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English Literature MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- What is the name of the sequel to Paradise Lost ? 

a. Paradise Found  

b. Paradise Lost Twice  

c. Paradise Regained  

d. Paradise Lost Again 

Answer- Paradise Regained

Que- Who was the first to eat the forbidden fruit ? 

a. Adam  

b. Eve  

c. Satan  

d. Snake 

Answer- Eve

Que- Which is the shortest book ? 

a. Book VII  

b. Book III  

c. Book VIII  

d. Book V 

Answer- Book VII

Que- In Books I-II, the rebels of Satan build the Pandemonium. What is it ? 

a. The forbidden fruit  

b. The capital of Heaven  

c. A beautiful garden  

d. The capital of Hell 

Answer- The capital of Hell

Que- In how many books is Paradise Lost divided ? 

a. Nine  

b. Twelve  

c. Eighteen  

d. Fourteen 

Answer- Twelve

Que- What does Eve do when she first becomes conscious ? 

a. Go in search of her mate  

b. Talk to the animals  

c. Look at her reflection in a stream  

d. Eat of the Tree of Knowledge 

Answer- Look at her reflection in a stream

Que- According to Paradise Lost, which of the following does God not create ? 

a. The Son  

b. Adam and Eve  

c. Computers  

d. He creates everything 

Answer- He creates everything

Que- Which of the angels is considered a hero for arguing against Satan ? 

a. Abdiel  

b. Uriel  

c. Michael  

d. Raphael 

Answer- Abdiel

Que- Who discusses cosmology and the battle of Heaven with Adam ? 

a. God  

b. Eve  

c. Raphael  

d. Michael 

Answer- Raphael

Que- What is the stated subject of Paradise Lost ? 

a. The fight between good and evil  

b. Heaven's battle and Satan's tragic fall  

c. The creation of the universe  

d. Adam and Eve's disobedience 

Answer- Adam and Eve's disobedience

Que- How many times does Milton invoke a muse ? 

a. One  

b. Two  

c. Three  

d. Four 

Answer- Three

Que- Which statement about the Earth is asserted as true in Paradise Lost ? 

a. It was created before God the Son  

b. Earth hangs from Heaven by a chain  

c. The Earth is a lotus flower  

d. The Earth revolves around the sun 

Answer- Earth hangs from Heaven by a chain

Que- Which angel tells Adam about the future in Books XI and XII ? 

a. Raphael  

b. Uriel  

c. Michael  

d. None of the above 

Answer- Michael

Que- Which angel wields a large sword in the battle and wounds Satan ? 

a. Michael  

b. Abdiel  

c. Uriel  

d. Satan is not injured 

Answer- Michael

Que- What is Milton's stated purpose in Paradise Lost ? 

a. To assert his superiority to other poets  

b. To argue against the doctrine of predestination  

c. To justify the ways of God to men  

d. To make his story hard to understand 

Answer- To justify the ways of God to men

Que- In which book of the Bible does the story of Adam and Eve occur ? 

a. Leviticus  

b. Exodus  

c. Genesis  

d. Deuteronomy 

Answer- Genesis

Que- Which angel does Satan trick by disguising himself as a cherub ? 

a. Michael  

b. Uriel  

c. Raphael  

d. Abdiel 

Answer- Uriel

Que- When Michael tells Adam what will become of mankind after the Fall, he is actually narrating stories taken directly from______________? 

a. The New Testament  

b. Homer's epic poems  

c. The Hebrew Bible  

d. The Koran 

Answer- The Hebrew Bible

Que- After they have both eaten from the Tree of Knowledge, the first thing Adam and Eve do is______________? 

a. Ask forgiveness from God  

b. Put some clothes on  

c. Satisfy their sexual desire for each other  

d. Blame each other for their Fall 

Answer- Satisfy their sexual desire for each other

Que- When God sees that Adam and Eve have disobeyed him, who does he send to "judge" them and the snake ? 

a. The Son  

b. The Holy Ghost  

c. Michael  

d. Raphael 

Answer- The Son

Que- Adam, Satan, and Eve herself are all dazzled by Eve's______________? 

a. Wit  

b. Beauty  

c. Intelligence  

d. Hard work and spirituality 

Answer- Beauty

Que- The reason for Eve's fall might best be described as_______________? 

a. vanity  

b. lust  

c. greed  

d. pride 

Answer- vanity

Que- Everyday before the Fall Adam and Eve went out to work. What did their work consist of ? 

a. Hunting and gathering food  

b. Tending to the Garden of Eden  

c. Building shelter to live in  

d. Naming all God's creatures and plants 

Answer- Tending to the Garden of Eden

Que- Throughout the poem, Satan transforms himself into many creatures. Which creature does Satan not turn into ? 

a. a mouse  

b. a cherub  

c. a toad  

d. a serpent 

Answer- a mouse

Que- Sin was born out of Satan's_________________? 

