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English Literature MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- In what year was the First Folio published ? 

a. 1626 

b. 1621 

c. 1623 

d. 1629 

Answer- 1623

Que- Which famous Shakespeare play does the quote, "Neither a borrower nor a lender be" come from ? 

a. Cymbeline  

b. Hamlet  

c. Titus Andronicus  

d. Pericles, Prince of Tyre 

Answer- Hamlet

Que- Which of these was not one of Shakespeare's plays ? 

a. Titus Andronicus  

b. The Tempest  

c. Cymbeline  

d. Shakespeare in love 

Answer- Shakespeare in love

Que- The line "To be or not to be" comes from which play ? 

a. Macbeth  

b. Twelfth Night  

c. A Midsummer Night's dream  

d. Hamlet 

Answer- Hamlet

Que- Shakespeare died at the age of______________? 

a. 48 

b. 52 

c. 60 

d. 63 

Answer- 52

Que- How many photographs exist of William Shakespeare ? 

a. 2 

b. 4 

c. 1 

d. 0 

Answer- 2

Que- What was Shakespeare's first play ? 

a. King Lear  

b. Henry VI  

c. The Tempest  

d. Romeo and Juliet 

Answer- Henry VI

Que- In which town was Shakespeare born ? 

a. London  

b. Cambridge  

c. Stratford  

d. Oxford 

Answer- Stratford

Que- How many sonnets did William Shakespeare write ? 

a. 164 

b. 145 

c. 154 

d. 126 

Answer- 154

Que- At what age of did William Shakespeare marry Anne Hathaway ? 

a. 18 

b. 22 

c. 19 

d. 23 

Answer- 18

Que- Which one of the following terms is often called for the England's national poet, William Shakespeare ? 

a. Bard of London  

b. Bard of Avon  

c. Master Dramatist  

d. Supreme Poet 

Answer- Bard of Avon

Que- To which category that two works of William Shakespeare Venus and Adonis and The Rape of Lucrece belong to ? 

a. Tragedies  

b. Historical Plays  

c. Narrative Poems  

d. Comedies 

Answer- Narrative Poems

Que- Between what time period did William Shakespeare begin a successful career in London as an actor ? 

a. between1579 and 1583  

b. between1585 and 1592  

c. between1579 and 1587  

d. between1580 and 1591 

Answer- between1585 and 1592

Que- Who is the American transcendental philosopher who was much influenced by Samuel Taylor Coleridge ? 

a. Ralph Waldo Emerson  

b. Ernest Holmes  

c. John Locke  

d. John Locke 

Answer- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Que- Which one is the famous prose work of Samuel Taylor Coleridge ? 

a. Kubla Khan  

b. Christabel  

c. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner  

d. Biographia Literaria 

Answer- Biographia Literaria

Que- The ode on which topic that Coleridge wrote while attending Jesus College, Cambridge won him the Browne Gold Medal ? 

a. On the slave trade  

b. On romantic philosophy  

c. On the creativity of human mind  

d. On supernatural elements in poetry 

Answer- On the slave trade

Que- When did Samuel Taylor Coleridge die ? 

a. 25 July 1834  

b. 24 February 1841  

c. 22 November 1836  

d. 30 April 1822 

Answer- 25 July 1834

Que- With which other poet did Samuel Taylor Coleridge founded the Romantic movement in English Literature ? 

a. Lord Byron  

b. P.B. Shelley  

c. William Wordsworth  

d. John Keats 

Answer- William Wordsworth

Que- In which work Samuel Taylor Coleridge introduced the term 'willing suspension of disbelief' in 1817 ? 

a. Kubla Khan  

b. Biographia Literaria  

c. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner  

d. Christabel 

Answer- Biographia Literaria

Que- With which famous writer Coleridge became friends with in Christ's Hospital, also called The Bluecoat School ? 

a. Charles Lamb  

b. John Keats  

c. P.B. Shelley  

d. William Wordsworth 

Answer- Charles Lamb

Que- In which establishment Coleridge enlisted himself in December 1793 by using the false name "Silas Tomkyn Comberbache" ? 

a. The Poets society  

b. British Royal Navy  

c. Solicitors office  

d. Royal Dragoons 

Answer- Royal Dragoons

Que- What is the name of the short-lived journal that Coleridge established ? 

a. The Romantic Philosophy  

b. The Spectator  

c. The Explicator  

d. The Watchman 

Answer- The Watchman

Que- In which year Coleridge met poet William Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy which later contributed Romantic movement to the English Literature ? 

a. 1798 

b. 1779 

c. 1795 

d. 1789 

Answer- 1795

Que- When was Samuel Taylor Coleridge born ? 

a. November 12, 1762  

b. September 8, 1764  

c. January 10, 1789  

d. October 21, 1772 

Answer- October 21, 1772

Que- Who was the last person the monster kills in the novel Frankenstein ? 

a. Elizabeth  

b. William  

c. Clerval  

d. Justine 

Answer- Elizabeth

Que- Mary Shelley wrote the novel Frankenstein in the form of a frame story that starts one character wring letters to his sister. Who is that character ? 

