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English Literature MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- The literary figure who had the most pronounced effect on Keats was_______________? 

a. Dante  

b. Shakespeare  

c. Wordsworth  

d. Shelley 

Answer- Shakespeare

Que- When Alfred Lord Tennyson was born ? 

a. 1809 

b. 1810 

c. 1811 

d. 1812 

Answer- 1809

Que- Who wrote 'The Spanish Tragedy' ? 

a. John Lyly  

b. Thomas Kyd  

c. Robert Green  

d. Christopher Marlowe 

Answer- Thomas Kyd

Que- Byron's journey to Spain, Malta, Albania and Greece resulted in the production of the first two cantos of his poem_______________? 

a. cain  

b. Childe Herald's Pilgrimage  

c. Don Juan  

d. the prisoner of Chillon 

Answer- Childe Herald's Pilgrimage

Que- Justice delayed is justice denied was stated by______________? 

a. Shakespeare  

b. Emerson  

c. Gladstone  

d. Disraeli 

Answer- Gladstone

Que- The character of Little Neil is a creation of______________? 

a. Hardy  

b. Eliot  

c. Oscar Wilde  

d. Dickens 

Answer- Dickens

Que- Firdausi was the poet of________________? 

a. Persian  

b. English  

c. French  

d. Italy 

Answer- Persian

Que- Adela' is a character from_______________? 

a. A Passage to India  

b. Paradise Lost  

c. Hamlet  

d. Doctor Faustus 

Answer- A Passage to India

Que- Poetry is not like reasoning, a power to be exerted according to the determination of will, is a statement by______________? 

a. Wordsworth  

b. Shelley  

c. Coleridge  

d. Arnold 

Answer- Shelley

Que- Who is the author of 'India Wins Freedom' ? 

a. Ghandhi  

b. Nehru  

c. Jinnah  

d. Abul Kalam Azad 

Answer- Abul Kalam Azad

Que- Edmund Spenser is a_________________? 

a. poet  

b. dramatist  

c. artist  

d. scientist 

Answer- poet

Que- Who is the writer of 'The Ring of the Book' ? 

a. Shelley  

b. Robert Browning  

c. William Shakespeare  

d. Wordsworth 

Answer- Robert Browning

Que- Who is known as an anti-romantic novelist in the Romantic Age ? 

a. Charles Lamb  

b. Jane Austen  

c. William Hazlitt  

d. Oliver Goldsmith 

Answer- Jane Austen

Que- Who is the writer of 'The Two Voices' ? 

a. Lord Tennyson  

b. George Bernard Shaw  

c. William Shakespeare  

d. Christopher Marlowe 

Answer- Lord Tennyson

Que- Who is known as the national poet of England_________________? 

a. William Wordsworth  

b. John Keats  

c. William Shakespeare  

d. T. S. Eliot 

Answer- William Shakespeare

Que- Paradise Lost' was written by________________? 

a. Shakespeare  

b. Milton  

c. Coleridge  

d. Keats 

Answer- Milton

Que- The period between 1660 to 1750 is known as___________________? 

a. The Age of Classicism  

b. The Restoration  

c. The age of Milton  

d. None of these 

Answer- The Restoration

Que- Tom Jones' by Henry Fielding was first published in______________? 

a. the first half of 19th century  

b. the first half of 18th century  

c. the 2nd half of 18th century  

d. 19th century 

Answer- the first half of 18th century

Que- Who wrote "Shakespeare's Later Comedies' ? 

a. A.C. Bradley  

b. Palmer D.J.  

c. Dr.Johnsofl  

d. None of these 

Answer- Palmer D.J.

Que- The treatise 'On Liberty' was written by_____________? 

a. Ruskin  

b. Lamb  

c. Mill  

d. Oscar Wilde 

Answer- Mill

Que- Who is the writer of the poem 'A Grammarian's Funeral' ? 

a. Shelley  

b. William Shakespeare  

c. Wordsworth  

d. Robert Browning 

Answer- Robert Browning

Que- Find the Odd man out ? 

a. Ulysses  

b. The Falcon  

c. The Virginians  

d. On Liberty 

Answer- The Falcon

Que- O Captain! My Captain!' is a poem written by______________? 

a. Robert Frost  

b. Emily Dickinson  

c. Mark Twain  

d. Walt Whitman 

Answer- Walt Whitman

Que- Modern age is an age of______________? 

a. Pessimism and Cynicism  

b. Conflicts and Controversies  

c. Subjectivity  

d. All of the above 

Answer- Conflicts and Controversies

Que- The first Englishwoman to earn her living as a playwright was______________? 

a. Nell Gwynn  

b. Aphra Behn  

c. Lady Teazle  

d. Ann Hathaway 

Answer- Aphra Behn

Que- The period of maturation, intellectual growth and social graces during the Renaissance is called the____________? 

