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English Literature MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

 Que- What is the craftsmen's play at the end of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" about ? 

a. Puck's adventures  

b. Summertime dreams  

c. The history of Athens  

d. Pyramus and Thisbe 

Answer- Pyramus and Thisbe

Que- In "A Midsummer Night's Dream," who says "Lord, what fools these mortals be!" (III.ii.15) ? 

a. Puck  

b. Nick Bottom  

c. Hippolyta  

d. Helene 

Answer- Puck

Que- In "A Midsummer Night's Dream," who is chosen to play Pyramus in the craftsmen's play ? 

a. Peter Quince  

b. Francis Flute  

c. Nick Bottom  

d. Tom Snout 

Answer- Francis Flute

Que- Fill in the blank. According to Dr. Debra Schwartz, Greek "new comedy" was often characterized as being ? 

a. Highly sexual  

b. Violent  

c. Satirical  

d. Dull and political 

Answer- Highly sexual

Que- In the play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream," who is the queen of the fairies ? 

a. Titania  

b. Lysander  

c. Hermia  

d. Oberon 

Answer- Titania

Que- In the play, "A Midsummer's Night's Dream," who is the queen of the Amazons ? 

a. Hippolyta  

b. Egeus  

c. Helena  

d. Hermia 

Answer- Hippolyta

Que- In the play, "Twelfth Night," what does Viola refer to herself as when she disguises herself as a man ? 

a. Orsino  

b. Sir Toby  

c. Antonio  

d. Cesario 

Answer- Cesario

Que- According to skeptics of Shakespeare's authorship, all of the following are considered to be the "true" authors of some of Shakespeare's plays EXCEPT________________? 

a. Thomas More.  

b. Francis Bacon.  

c. Earl of Oxford.  

d. John Shakespeare. 

Answer- John Shakespeare.

Que- Which of Shakespeare's play is his only play that has never been adopted for film or Television ? 

a. Taming of the Shrew  

b. The two Noble Kinsmen  

c. Troilus and Cressida  

d. Cymbeline 

Answer- The two Noble Kinsmen

Que- Who is the heroin of The Tempest ? 

a. Ophelia  

b. Desdemona  

c. Miranda  

d. Helena 

Answer- Miranda

Que- Which of the following is Hamlet's mother ? 

a. Beatrice  

b. Margaret  

c. Gertrude  

d. Rosalind 

Answer- Gertrude

Que- I have no other but a woman's reason I think him so, because I think him so Which of Shakespeare's play contain above lines ? 

a. The two gentle men of Verona  

b. Merry wives of Windsor  

c. The noble Kinsman  

d. Measure for measure 

Answer- The two gentle men of Verona

Que- Desdemona was _____________? 

a. wife of Othello  

b. daughter of Othello  

c. both a and b  

d. none of above 

Answer- wife of Othello

Que- Desdemona was killed by _________________? 

a. Iago  

b. Casio  

c. Othello  

d. Brabantio 

Answer- Othello

Que- Othello was a _________________? 

a. General of England  

b. General of Denmark  

c. Prince of England  

d. Prince of Denmark 

Answer- General of England

Que- Which of the following are tragedies of Shakespeare ? 

a. Hamlet, Othello and Troilus and Cressida  

b. Coriolanus, Timon of Athens and Titus Andronicus  

c. King Lear, Measure for measure and The merchant of Venice  

d. Macbeth, Much ado about nothing and Antony and Cleopatra 

Answer- Coriolanus, Timon of Athens and Titus Andronicus

Que- Twelfth night is a______________? 

a. Tragedy  

b. Comedy  

c. Problem play  

d. Both a and b 

Answer- Comedy

Que- Shakespeare's Henry IV, Pt I contains his _______________? 

a. senecan attitude  

b. patriotism  

c. love of nature  

d. platonic ideals Plays by Shakespeare.. 

Answer- patriotism

Que- In Pride and Prejudice we initially dislike but later tend to like ? 

a. Mr. Bennet  

b. Wickham  

c. Bingley  

d. Darcy 

Answer- Darcy

Que- Paradise Lost shows an influence of_______________? 

a. Paganism  

b. Pre-Christian theology  

c. Christianity and the Renaissance  

d. Greek nihilism 

Answer- Christianity and the Renaissance

Que- Hamlet is_________________? 

a. an intellectual  

b. a man of action  

c. a passionate lover  

d. an over ambitious man 

Answer- a passionate lover

Que- The Pre-Raphaelite poets were mostly indebted to the poets of the ? 

a. Puritan movement  

b. Romantic revival  

c. Neo-classical age  

d. Metaphysical school 

Answer- Romantic revival

Que- Why did Miss Havisham remain a spinster throughout her life in "Great Expectations" ? 

a. She was poor  

b. She was arrogant  

c. Because she was betrayed by the bridegroom  

d. She was unwilling to marry 

Answer- She was arrogant

Que- S. T. Coleridge was an Associate of__________________? 

a. The Royal Society of Edinburgh  

b. The Royal Society ofLondon  

c. Royal Society of Arts  

d. Royal Society of Literature 

Answer- Royal Society of Literature

Que- To which character in Hamlet does the following description apply? "The tedious wiseacre who meddles his way to his doom." ? 