a. Captain Cooper  

b. Victor Frankenstein  

c. Captain Robert Walton  

d. Sergent Thomas Vincent 

Answer- Captain Robert Walton

Que- In which year Mary Shelley visited the famous Frankenstein Castle, where two centuries before her visit an alchemist was engaged in experiments ? 

a. 1816 

b. 1814 

c. 1808 

d. 1812 

Answer- 1814

Que- What is the name of the popular fiction genre in which the novel Frankenstein belongs to ? 

a. Bildungsroman novel  

b. Romantic novel  

c. K├╝nstlerroman novel  

d. epistolary novel 

Answer- epistolary novel

Que- In which University Victor Frankenstein develops the technique to reanimate the dead tissues which ultimately leads to the creation of the monster ? 

a. University of T├╝bingen  

b. University of Greifswald  

c. University of Freiburg  

d. University of Ingolstadt 

Answer- University of Ingolstadt

Que- In which edition of the novel Frankenstein the name of the author Mary Shelley first appeared ? 

a. 2nd Edition  

b. 1st Edition  

c. 4th Edition  

d. 3rd Edition 

Answer- 2nd Edition

Que- To where Walton's expedition was headed when he meets the gigantic figure and the emaciated Victor ? 

a. North Pole  

b. Bermuda  

c. Galapagos  

d. Africa 

Answer- North Pole

Que- What is the name of the eccentric scientist in the novel Frankenstein ? 

a. Kristofer Frankenstein  

b. Paris Frankenstein  

c. Victor Frankenstein  

d. Mario Frankenstein 

Answer- Victor Frankenstein

Que- At what age did Mary Shelley start writing the novel Frankenstein ? 

a. 26 

b. 18 

c. 31 

d. 24 

Answer- 18

Que- When was the first edition of the novel Frankenstein published ? 

a. 1815 

b. 1820 

c. 1818 

d. 1822 

Answer- 1818

Que- Whom did monster demand to Victor Frankenstein to create for him ? 

a. Someone who can transform him  

b. Another monster  

c. Another creature without the fearful features  

d. A female companion 

Answer- A female companion

Que- What is the full name of the novel Frankenstein ? 

a. Frankenstein; or, The Evil Scientist  

b. Frankenstein; or, The Monster  

c. Frankenstein; or, The Devil Within  

d. Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus 

Answer- Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus

Que- When did William Wordsworth marry Mary Hutchinson ? 

a. 1802 

b. 1812 

c. 1798 

d. 1805 

Answer- 1802

Que- From which year to which year that William Wordsworth served as the Poet Laureate of Britain ? 

a. 1843-1850  

b. 1840-1855  

c. 1842-1851  

d. 1833-1848 

Answer- 1843-1850

Que- When was William Wordsworth appointed poet laureate ? 

a. 1847 

b. 1861 

c. 1839 

d. 1843 

Answer- 1843

Que- Which work of William Wordsworth, with the joint publication with Samuel Taylor Coleridge, helped to launch the Romantic Age in English literature ? 

a. The Excursion  

b. The Prelude  

c. Lyrical Ballads  

d. Poems, in Two Volumes 

Answer- Lyrical Ballads

Que- When was William Wordsworth born ? 

a. 7 April 1770  

b. 7 July 1767  

c. 20 March 1773  

d. 10 September 1772 

Answer- 7 April 1770

Que- In which magazine, in the year 1787, that William Wordsworth made his debut as a writer by publishing a sonnet ? 

a. The European Magazine  

b. New Poetry  

c. The Tatler  

d. The Rambler 

Answer- The European Magazine

Que- Which college did William Wordsworth attend ? 

a. St. John's College  

b. Trinity College  

c. Christ College  

d. King's College 

Answer- St. John's College

Que- In which the the famous work Lyrical Ballads published ? 

a. 1778 

b. 1769 

c. 1798 

d. 1792 

Answer- 1798

Que- Which work of William Wordsworth is generally considered to be his magnum opus ? 

a. Laodamia  

b. The Prelude  

c. Guide to the Lakes  

d. Preface to the Lyrical Ballads 

Answer- The Prelude

Que- When did William Wordsworth die ? 

a. 12 January 1842  

b. 7 June 1849  

c. 3 November 1852  

d. 23 April 1850 

Answer- 23 April 1850

Que- What is the name of the sister of William Wordsworth, who is also a poet and diarist ? 

a. Anna Wordsworth  

b. Agnes Wordsworth  

c. Shirley Wordsworth  

d. Dorothy Wordsworth 

Answer- Dorothy Wordsworth

Que- Who is described? "For dignity composed and high exploit: But all was false and hollow" ? 

a. Lot  

b. Belial  

c. Satan  

d. Moses 

Answer- Belial

Que- Who "headlong themselves they threw Down from the verge of Heav'n" ? 

a. Adam and Eve  

b. Noah and the elephant  

c. Rebel angels  

d. Benjamin and Joseph 

Answer- Rebel angels

Que- Who is "till wand'ring o'er the earth" ? 

a. Satan's associates  

b. Satan  

c. Adam  

d. Eve 

Answer- Satan's associates

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