Validation of Embedded System MCQs Quiz with Answers


Validation of Embedded System MCQs Quiz with Answers

1. Which of the following is a set of specially selected input patterns?. 

A. test pattern. 

B. debugger pattern. 

C. bit pattern. 

D. byte pattern. 

Answer= test pattern

2. Which is applied to a manufactured system?. 

A. bit pattern. 

B. parity pattern. 

C. test pattern. 

D. byte pattern. 

Answer= test pattern

3. Which of the following is based on fault models?. 

A. alpha-numeric pattern. 

B. test pattern. 

C. bit pattern. 

D. parity pattern. 

Answer= test pattern

4. Which is also called stuck-at model?. 

A. byte pattern. 

B. parity pattern. 

C. bit pattern. 

D. test pattern. 

Answer= test pattern

5. How is the quality of the test pattern evaluated?. 

A. fault coverage. 

B. test pattern. 

C. size of the test pattern. 

D. number of errors. 

Answer= fault coverage

6. What is DfT?. 

A. discrete Fourier transform. 

B. discrete for transaction. 

C. design for testability. 

D. design Fourier transform. 

Answer= design for testability

7. Which of the following is also known as boundary scan?. 

A. test pattern. 


C. FSM. 

D. CRC. 

Answer= JTAG

8. What does BILBO stand for?. 

A. built-in logic block observer. 

B. bounded input bounded output. 

C. built-in loading block observer. 

D. built-in local block observer. 

Answer= built-in logic block observer

9. What is CRC?. 

A. code reducing check. 

B. counter reducing check. 

C. counting redundancy check. 

D. cyclic redundancy check. 

Answer= cyclic redundancy check

10. What is FSM?. 

A. Fourier state machine. 

B. finite state machine. 

C. fast state machine. 

D. free state machine. 

Answer= finite state machine

11. Which of the following have flip-flops which are connected to form shift registers?. 

A. scan design. 

B. test pattern. 

C. bit pattern. 

D. CRC. 

Answer= scan design

12. Which is a top-down method of analyzing risks?. 

A. FTA. 


C. Hazards. 

D. Damages. 

Answer= FTA

13. What is FTA?. 

A. free tree analysis. 

B. fault tree analysis. 

C. fault top analysis. 

D. free top analysis. 

Answer= fault tree analysis

14. Which gate is used in the geometrical representation, if a single event causes hazards?. 

A. AND. 

B. NOT. 


D. OR. 

Answer= OR

15. Which analysis uses the graphical representation of hazards?. 

A. Power model. 

B. FTA. 


D. First power model. 

Answer= FTA

16. Which gate is used in the graphical representation, if several events cause hazard?. 

A. OR. 

B. NOT. 

C. AND. 


Answer= AND

17. What is FMEA?. 

A. fast mode and effect analysis. 

B. front mode and effect analysis. 

C. false mode and effect analysis. 

D. failure mode and effect analysis. 

Answer= failure mode and effect analysis

18. Which of the following can compute the exact number of clock cycles required to run an application?. 

A. layout model. 

B. coarse-grained model. 

C. fine-grained model. 

D. register-transaction model. 

Answer= fine-grained model

19. Which model is capable of reflecting the bidirectional transfer of information?. 

A. switch-level model. 

B. gate level. 

C. layout model. 

D. circuit-level model. 

Answer= switch-level model

20. What is meant by FOL?. 

A. free order logic. 

B. fast order logic. 

C. false order logic. 

D. first order logic. 

Answer= first order logic

21. What is HOL?. 

A. higher order logic. 

B. higher order last. 

C. highly organised logic. 

D. higher order less. 

Answer= higher order logic

22. What is BDD?. 

A. boolean decision diagram. 

B. binary decision diagrams. 

C. binary decision device. 

D. binary device diagram. 

Answer= binary decision diagrams

23. Which formal verification techni consists of a Boolean formula?. 

A. HOL. 

B. FOL. 

C. Propositional logic. 

D. Both HOL and FOL. 

Answer= Propositional logic

24. Which of the following is also known as equivalence checker?. 

A. BDD. 

B. FOL. 

C. Tautology checker. 

D. HOL. 

Answer= Tautology checker

25. Which of the following is possible to locate errors in the specification of the future bus protocol?. 

A. EMC. 

B. HOL. 

C. BDD. 

D. FOL. 

Answer= BDD

26. Which of the following is a popular system for model checking?. 

A. HOL. 

B. FOL. 

C. BDD. 

D. EMC. 

Answer= EMC

27. What is CTL?. 

A. computational tree logic. 

B. code tree logic. 

C. cpu tree logic. 

D. computer tree logic. 

Answer= computational tree logic

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