a. Head  

b. Lust  

c. Anger  

d. Rib 

Answer- Head

Que- For inspiration in writing the poem, Milton says he depends on________________? 

a. Wine  

b. The Holy Spirit  

c. His favorite pen  

d. The Son 

Answer- The Holy Spirit

Que- In the phrase, "thy seed shall bruise our foe," "thy" refers to__________________? 

a. Sin  

b. Eden  

c. Satan  

d. Eve 

Answer- Eve

Que- In the phrase, "thy seed shall bruise our foe," the "seed" refers to______________? 

a. The Tree of Knowledge  

b. Adam  

c. Cane and Abel  

d. Jesus Christ 

Answer- Jesus Christ

Que- Milton's "unholy trinity" of characters includes_______________? 

a. Error, Temptation, and Satan  

b. Sin, Death and Temptation  

c. Sin, Temptation, and Satan  

d. Satan, Sin, and Death 

Answer- Satan, Sin, and Death

Que- 'Book 1' of 'Paradise Lost' presents Satan with his angels fallen into Hell. When recovered, Satan awakens all his legions and speaks to them. The first he addresses is described as 'one next to himself in power, and next in crime, long after known in Palestine'. What's the name of this fallen angel? 

a. Mammon  

b. Moloch  

c. Beelzebub  

d. Ashtaroth 

Answer- Beelzebub

Que- Paradise Lost is considered a______________? 

a. First Person Narrative  

b. Short Story  

c. Epic Poem  

d. Novel 

Answer- Epic Poem

Que- At what point does the narration unfolds in the poem Paradise Lost ? 

a. In Eden  

b. After the fall of man  

c. After the defeat of rebel angels  

d. In paradise, when Lucifer sits with God 

Answer- After the defeat of rebel angels

Que- How many narrative arcs does Paradise Lost have ? 

a. 2 

b. 1 

c. 4 

d. 12 

Answer- 2

Que- How many books were included in the secondedition of the poem Paradise Lost ? 

a. 10 

b. 14 

c. 12 

d. 11 

Answer- 12

Que- When was Paradise Regained published ? 

a. 1671 

b. 1656 

c. 1669 

d. 1652 

Answer- 1671

Que- Who pondered, "How such united force of gods, how such As stood like these, could ever know repulse?"? 

a. Adam  

b. Moses  

c. Joseph  

d. Satan 

Answer- Satan

Que- Who will fall through his own "fault" ? 

a. Satan  

b. God  

c. Adam  

d. Noah 

Answer- Adam

Que- who was the companion of Adam in paradise ? 

a. satan  

b. eve  

c. rapheal  

d. god 

Answer- eve

Que- Which of the following is not a character in Paradise Lost ? 

a. Eve  

b. God  

c. Satan  

d. Jonah 

Answer- Jonah

Que- Who was sent to Earth to warn Man of the dangers he was facing ? 

a. Raphael  

b. Uriel  

c. Abdiel  

d. Beelzebub 

Answer- Raphael

Que- The fruit of which tree were Adam and Eve forbidden to eat ? 

a. Tree of Life  

b. Tree of God  

c. Tree of Sin  

d. Tree of Knowledge 

Answer- Tree of Knowledge

Que- Which is the longest book ? 

a. Book X  

b. Book VIII  

c. Book IX  

d. Book I 

Answer- Book IX

Que- Who is the main protagonist of Paradise Lost ? 

a. Satan  

b. Adam  

c. Eve  

d. God 

Answer- Satan

Que- Who does Milton name as his heavenly muse ? 

a. Titania  

b. Urania  

c. Virgil  

d. Michael 

Answer- Urania

Que- In an attempt to defeat God and his angels, what do the rebel angels make ? 

a. A fortress  

b. A catapult  

c. A large sword  

d. A cannon 

Answer- A cannon

Que- Which scene happens first chronologically ? 

a. Satan and the devils rise up from the lake in Hell  

b. The Son is chosen as God's second-incommand  

c. God and the Son create the universe  

d. The angels battle in Heaven 

Answer- The Son is chosen as God's second-incommand

Que- Which devil is Satan's second-incommand ? 

a. Mammon  

b. Sin  

c. Moloch  

d. Beezelbub 

Answer- Beezelbub

Que- Which of the following poets does Milton emulate ? 

a. Virgil  

b. Homer  

c. Both Virgil and Homer  

d. Neither Virgil or Homer 

Answer- Both Virgil and Homer

Que- Which devil is the main architect of Pandemonium ? 

a. Mulciber  

b. Mammon  

c. Moloch  

d. Belial 

Answer- Mulciber

Que- Which of the following is not found in Hell ? 

a. Gems  

b. Gold  

c. Oil  

d. Minerals 

Answer- Oil

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