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what is computer, characteristics of computer

A computer may be defined as an electronic machine that can solve problems by accepting data, performing certain operations and presenting the results of those operations under the direction of detailed step-by- step instructions. Such a set of sequenced instructions, which beget a computer to perform particular operations, is called a program.

The characteristics of computers are as follows-

( i) Speed

Computer is a veritably fast device. It can perform in a many seconds the quantum of work that a mortal being can do in an entire time/ A computer can add and abate figures, compare letters to determine alphabetic sequence, move and dupe figures and letters. The speed varies from a few microseconds to nanoseconds.

(ii) Delicacy

Computers are veritably accurate. They can perform their hundreds of thousands of operations with great delicacy as their circuits have no mechanical corridor to wear and malfunction.

( iii) Reliability

Computer affair is generally veritably dependable, subject to the condition that the input data entering the computer should be correct and the program of instructions should be dependable and correct. Incorrect input data and unreliable programs give us computer error and wrong results.

(iv) Storehouse Capacity

Various computer media can store millions of characters of data in a condensed form.

(v) Reduced Cost

The cost of computer outfit has dropped drastically over the times.

(vi) Versatility

Versatility is one of the most awful point about the computer. It's preparing the results of particular examination, the coming moment it's busy for preparing electricity bills.
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