalance his 'Songs of Experience' ? 

a. Love  

b. childhood  

c. Inexperience  

d. Innocence 

Answer- Innocence

Que- What is the term Utopia ? 

a. a hat of a king  

b. a day dreamer  

c. a lotus eater  

d. an ideal state which does not exist in real 

Answer- an ideal state which does not exist in real

Que- SARTOR RESARTUS' is a prose work by________________? 

a. John Ruskin  

b. Carlyle  

c. Bacon  

d. Lamb 

Answer- Carlyle

Que- Lucy Gray' is a poem written by_______________? 

a. Wordsworth  

b. Keats  

c. None of these  

d. All of these 

Answer- Wordsworth

Que- Who is the writer of the poem 'Andrea Del Sarto' ? 

a. William Shakespeare  

b. Shelley  

c. Wordsworth  

d. Robert Browning 

Answer- Robert Browning

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