a. aristocracy  

b. New Age  

c. Reformation  

d. Enlightenment 

Answer- Enlightenment

Que- Which of the following writers would be an appropriate subject for a class on "The Literature of the British Empire" ? 

a. Rudyard Kipling  

b. Edward Fitzgerald  

c. Charlotte Bronte  

d. Any of these 

Answer- Any of these

Que- Which of the following periods of English literature came last ? 

a. The Elizabethan Age  

b. The Commonwealth Period  

c. The Jacobean Age  

d. The Middle English Period 

Answer- The Commonwealth Period

Que- He was not a Renaissance writer________________? 

a. William Shakespeare  

b. Sir Philip Sidney  

c. Christopher Marlowe  

d. Sir Thomas Malory 

Answer- Sir Thomas Malory

Que- Which poet did NOT write during the 16th century ? 

a. John Skelton  

b. William Shakespeare  

c. Sir Thomas Wyatt  

d. Thomas Carew 

Answer- Thomas Carew

Que- Which of the following poets wrote during the Victorian period but was not published until the 20th century ? 

a. Christina Rossetti  

b. Gerard Manley Hopkins  

c. Elizabeth Barret Browning  

d. Ted Hughes 

Answer- Gerard Manley Hopkins

Que- Who wrote first ? 

a. George Eliot  

b. Christopher Marlowe  

c. Howard, Earl of Surrey  

d. William Shakespeare 

Answer- Howard, Earl of Surrey

Que- Which work was published first ? 

a. Blake's "Songs of Innocence"  

b. Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein"  

c. Lord Byron's "Don Juan"  

d. Sir Walter Scott's "Ivanhoe" 

Answer- Blake's "Songs of Innocence"

Que- Which period of literature came first ? 

a. Regency  

b. Victorian  

c. Romantic  

d. Restoration 

Answer- Restoration

Que- The Bronte sisters wrote during this period______________? 

a. Regency  

b. Restoration  

c. Romantic  

d. Victorian 

Answer- Victorian

Que- Jane Austen wrote during this period________________? 

a. Restoration  

b. Victorian  

c. Middle English  

d. Regency 

Answer- Regency

Que- Who wrote the poem 'The Seven Ages' ? 

a. John Milton  

b. Geoffrey Chaucer  

c. William Shakespeare  

d. Edward Gibbon 

Answer- William Shakespeare

Que- The prevailing feature of Chaucer's humour is its__________________? 

a. urbanity  

b. crudity  

c. triviality  

d. sanctity 

Answer- urbanity

Que- What was the nationality of OscarWilde ? 

a. Irish  

b. Scottish  

c. French  

d. English 

Answer- Irish

Que- In 1905, VirginiaWoolf began to write for which publication ? 

a. The Time's Literary Supplement  

b. The Lady's Home Journal  

c. Strand Magazine  

d. Reader Magazine 

Answer- The Time's Literary Supplement

Que- On liberty was written by_______________? 

a. Carlyle  

b. Macaulay  

c. Godwin  

d. Mill 

Answer- Mill

Que- Geoffrey Chaucer served which king ? 

a. Richard III  

b. James 1  

c. Edward III  

d. Henry II 

Answer- Edward III

Que- Maggie is the central character in George Eliot's________________? 

a. Adam Bede  

b. Middle March  

c. The Mill on the Floss  

d. Silas Morner 

Answer- The Mill on the Floss

Que- What do you mean by Burlesque ? 

a. a satiric caricature of the characters  

b. a drama  

c. a satiric person  

d. an allegorical statement 

Answer- a satiric caricature of the characters

Que- Who served as an Irish senator for two terms? A___________ Wilde? 

a. Shaw  

b. Ibsen 

c. Yeats  

d. none of these 

Answer- Yeats

Que- All good poetry is spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings who made this statement ? 

a. Shelly  

b. De Quincey  

c. Wordsworth  

d. None of these 

Answer- Wordsworth

Que- In which of the following Genres did Victorian Literature achieve its greatest success_______________? 

a. Epic Poetry  

b. Lyric Poetry  

c. The Essay  

d. The Novel 

Answer- The Novel

Que- Essays of Elia' was written by______________? 

a. William Hazlitt  

b. Emily Dickinson  

c. Emily Bronte  

d. Charles Lamb 

Answer- Charles Lamb

Que- Romanticism is mainly connected with______________? 

a. excitement and sensation  

b. love and beauty  

c. job and tiredness  

d. expectation and depression 

Answer- excitement and sensation

Que- What do you mean by Beast Fable ? 

a. a fictional story of animal characters  

b. a short story  

c. a long narrative prose  

d. a soft style epic 

Answer- a fictional story of animal characters

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