a. Claudius  

b. Hamlet  

c. Polonius  

d. Rosencrantz 

Answer- Hamlet

Que- Which method of narration has been employed by Dickens in his novel "Great Expectations" ? 

a. Direct or epic method  

b. Documentary method  

c. Stream of Consciousness technique  

d. Autobiographical method 

Answer- Direct or epic method

Que- Wordsworth calls himself 'a Worshipper of Nature' in his poem___________________? 

a. Immortality Ode  

b. Tintern Abbey  

c. The Prelude  

d. The Solitary Reaper 

Answer- Tintern Abbey

Que- Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is a__________________? 

a. Picaresque novel  

b. Gothic novel  

c. Domestic novel  

d. Historical novel 

Answer- Domestic novel

Que- Oedipus Complex is________________? 

a. a kind of physical ailment  

b. a kind of vitamin  

c. a brother's attraction towards his sister  

d. a son's attraction towards his mother 

Answer- a son's attraction towards his mother

Que- The theme of Tennyson's Poem 'The Princess' is ? 

a. Queen Victoria's coronation  

b. Industrial Revolution  

c. Women's Education and Rights  

d. Rise of Democracy 

Answer- Women's Education and Rights

Que- That Milton was of the Devil's party without knowing it, was said by ? 

a. Blake  

b. Eliot  

c. Johnson  

d. P.B. Shelley 

Answer- Blake

Que- Who said that Shakespeare in his comedies has only heroines and no heroes ? 

a. Ben Jonson  

b. John Ruskin  

c. Thomas Carlyle  

d. William Hazlitt 

Answer- John Ruskin

Que- Epic similes are found in which work of John Milton ? 

a. Paradise Lost  

b. Sonnets  

c. Lycidas  

d. Areopagitica 

Answer- Paradise Lost

Que- Epipsychidion is composed by ______________? 

a. Coleridge  

b. Wordsworth  

c. Keats  

d. P.B. Shelley 

Answer- P.B. Shelley

Que- The key-note of Browning's philosophy of life is ________________? 

a. agnosticism  

b. optimism  

c. pessimism  

d. skepticism 

Answer- optimism

Que- William Morel in Sons and Lovers is drawn after ________________? 

a. Lawrence's father  

b. Lawrence's brother  

c. Lawrence himself  

d. None of these 

Answer- None of these

Que- Who was "Fortinbras" ? 

a. Claudius's son  

b. Son to the king of Norway  

c. Ophelia's lover  

d. Hamlet's Mend 

Answer- Son to the king of Norway

Que- The Chartist Movement sought ? 

a. Protection of the political rights of the working class  

b. Recognition of chartered trading companies  

c. Political rights for women  

d. Protection of the political rights of the middle class 

Answer- Protection of the political rights of the working class

Que- The phrase 'Pathetic fallacy' is coined by _________________? 

a. Milton  

b. Coleridge  

c. Carlyle  

d. John Ruskin 

Answer- Carlyle

Que- Which poem of Coleridge is an opium dream ? 

a. Kubla Khan  

b. Christabel  

c. The Ancient Mariner  

d. Ode on the Departing Year 

Answer- Kubla Khan

Que- Twelfth Night opens with the speech of ? 

a. Viola  

b. Duke  

c. Olivia  

d. Malvolio 

Answer- Duke

Que- In Paradise Lost, Book I, Satan is the embodiment of Milton's ? 

a. Sense of injured merit  

b. Hatred of tyranny  

c. Spirit of revolt  

d. All these 

Answer- Spirit of revolt

Que- BREVITY IS THE SOUL OF WIT is a quotation from ? 

a. Milton  

b. William Shakespeare  

c. T. S. Eliot  

d. Ruskin 

Answer- William Shakespeare

Que- Who is Pip's friend in London ? 

a. Pumblechook  

b. Herbert Pocket  

c. Bentley Drummle  

d. Jaggers 

Answer- Jaggers

Que- The Aesthetic Movement which blossomed during the 1880s was not influenced by ? 

a. The Pre-Raphaelites  

b. Ruskin  

c. Pater  

d. Matthew Arnold 

Answer- Matthew Arnold

Que- A verse form using stanza of eight lines, each with eleven syllables, is known as ? 

a. Spenserian Stanza  

b. Ballad  

c. Ottava Rima  

d. Rhyme Royal 

Answer- Ottava Rima

Que- Who is praised as a hero by Carlyle in his lecture on the 'Hero as King' ? 

a. Johnson  

b. Cromwell  

c. Shakespeare  

d. Luther 

Answer- Cromwell

Que- Identify the work by Swinburne which begins "when the hounds of spring are on winter's traces.." ? 

a. Chastelard  

b. A Song of Italy  

c. Atalanta in Calydon  

d. Songs before Sunrise 

Answer- Atalanta in Calydon

Que- Which of the following poets does not belong to the 'Lake School' ? 

a. Keats  

b. Coleridge  

c. Southey  

d. Wordsworth 

Answer- Keats

Que- Keats's Endymion is dedicated to _______________? 

a. Leigh Hunt  

b. Milton  

c. Shakespeare  

d. Thomas Chatterton 

Answer- Leigh Hunt

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